Class 5

Class 5 Home Learning

Hi Class 5, hope you are all well and getting ready to adjust to your new home learning schedule. I’m sorry I’ve not been in school this week but have been getting things ready so that you can use Google Classroom to keep learning over the coming weeks.

In the Classwork section, you will be seeing a new set of assignments for each week that school is closed. This will have Maths No Problem lessons, which you should do each day. There is a Google Slides for each lesson with all of the usual parts of the lesson (In Focus, Let’s Learn, Guided Practice). Look at them, have a go at the guided practice in your home learning book, then do your workbook. The answers are posted at the end of the Slides, but don’t look at them until you’ve had a go!

For English, we will keep going with our current Talk4Writing unit on newspaper recounts – a great opportunity to use a Google Doc to type your own innovation.

There will also be weekly work linked to our project. This remains ‘Black Gold’ through until Easter, then we move onto ‘Fantastic Forces’. Look out for the investigations into forces which you will be able to do at home!

You will also have taken home your SPAG/maths revision booklets. Aim to do one of the workouts each week. I will post the Year 5/6 spelling list so that you can practice.

Times Tables Rockstars is there for you to use at anytime, and of course, READ READ READ! We have a few chapters of the Runaway Troll left and I will be posting videos of me reading those over the next couple of weeks!

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