Class 4

Home Learning: Week 23/3/2020

Maths – Decimals – Textbook 4B

Chapter 8

Monday – Lesson 1: Writing Tenths

Tuesday – Lesson 2: Writing Tenths

Wednesday – Lesson 3: Writing Tenths

Thursday – Lesson 4: Writing Hundredths

Friday – Lesson 5: Writing Hundredths

Science – Research how sound travels to the ear.

Science – Research how sound travels to the ear.

LI: To be able to describe how sound travels through a medium to your ear.

Success Criteria (SC)

Which comes first? The smoke or the sound?

Think of a time they might have seen something and then heard it after. Thunder, for instance: Have you ever noticed that thunder sometimes happens more regular and sometimes it is a long time before you hear the noise again? Why?

Watch the clip:

Reading – Goodnight Mister Tom

I have attached a PDF of the book so you can all read this at home. It would be a shame if we did not continue to read this when you are all enjoying it so much. I have also attached a list of daily activities for you to do next week.

Writing – Flashback story

Monday: Watch the following clip:

Read the text the Piano.

Tuesday: Learn the first and second paragraph of the piano and draw a text map.

Wednesday: Learn the third and fourth paragraph and continue the text map.

Thursday: Learn the fifth paragraph and complete the text map.

Friday: Complete the boxing up pattern for the text.


As you know, staying active is essential for your health. Therefore, please find attached some activities that you can do at home to keep you active. Also, don’t forget our street dance/Hip Hop challenge, you could try to master this at home. Here is the web address to the youtube clips we have played in class:

Mrs Miller

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