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Class 5 Virtual School – wc 23rd March

ENGLISH Attached here is a copy of our current Talk4Writing model text, a newspaper recount about the MSC Napoli oil disaster! You will see that it is colour-coded with the toolkit for this genre.

This week, your challenge is to type your own ‘innovation’ of the model text. Like we do in class, try taking a paragraph each day and change a few key details – the name of the ship, the place where the oil spill happened, the eye-witnesses providing the quotes.

Writing the introduction to a newspaper recount is particularly important – see the attached sheet on the ‘5 Ws’ to help you.

MATHS This week in Maths, you should move on to Chapter 9 in your workbook, which is Geometry (shapes). There are 14 lessons in the chapter – like in school, aim to do one each day. The pages from the text book are attached below (broken down into each lesson). For some of the lessons, you will need a protractor. On the final page of the Google Slides are the workbook answers – don’t look at these until you have had a go in your workbook!–o6K0o&authuser=0

PROJECT – Our recent learning in ‘Black Gold’ has been focused on the location of oil refineries. Last week, we looked at the Exxon Mobil site at Fawley and considered the physical features (e.g. proximity to water, flat land) and the human features (built-up area, good infrastructure – roads/motorways, proximity to major city).

Use the attached PowerPoint to learn about an oil refinery in Baytown, Texas (USA) – another Exxon Mobil site. Do some research of your own into this oil refinery using the Internet. Record what you find out using Google Docs or Slides.

Type a list of similarities and differences between the Fawley and Baytown refineries.

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