Another busy week in Class R! We have been making up animal poems in groups, learning the song Animal Boogie and innovating it with new characters and movements and we have been acting out lots of different movement words.

We also made a Christmas card and wrote a message for the crew of the Queen Mary 2, who are spending Christmas on board their ship. Below is the message that the children thought of.

Dear Crew of the Queen Mary,

We are sorry that you can’t be home for Christmas.

We hope that you all have a lovely day and do something fun.

We hope that you eat lots of Christmas puddings and can make some biscuits for Father Christmas.

We want this letter to cheer you up.

Don’t forget to put the carrots out for the reindeer.

Love Class R xxxx

What a lovely letter – it is sure to cheer up the crew!

Well done to Lucy S who is our Learner of the Week this week. She is one of our ‘always’ children – always ready to learn, always polite and kind and always tries her best. Thank you, Lucy.

This week we will start to learn about the Nativity story.

Don’t forget to put your reading record books in your book bags this week, so that we can see how you are doing with the school reading challenge of reading every night.

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