Class 2

W/b: 19/04/21

Firstly, hope you all had a nice Easter and enjoyed the break!

Class 2 were excited to get back into their routine Monday morning and it was lovely to see them all.

This week we will continue to work on fractions in maths, we will be comparing and ordering fractions, counting wholes and parts and counting in halves, quarters and thirds. In writing this week, we are working on the story ‘Stickman’. We will be using suffixes, contracted forms and adjectives in our work.

We will also be beginning our new topic in science ‘Plants’. This week pupils will be investigating different plants in the playground and observe how they are different. In our topic ‘Animal Magic’ we will be created an owl picture using watercolours, in RE we will be learning about the story of Jonah from the bible and in PE we will be practicing our running, jumping and throwing skills.

Miss Deay

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