Class 1

Great Fire of London Day!


As part of our fantastic finale to finish our ‘Panic on Pudding Lane’ topic, on Monday 29th March we enjoyed a Great Fire of London Day.

We used our time machine to go back to September 1666 – it was a bit of a bumpy ride!


We really enjoyed acting out the events of the Great Fire of London, using drama, freeze frames, hot seating and props including our fantastic model Tudor houses, ‘fire’ and buckets to try to put out the fire.

We made our own quills and made our paper look old by staining it with tea bags and water to experience what it would have been like to write in 1666. 

We discussed how we know about the Great Fire of London, as there were no phones or cameras to take photographs in 1666. We studied paintings and Samuel Pepys’ important diary.

We really enjoyed looking at artefacts left behind from the fire and guessing what things were and what they were used for. Some of them were very surprising!

To finish off our day, we designed portraits of Samuel Pepys using charcoal – this was a very messy and fun activity! Here are our amazing pictures:

We are looking forward to our new Summer topic, ‘Seaside Rock’, learning about the seaside now and comparing it with the Victorian times.

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