Class 5

Friday 29th April

What a good week. We have finished our maths unit and children have been measuring angles. They should be able to tell you the different types of angles: acute, obtuse and reflex. Hopefully they can tell you names of regular and irregular polygons too, try testing them out!

We are about to finish our recount writing in English and we are moving onto innovating a story called ‘The Black Hat’ next week.

Children have been looking at the difference between mass and weight and measuring forces in Newtons. Finally they also have a good idea about the life of Moses too!

Chloe is our pupil of the week this week. She has been so enthusiastic about everything we have been doing and has worked so hard. Mr Ruffle has been into one of our maths lessons and I don’t know how he will pick Headboy and Headgirl next year, there are too many amazing children to choose from. It is bad enough trying to choose pupil of the week!

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