Class 3

Class 3 Update

We’ve been having an amazing time in Class 3 since we’ve all been back. Here are a few things we’ve been getting up to…

World Book Day

It was fantastic to see everyone dessed up for world book day! A lovely day during our first week back.

Lego WeDo

Last half-term everyone had a go at building and coding their creations using Lego WeDo. The children created glowing snails and spinning satellites!

Maths Time

We had some active maths lessons recording the distance we were running and the time it took everyone to run using stopwatches.

The Role of Women

This half term te children have started our new History unit based on the Rights and Roles of Women throughout history. They researched some famous women from the 17th, 18th and 19th century and wrote fact files on what they achieved.


In science this half-term we have been learning about light including reflection and the importance of wearing bright reflective clothing in the dark.


I was amazed at how many children wanted to be the class school council representative and was even more impressed at how amazing and informative the speeches were (definitely some budding politicians on our hands). Such courage from all the children who stepped up! Everyone listened carefully and respectfully casted their votes. We will find out who has been elected today!

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