Class 2

W/b: 17/5/21

This week in class 2 we’ve been busy with our ‘Secret Agent Training’. The pupils have been revising place value, the four operations, time and fractions and have been working really hard. We have also worked on editing and improving our hot task-pupils liked using the toolkit to check off what they included.We will be moving onto our new book ‘The Bog Baby’ today where we will be be writing up a character description and describing a setting.

In reading, we have started our whole class guided reading and have been reading the book ‘The Pea and the Princess’ altogether as a class. I have been impressed with class 2’s confidence when reading aloud in front of others.

Next Wednesday, class 2 will have an art workshop and will need to bring in 3/4 unrecyclable bits of plastic (crisp packets/chocolate bar wrappers/vegetable packs etc.). It would be great if pupils could bring these in for Monday as I can then quarantine them until they need to be used.

Miss Deay

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