Class 6

W/C 17.5.21

We have had quite a week in Class 6. We have completed our Maths No Problem book and are ready for ‘Miss Field SATS’ next week. When we come back from half term, we will be revising the concepts that we have found challenging throughout the year. In English, we have been busy bees. We have research, planned and written a non-chronological report about WW2 – we were able to research topics of our choice. We also wrote a newspaper article about David and Tucky’s adventure. As well as our writing, we have finished the book Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo. Some of the children have said:

“The book is very intriguing”, “Friend or Foe shares some good messages, for example: help others in need not worrying about our difference” and “Michael Morpurgo drags you into the book”

We completed a market place in History this week and researched places in the New Forest that used during WW2: Hurst Castle, Lepe Beach, Holsmley Airfield and Ashley bombing range.

We are ready to acheive our personal bests next week!

Gentle reminder:
Reading Challenges need to be brought in on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Please make sure you all bring in your Reading Challenges on Monday!
Rest well!

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