Class 4

What a brilliant week in Class 4!

It has been such a lovely week in Class 4 with plenty of learning highlights. Mrs Fidge’s highlight was definitely when we made ‘junk’ instruments with different pitches in Science, only to then use them to accompany our singing along to the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine in Music the next day. Pupils have showed such deep understanding when appraising different Beatles songs, considering lyrics, composition, instruments and vocals, with the whole unit based around the core song of Blackbird, written to support the civil rights movement in the USA. In English, we have been inspired by the Teaching Live programme to write some outstanding non-fiction texts around our unique unicorns. We will be compiling these into a class book shortly and will share them with you! Watching Mo Salah win a 10,000m gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics and Mike Powell break the Long Jump world in 1991 at the World Championships in Tokyo really set the scene for our Maths learning where we converted between different units of measure. Amazing!

Our Learner of the Week this week is Erin, who has worked superbly across the curriculum and also produced some lovely art to brighten our classroom walls.

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