Class 2

W/b: 24/05/21

This week class 2 have been busy working on assessments and completing their ‘Secret Agent Assignments’. I have been so impressed with their attitude to their learning and resilience-so a big well done goes to the whole of class 2!

In writing, we have been working on ‘The Bog Baby’. Later in the week we will be writing a book review on what we liked and didn’t like. We have also been working on ‘The Pea and the Princess’ during whole class guided reading, and will be discussing/making links with other books that are similar to it.

In PHSE this week, we talked about kindness and what it looks like. Class 2 posted kindness notes in our ‘Kindness Box’. We also had a visit from an author who shared her book ‘Jessie the Jellyfish’ with us, class 2 asked some great questions about the beach and plastic. As mentioned last week, we are having an art workshop on Wednesday so don’t forget to bring in 3/4 unrecyclable bits of plastic (crisp packets/chocolate bar wrappers/vegetable packs etc.). 

Miss Deay

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