Class 6

W/C 7.6.21

Welcome back to all of you!

Class 6 have been super busy this week. We have started our Year 6 production prep which is so exciting – the children have all been brilliant.

Apart from the show, we have started our new History topic about The Benin Kingdom and learnt about their sculptures. Within the next few weeks, the children will be making their own Benin Masks or sculptures with clay which will be great!

Learner of the week this week is for Sonny for getting into character as one of the palace guards and for bringing in so many props – such a team player.

A couple of reminders:

Make sure you have lots of rest this weekend in readiness for PGL
Please make sure Reading Challenges are brought in on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and see you at 11am on Monday!

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