Class 1

Last week we started our new T4W text- a non-chronological report all about dolphins. We began this unit by reading some fun facts about a mystery animal and enjoyed guessing what animal the clues could be describing. It was finally revealed that our mystery animal was the dolphin! Did you know that dolphins are very clever… some even have the ability to recognise themselves in a mirror?!

067Facts About Dolphins | Mental Floss

After we had explored the structure and features of our report, we had lots of fun making our own animals but… not the ones you would expect to see in the zoo or in the wild! We picked our favourite animals and mashed them together to make mythical creatures. We were so creative and had lots of fun designing and explaining our animals to each other.

Introducing animals, including the ‘catpenguin’, ‘spiderowl’….

This week, we have written our own non-chronological reports about our own animals, making up wow facts to entice the reader in, using fantastic adjectives and similes to describe them and using question marks at the end of questions.

On Tuesday we enjoyed our African Drumming Day and had fun listening to and playing the African drums.

I am really impressed by how much you have been reading at home. It is also great to see how many of you have been filling out your reading journals. Remember, you will get a bronze certificate if you read for 20 nights, a silver if you read for 30 and a gold certificate if you read for 50 nights. These will be handed out next week.

Can I also please remind you all to remember to bring back reading books once you have finished with them.

On Wednesday 23rd June it is our Key Stage One Sports Day. Please come into school wearing your PE kit on Wednesday.

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