Class 1

Time to learn!

Acctim 22524 Wickford Kids Wall Clock in Red: Kitchen & Home

This week we have been busy consolidating our knowledge of time – we have enjoyed being human clocks, keeping an eye on the time and shouting it out at each hour (o’clock) and every half an hour (half past).

We have now moved on to recognising money and enjoyed thinking about what we would like to spend our money on.

Sports Day

On Wednesday, we were lucky with the weather for our Sports Day and enjoyed participating in lots of different sport activities. Mr Major was impressed with our resilience and determination because, even if we found some things tricky, we did not give up and kept going! It was such a busy and lovely afternoon. We had six medals to award to children trying their best and showing: respect, self-belief, passion, teamwork, honesty and determination. We were all so amazing and all showed such great teamwork, that it was impossible to choose just one person, so the whole of our class was awarded the medal and it hangs proudly in our classroom!

We also discussed how to keep our bodies healthy and came up with some great ideas including eating a balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables and exercising.


We have also written out hot task all about our mythical creatures. They are fantastic and so creative!

Have a lovely weekend! 😊

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