Every day counts!

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All absences must be reported to the school office on each day of your child’s absence. A letter is required when your child returns to school, addressed to the class teacher and explaining the absence. If a letter is not received the absences will be recorded as unauthorised.

Our attendance policy clearly and comprehensively explains the attendance expectations we have of all pupils and this has been agreed with other Christchurch schools. Please see our policy page for the current policy.

We recommend that all parents also read the following helpful guide produced by Hampshire County County Good School Attendance Guide. The document explains the importance of consistently good attendance and how good attendance will benefit your child’s learning and social development. It also explains the effects of poor attendance and the circumstances for which authorised absence may be granted.

The school is maintained by BCP Council and their code of conduct relating to unauthorised absences and fixed penalty notices is attached below.

If you find that getting your child to school on time is difficult, please contact the school in the first instance. We are here to help your child achieve.