We have had another exciting week in Class R.

We have been thinking about similes in Literacy and the children came up with some really good examples – Maisie’s butterfly was “as colourful as a rainbow”, Scarlett’s ladybird was “as red as a flower”, Flo’s caterpillar was “as stripy as a tiger” and Alfie’s was “as fluffy as a teddy”.

We are enjoying watching our vegetables grow and we have done some amazing maths this week – I have been so impressed.

We have been practising bouncing a ball and running relays and we are carrying on learning to skip.

Learners of the week this week are Lucy S and Alfie. Lucy is always ready to learn and always tries hard with everything that she does. Alfie has also been trying really hard with his learning and has made some great progress this week. Well done to you both.

Next week we are looking at the book ‘Superworm’.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday.

We have been busy adding using our tens frames.


Class 5

Friday 29th April

What a good week. We have finished our maths unit and children have been measuring angles. They should be able to tell you the different types of angles: acute, obtuse and reflex. Hopefully they can tell you names of regular and irregular polygons too, try testing them out!

We are about to finish our recount writing in English and we are moving onto innovating a story called ‘The Black Hat’ next week.

Children have been looking at the difference between mass and weight and measuring forces in Newtons. Finally they also have a good idea about the life of Moses too!

Chloe is our pupil of the week this week. She has been so enthusiastic about everything we have been doing and has worked so hard. Mr Ruffle has been into one of our maths lessons and I don’t know how he will pick Headboy and Headgirl next year, there are too many amazing children to choose from. It is bad enough trying to choose pupil of the week!

Class 6

W/C 26.4.21

Wow, this week has flown by. Class 6 have been incredibly busy all week. We started the week with a STEM (Science) morning where we learnt about the Digestive System.

In Maths, we tackled some really tricky concepts with Pie Charts – it was so challenging! English has been fabulous, the children have been reading The Machine Gunners and continuing on each chapter in their books – this has been fantastic.

Learners of the week: Max and Oscar R for resilience and risk-taking in their maths – they kept going even though the learning was hard.

Stars of the week: Jay and Dillon – both showing superb learning attitudes.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone and we will see you Tuesday – remember, don’t forget to prepare your House Captain Speech.

Miss Field, Mrs Colebeck and Mrs Gwynn

Class 2

W/B: 26/04/21

This week, we have been busy working on our fractions. I know some of you have been finding this a bit tricky but we will be revising our fractions unit over the next few weeks. The homework this week is a revision exercise also, so you can get some extra practice.

In writing, we have began our T4W text ‘The Magic Paintbrush’. This week we will be learning to retell the story, and will be focussing on our toolkit as well as creating character descriptions.

In science, we will be planting seeds and setting up tests to make a prediction. In RE, we will continue to learn about the story of Jonah and talk about what the text means to Christians.

On Wednesday mornings we will be having PE with Mr Major, the pupils really enjoyed it last week. This means that pupils will now need to wear their PE kit on Wednesdays instead of Monday. They can wear their PE kit as usual on Friday.

Miss Deay

Class 5

Friday 23rd April

A huge welcome back to the summer term, I hope you all had a lovely Easter break. The first day back saw a start to our new project involvement in Teaching Live. Children were taught by Pie Corbett, the founder of Talk For Writing and will have opportunity to share their writing with other children from around the country, very exciting! The first 3 weeks will be poetry based, followed by 3 weeks of non-fiction writing and the final four weeks will be narrative based.

Our science topic for this half of term is ‘Forces’ and in maths we are currently working on geometry before moving onto position and movement. A big well done to Alisha this week, our pupil of the week, for improvements in writing.



What a great first week back we have had. Our new topic is Minibeast Madness and we started off the week by having a minibeast hunt in our Sensory Garden. We celebrated Earth Day by planting some vegetable seeds and we will be watching them grow in the coming weeks.

In Literacy, we have been reading the poetry book Minibeast Madness and have written our own fantastic rhyming and acrostic poems in groups. We have painted our own minibeasts and made some paper plate minibeasts to make our classroom bright and colourful.

The children did some great throwing and catching in Games today and, of course, we have been doing lots of maths. A busy week!

Well done to our Learners of the Week this week – Coby and Patrick. They have done some great learning together this week and have shown a great attitude to learning. Thank you both.

Next week your child will bring one of our brand new reading books home, targeted to your child’s reading level. They can also choose to bring home any of the colour banded books that they already select from, which are also at your child’s level.

I have added an overview of our learning this half term.

A plea – please could your child bring in any of the actimel-shaped probiotic drink containers (which will be magically transformed into minibeasts)! and any cardboard egg boxes, please?

Our minibeast hunt
Planting our vegetable seeds.
Great throwing and catching skills.

Class 1

Great Fire of London Day!


As part of our fantastic finale to finish our ‘Panic on Pudding Lane’ topic, on Monday 29th March we enjoyed a Great Fire of London Day.

We used our time machine to go back to September 1666 – it was a bit of a bumpy ride!


We really enjoyed acting out the events of the Great Fire of London, using drama, freeze frames, hot seating and props including our fantastic model Tudor houses, ‘fire’ and buckets to try to put out the fire.

We made our own quills and made our paper look old by staining it with tea bags and water to experience what it would have been like to write in 1666. 

We discussed how we know about the Great Fire of London, as there were no phones or cameras to take photographs in 1666. We studied paintings and Samuel Pepys’ important diary.

We really enjoyed looking at artefacts left behind from the fire and guessing what things were and what they were used for. Some of them were very surprising!

To finish off our day, we designed portraits of Samuel Pepys using charcoal – this was a very messy and fun activity! Here are our amazing pictures:

We are looking forward to our new Summer topic, ‘Seaside Rock’, learning about the seaside now and comparing it with the Victorian times.

Class 2

W/b: 19/04/21

Firstly, hope you all had a nice Easter and enjoyed the break!

Class 2 were excited to get back into their routine Monday morning and it was lovely to see them all.

This week we will continue to work on fractions in maths, we will be comparing and ordering fractions, counting wholes and parts and counting in halves, quarters and thirds. In writing this week, we are working on the story ‘Stickman’. We will be using suffixes, contracted forms and adjectives in our work.

We will also be beginning our new topic in science ‘Plants’. This week pupils will be investigating different plants in the playground and observe how they are different. In our topic ‘Animal Magic’ we will be created an owl picture using watercolours, in RE we will be learning about the story of Jonah from the bible and in PE we will be practicing our running, jumping and throwing skills.

Miss Deay