Behaviour & Anti-Bullying

Ready, Respectful and Safe

At The Priory Primary School we aim to develop self-motivated, self controlled and responsible children.   All staff, children, parents and governors have responsibility to value, respect, care for, praise and listen to each other to encourage such attitudes in our children.



Behaviour we wish to encourage

We all need to have a common understanding of what good behaviour is so that we can work together.  We have summed up our ‘Golden Rules’ as follows:

behaviour table


We flourish and grow in an atmosphere of praise and encouragement and develop pride in ourselves and our school.  We actively seek to apply ’ready, respectful and safe’ and uphold these standards at all times.   These rules are displayed in every classroom and in prominent positions around the school to promote positive behaviour.

Appendix 1 Class Behaviour Ladder Jan 2018

Appendix 2 Playground Behaviour Ladder Jan 2018

In 2021-22 we will be taking time to review our behaviour policy. We are a partner school in the Department of Education ‘Behaviour Hub’ project. We are very excited to use this opportunity, especially following the pandemic, to reflect on and develop the behaviour ‘culture’ across the school.

The Priory ‘Keep Safe’ Code

We teach all children the ‘Priory Keep Safe’ Code!

All Together Now – Our Anti-Bullying Project

Be a Buddy, not a Bully!

Although incidents of bullying are rare, we are not complacent.  We started the All Together Now Anti Bullying project in April 2019 to improve feelings of well-being for all children.

In line with principles from the AntiBullying Alliance, we teach children the STOP strategy to explain what bullying is and what to do if it happens to them.

Bullying is Several Times On Purpose.

If bullying happens to you Start Telling Other People.

We also have a comprehensive e-safety programme to keep children safe on-line.

If you suspect your child is being bullied (at school or online), please do not hesitate to contact the school.  

Your child’s class teacher is the person to speak to in the first instance as they are often in the best position to help.

If you are worried that your child is being bullied, the following website may also be helpful:

Whole School Rewards

We try to recognise the achievements of all children, but especially the ‘always’ children. Whole school reward systems that we currently use include:


There are 4 Houses at The Priory Primary school:

All children are in a House team.  House points are given to the children for good work, good behaviour, endeavour and helpfulness.  The points are collected weekly and put into a running total.  A cup is presented to the team with the most house points at the end of assembly on Friday.

Learners of the Week

Learners of the Week are celebrated in front of the whole school every Friday Celebration Worship.  All teachers nominate children for the achievement each week.  Their name is put in the newsletter and their picture put on the class blog. 

Golden Pot

Children who have demonstrated good learning behaviours are sent to the Headteacher/Assistant Headteachers for a golden sticker at the end of every day.

Golden Time

Every week, all children are allowed 30 minutes Golden Time at the end of Friday afternoon.  Various activities are planned (including Golden time specials such as trips to the park, discos etc.) and children select an activity. This is the greatest reward of all.   We freely give this 30 minute reward to everyone as we believe all the children will behave sensibly and well at all times.