Discipline and School Rules

At The Priory Primary School we aim to develop self-motivated, self controlled and responsible children.   All staff, children, parents and governors have responsibility to value, respect, care for, praise and listen to each other to encourage such attitudes in our children.



Behaviour we wish to encourage

We all need to have a common understanding of what good behaviour is so that we can work together.  We have summed up our ‘Golden Rules’ as follows:


behaviour table


We flourish and grow in an atmosphere of praise and encouragement and develop pride in ourselves and our school.  We actively seek to apply ’ready, respectful and safe’ and uphold these standards at all times.   These rules are displayed in every classroom and in prominent positions around the school to promote positive behaviour.



Appendix 1 Class Behaviour Ladder Jan 2018

Appendix 2 Playground Behaviour Ladder Jan 2018