Roman bread!

This week, Class 5 have designed, baked and evaluated their own loaf of Roman-style bread. After learning about the typical Roman diet and eating habits, we focused on this staple food and then used a simple recipe of white flour, wholemeal flour, rye flour, yeast, salt and water to create our bread. Pupils enjoyed adding their own creative touch as they shaped their bread, thinking about who their intended product could be for – perhaps a Roman soldier or maybe a visiting politician? We were very grateful to Gaynor in the school kitchen for baking 31 loaves for us – the classroom smelt wonderful as they all returned to cool! The following day, we evaluated our Roman bread, considering the look, smell, texture and taste.

Fishbourne Roman Palace

Class 5 enjoyed a fantastic visit to Fishbourne Roman Palace & Gardens on Tuesday. We learnt about how this fascinating site was uncovered by archaeologists in the 1960s – in its heyday it was the largest palace built by the Romans north of Rome itself. We took part in a hands-on workshop doing many of the everyday activities which Roman would have done, as well as exploring the main museum, the incredible mosaics and the gardens in the glorious winter sunshine.

Fantastic Finale!

Congratulations to our pupils of the week, who were chosen for their amazing team work in RE.

This week we have been completing our rain forest projects. We created posters using facts we found on the chrome books.

In maths we have continued learning about fractions. Today we learnt about equivalent fractions, Improper fractions and mixed fractions.

In writing we have been writing our persuasive letters. It is amazing to see how far the children have come.

In RE we used a diamond nine activity to discuss what we thought should be the actions and behaviours of a Christian.

This half term we have focused highly on our planet and looking after our planet. The children have discussed plastic waste and deforestation. It was so lovely to see how passionate the children were about caring for our world.

Don’t forget the home learning project. The class blog is separate to class page. Spellings, letters and other important information can be found on our class page on the school website. Be sure to check.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Mrs Miller