Science – Materials

In science, the children have been learning about materials. In this session the children were learning to distinguish between an object and the material it is made from. We looked at a range of materials including; rock, wood, plastic, glass, metal and cardboard.


Over the past couple of weeks we have been learning about addition and subtraction. Here are a few pictures of the children working in pairs to make, draw and write addition sentences.

W/B 15/01/18

In Maths we are finishing up our unit on addition and subtraction. The pupils have been using concrete resources to show them why we exchange into the tens and hundreds column, as well as learning different methods to help them in this area (using the bar model, part whole model etc.)

In English, we will continue to work on our book ‘Blodin the Beast’. The pupils will be learning how to use an apostrophe to show possession, as well as writing from the point of view of one of the villagers. We will also be working on some poetry towards the end of the week where we will be using our descriptive language and five senses.

In Science we will be learning about magnetic poles and creating a poster about what we have found out. In our topic, we will be exploring how volcanoes affect people’s lives. In Music we will be using our glockenspiels to play along with our song ‘Three Little Birds’. In spelling we will be proof reading different pieces of work as well as using different strategies to help us remember our words.

Please remember to bring in your reading journal on Thursday.

Times tables:

Group 1: x6, x7

Group 2: x4, x5

Miss Deay

As we will be working on creating our volcano models over the next few weeks, could you please send your child into school with a small drinks bottle, some newspaper and cardboard?



We have had a great week this week and it was particularly special finishing with a service in the Priory Church. Well done to our new head boy and girl and also to the prefects.

In maths we have been adding and taking away; we did this using resources, drawing and writing it out in a more formal way.

In writing we have been writing information about nocturnal animals and other animals.

In RE we have been learning about Salvation and the Easter story.

We are so lucky to have Dance this term with a specialist coach. We were learning lots of new skills such as keeping in time with the rhythm.

In science we have begun to think about what humans and other animals need to survive.

I tested the children on their spellings this week and their 5 times tables.

Next week I will test them on the following words: Father, class, grass, pass, plant, path, bath and hour. Once I have finished testing all of the year 2 common exception words, I will send home a list of the words your child still can not spell. This will help you to further support your child at home.

In maths I will be testing the children on their 10 times tables.

Some children still struggled to recall their 5 times tables. Any help your child receives at home, really impacts on their learning in school. If they are still struggling and you need advise on how to further support your child, please arrange a meeting with me by contacting the office and I will try to help.

A website to help with times tables:

Thank you for all your support and have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Miller