Class 1

Welcome to Class One!

From settling back into the school routine to finding a dinosaur egg in the classroom… Class One have had a very busy and exciting start to the new term!


In our  first Talk For Writing unit, we looked at the story of ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears’. To begin this unit, we explored a crime scene in our classroom – someone had broken into the Bears’ cottage and eaten Baby Bear’s porridge! Luckily, they had left some clues behind to help us determine who it could be! We found a lock of golden hair, a necklace with the initial ‘G’ on it and some small sticky handprints which led us to believe that the porridge thief was Goldilocks!



We enjoyed learning the actions to our story and making innovations to our story map… we changed the Three Bears to the Three Hotdogs who lived in a bakery on a submarine! Last week, we innovated the text independently – can you tell your grown up about your story? Who was in your story, what did they find in the bowls and what happened at the end?


Our story map for Goldilocks and The Three Bears 


This week we started our new T4W text, ‘The Squeaky Story’ – can you retell the story to a grown up using the picture of our story snake? 



In Science we have been busy making weather stations to help us to measure rainfall and wind direction.



Our ‘Dino Discovery’ topic began with the exciting discovery of an egg in the classroom! We discussed what could be inside and learnt about animals that can lay eggs (oviparous animals) and animals who do not lay eggs (viviparous animals). Last week, we noticed something different about our egg… it had hatched! We found big footprints and lots of mess in the classroom which helped us to conclude that whatever came out of the egg was very big. We examined the footprints and discovered that there were three claws- just like a Tyrannosaurus rex! 



* Learner of the Week W/C 21.09.20 *

Our Learner of the Week last week was awarded to Savannah for trying really hard with her writing and putting her hand up to share lots of ideas. Well done Savannah! 



Snack – This is a reminder that children do not have to bring in a fruit snack – for those who want one, a school fruit snack is available.


Reading – The days for changing reading books are MONDAY and FRIDAY. Please ensure that your child has their book with them in their bookbag each day, especially on these days.


Painting – please can children bring in an old t-shirt, preferably an adults’ one, to be used as an apron to cover their school uniform when painting. This will stay in their locker and will only be worn by them. Thank you. 


Home learning will usually be posted on this page on a Monday (for spelling) and a Thursday (for maths).


This week’s spelling looks at the digraphs ‘sh’, ‘ng’ and ‘th’ which we have been learning in school.  


What to do: 

  1. Read the words to your grown up. Remember to use your robot arms to help you  break down the sounds (e.g. sh-o-p = shop)
  2. Can you spot the digraph (sh, ng or th) in each word? Add the sound buttons to each word (e.g. shop – 086)
  3. Challenge – can you write any of the words in a sentence? (e.g. I went to the shop.)

home learning



Class 1

W.C 12.07.21 – Arts Week!

This week we have really enjoyed being creative and learning all about the Olympics during Arts Week. We have loved getting stuck in and celebrating the inclusivity of the Olympic and Paralympic games. We have made Olympic crowns, designed Greek vases, painted Japanese streets, enjoyed finger painting the Olympic Rings, made Olympic medals and torches and decorated Japanese blossom leaves for our whole school tree.

We hope you enjoy looking at our fantastic artwork…

Our Olympic crowns

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Mrs Clapcott for organsing this week – we have thoroughly enjoyed it!


As next week is the last week before Summer, please can all children bring in a plastic bag with them to take home their books in.

Can I also please remind you to bring in any reading books you have at home. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend – we are looking forward to enjoying our last week together and performing our country dancing on Thursday!

Class 3

W/C 5.7.2021 and 12.7.2021

We’ve had another busy couple of weeks in Class 3!

I was amazed at the skill and sportsmanship of Class 3 last Friday during sports day! All of the children should be proud of how they took part throughout the very hot afternoon.

We have had a fantastic Arts Week this week. The children have been learning about Japan and the Olympics and then creating art inspired by this. I’m sure you’ll enjoy looking through the work they bring home.

We were also thinking more creatively in maths as the children used clay to model different shapes and looking at what lines they have.

Class 6

W/C 12.7.21

Happy arts week! This week, the children have been completing Olympic based art which has been phenomenal – thank you Mrs C. As well as this, the children published their yearbooks which look beautiful and am looking forward to handing them out the children.

The leavers service prep is in full swing and the children are really looking forward to sharing it with you on Monday – the children must come in looking smart in and their school shoes (no white trainers please)

Learners of the week:

William F and Sienna for brilliant creativity and for showing responsibility this week

Next week is the last week for achieve bronze, silver & gold certificates for the reading challenge – please make sure you bring reading challenges in on Monday and Wednesday.
An extra bag needs to be brought in on Wednesday as the children will be clearing out their trays and bring old books home.

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday.

Class 4

Hands on learning in Class 4 9.7.21

What a wonderful week we have had in Class 4. Highlights include our Oobleck Science investigation and a brilliant morning sketching and completing geography fieldwork next to the River Stour. At our Sports Day at Twynham on Friday afternoon, every child represented the Priory beautifully. They all tried their absolute best!

Do remember your art shirts tomorrow for this week’s Art Week, linked to the forthcoming Olympics in Japan!

Class 5

Monday 12th July

Sports Day on Friday was great this year. Perfect conditions and I was super impressed with the children’s attitude and sportsmanship; the behaviour of children was exemplary, as it has been all year. It is the first time I can remember at a Sports day that not one of them needed to go to the loo! Anyway Arts week this week and a class assembly to organise for the school, another busy week ahead! One of the children managed to take a few photos on the class ipad so I have added!

Class 1

W/C 5.07.21

We have had another busy week this week! In maths, we have been busy recapping our knowledge on capacity and also learning about mass. We had fun practically exploring and comparing how much things in the classroom weigh. We are becoming really confident with using the correct language, including ‘more than, less than, heavier than, lighter than, equal and as heavy as’.

All the adults in Class One have been really impressed at how well we have approached the last few weeks of learning. Here are some of our morning challenges that we got stuck into this week:



What another great week we have had! Pirate Week has been very busy – we have been drawing and labelling treasure maps, building pirate ships out of big construction, doing lots of maths with pirate treasure, making Wanted posters, making pirate hats and doing lots of role play. The highlight of the week was Pirate Day, when we all dressed as pirates. Thank you so much – the children looked fantastic.

Learners of the Week this week were Flo and Maisie. Flo always tries so hard and is such a kind friend to others. Maisie quietly gets on and always tries her best. Well done and thank you to both of you.

Next week we have Arts Week with lots of fantastic activities planned. Don’t forget to bring in an old shirt or apron to wear.

Mr Ruffle has asked if all school reading books can be returned to school by next Friday, 16th July, so that we can audit them. Thank you.