Class 1

Welcome to Class One!

From settling back into the school routine to finding a dinosaur egg in the classroom… Class One have had a very busy and exciting start to the new term!


In our  first Talk For Writing unit, we looked at the story of ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears’. To begin this unit, we explored a crime scene in our classroom – someone had broken into the Bears’ cottage and eaten Baby Bear’s porridge! Luckily, they had left some clues behind to help us determine who it could be! We found a lock of golden hair, a necklace with the initial ‘G’ on it and some small sticky handprints which led us to believe that the porridge thief was Goldilocks!



We enjoyed learning the actions to our story and making innovations to our story map… we changed the Three Bears to the Three Hotdogs who lived in a bakery on a submarine! Last week, we innovated the text independently – can you tell your grown up about your story? Who was in your story, what did they find in the bowls and what happened at the end?


Our story map for Goldilocks and The Three Bears 


This week we started our new T4W text, ‘The Squeaky Story’ – can you retell the story to a grown up using the picture of our story snake? 



In Science we have been busy making weather stations to help us to measure rainfall and wind direction.



Our ‘Dino Discovery’ topic began with the exciting discovery of an egg in the classroom! We discussed what could be inside and learnt about animals that can lay eggs (oviparous animals) and animals who do not lay eggs (viviparous animals). Last week, we noticed something different about our egg… it had hatched! We found big footprints and lots of mess in the classroom which helped us to conclude that whatever came out of the egg was very big. We examined the footprints and discovered that there were three claws- just like a Tyrannosaurus rex! 



* Learner of the Week W/C 21.09.20 *

Our Learner of the Week last week was awarded to Savannah for trying really hard with her writing and putting her hand up to share lots of ideas. Well done Savannah! 



Snack – This is a reminder that children do not have to bring in a fruit snack – for those who want one, a school fruit snack is available.


Reading – The days for changing reading books are MONDAY and FRIDAY. Please ensure that your child has their book with them in their bookbag each day, especially on these days.


Painting – please can children bring in an old t-shirt, preferably an adults’ one, to be used as an apron to cover their school uniform when painting. This will stay in their locker and will only be worn by them. Thank you. 


Home learning will usually be posted on this page on a Monday (for spelling) and a Thursday (for maths).


This week’s spelling looks at the digraphs ‘sh’, ‘ng’ and ‘th’ which we have been learning in school.  


What to do: 

  1. Read the words to your grown up. Remember to use your robot arms to help you  break down the sounds (e.g. sh-o-p = shop)
  2. Can you spot the digraph (sh, ng or th) in each word? Add the sound buttons to each word (e.g. shop – 086)
  3. Challenge – can you write any of the words in a sentence? (e.g. I went to the shop.)

home learning




Home Learning

Hello Class R

I hope that you had a lovely weekend.

I hope that you enjoyed your learning last week. I will continue to put the daily learning on the blog this week just in case we have a hiccup with Google Classroom!

I have attached a weekly plan and some more activities in case you get bored! I will also attach a list of useful TV and website links that you may find helpful. have daily lessons from 9:00am – 12:00pm  (including links to CBeebies and BBC Bitsize).

I have signed you up to Oxford Owl E-book library to help with your reading at home. There are banded books on here that link with the coloured band that you read at school as well as some story telling videos. There are over 500 books, so it would be fantastic if you could use these to help you read everyday.                                                                                                                                    

Here are your log in details:                                                                                         

Username: sibbald Password: abcd                                                                                   

 I have attached a letter from Oxford Owl that explains a bit more.

Resources that you need for this week include:                                                                          

your purple book (to do all of your work in), pencil, card or cardboard boxes (to make a dice and a bed for a teddy), different size containers for water play, porridge (optional), plain flour and salt to make salt dough.

I look forward to seeing you all on Google Meet (hopefully)!


We had a fantastic end to the term, involving lots of fun. We decorated some yummy Christmas biscuits and enjoyed our Christmas party. The children were brilliant with their singing in the live carol service and we absolutely loved seeing Father Christmas, who kindly came to school to say Happy Christmas to the children and to leave them with a class christmas present.

Can I say on behalf of the team a really big and heartfelt THANK YOU for our wonderful Christmas cards and the fantastic Christmas video that the children made. I can honestly say that a few tears were shed! A fantastic idea.

I hope that you all had and are having a lovely Christmas and that all of you are healthy and safe.

Enjoying our party games.
We were very excited to see Father Christmas.
So was Mrs Homan!
Opening our presents from Father Christmas.

Class 1

*Learner of the Week W/C 14.12.20*

Our Learner of the Week this week was awarded to Lily for being a kind and helpful member of Class One and always looking out for other children. Well done Lily!

We have had a very exciting last week before the Christmas holidays.

On Tuesday, during our carol service, we sang our Christmas song- ‘Have a Holly Jolly Christmas’. You were amazing! Everyone joined in with the actions and sang beautifully – I am SO proud of each and every one of you. Well done! We also enjoyed watching the other classes sing their songs and listening to what the Year 6 readers said about the Christmas story.

On Wednesday, we had lots of fun at our Christmas party – we decorated biscuits with icing and Christmas sprinkles and really enjoyed sitting together to eat them! They looked delicious.


We also played lots of fun party games – some of our favourites were pass the parcel, musical statues, musical bumps and Kim’s Game. We also showed off our best dancing moves and really impressed the adults!

Our friend, Eric the Elf, was very cheeky again this week – we couldn’t believe some of things that he got up to over night! On one day, he even tried to bring us back a snowman but our classroom was a bit too warm and it melted!

On Thursday, we had a special surprise visit from Father Christmas! He even gave us some class presents! We were SO excited to see him and were so grateful for the presents we received. We can’t wait to play with our new toys!

I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone in Class One for such a brilliant first term. Thank you so much for all your lovely Christmas cards and wishes – I love them! I hope you all have a ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’!

On behalf of all the Class One team, I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope that you all have a lovely and safe time and I look forward to seeing you in the new year. Miss Etheridge