Week beginning 11/11/19

Well done to our pupils of the week who were chosen for their creative ways to show their learning and were able to communicate how to solve problems using key vocabulary.

This week in Maths, we have begun to look at multiplying and solving problems involving multiplying by 6, 7 and 9.

In writing, we have been looking at using commas and how they can change the meaning of a sentence.

In reading, we have continued to read the Lion Witch and Wardrobe. We discussed our opinions about the beaver, Lucy, Edmund, Peter and Susan had just met.

In PSHE, we have been learning about different views and how people can see things differently.

Thank you to the girls who created a prayer box for the class. The children felt like it would be a good idea to help those who were feeling sad about things, or just wanted to write a prayer.

Also, a special thank you to Sophie who brought in a great story, that was linked with our learning, to share with the class.

In PE, the children have been learning a new dance linked to our topic: Bright Lights Big City.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Miller.

Class 5 Update

It has been a busy and very successful week in Class 5 – in English we have been innovating our model text ‘UFO Police Report’, which the children have been really enjoying. They have developed an excellent understanding of how to write in this recount genre and our Talk4Writing wall is looking fabulous. The quality of writing being produced by pupils is very impressive – please see the examples below!

In Maths, we have finished our work on multiplication and are now embarking on some tricky lessons on division. The class were introduced to the long division method today and will be practising this over the next week. We have had some important discussions on the theme of anti-bullying week with the class showing very good maturity – most pleasing was how they perceive there to be little or no bullying at Priory School and that they would know what to do if they did have any problems. Science lessons have covered the Sun and the Earth as part of our new project.


This week we have been focusing on the the prefixes CO- and RE- and considering where we would (and would not) need to use a hyphen.










Tuesday 12th November

This week we have been looking at online safety and making storymaps of the Highwayman. As part of their homework next week, children need to learn part of the poem; they have been given copies. We will be reciting this to an audience at Beaulieu on our visit in early December.

On Friday children have earned a treat for filling the marble jar. They will be watching a U rated traditional film “Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang” and will be offered pop-corn. Please let me know if you do not wish your child to have any popcorn.

W/B: 11/11/19

Class 2 will be working on their x10 tables this week, along with word problems involving x2 and x5 tables. Pupils are growing in confidence when reciting their times tables and using their grouping method.

In writing, we have started our innovation of our ‘defeating the baddie’ story. The pupils have come up with some great ideas for their new stories and are using adjectives in patterns of 3 along with similes and alliteration.

In phonics, we are focusing on suffixes and why we double the consonant on the end of some words or why we drop an ‘e’. We are also working on the spelling of our common exception words.

In our topic, we will be learning about Remembrance Day and why it is important to remember. In Science, we will be working on identifying every day materials and in Art we will be creating self portraits. We will also begin our music unit for this term.

Later in the week, the pupils will be told their parts in the nativity. I have asked everyone what they would like to be and we will be doing some little auditions. I have explained to the class not to be disappointed if they don’t get a certain role. Also, if you have a small sweeping brush at home (preferably wooden) could class 2 borrow it for the opening scene? Let me know at the end of the day if you have.

Miss Deay

Below are some pictures of when Ava’s Dad came to visit last term and showed us some very interesting maps and headphones while telling us all about air traffic control. The pupils were very excited!

Remembrance Day

I would like to share the class prayer that we wrote today.

Dear God

Thank you for our brave soldiers who save our lives 

They keep us safe

They keep our country safer and all around the world

We will remember the soldiers who died being brave for us

Please look after the soldiers who have been killed or injured.



We have had a great first week back.  We have been learning all about the book Walking In The Jungle and have acted the story out, made musical sound effects, created a class collage of the jungle setting and talked about different movement words.

Before Anti-Bullying week next week, we have been talking about how we are kind to each other and the children came up with some wonderful ideas.

Next week, we hope that the weather is better and we can walk to Druitt Gardens to look at shape, colour and pattern. We will look at the books about Elmer, who is a colourful elephant and will talk about how we are all different and special.

How you can help your child this week:  Talk about patterns that they see around them.  Talk about words to describe movement.