WB: 09/07/18

Hello everyone!

We’ve had a busy week this week-on Monday year 3 had a chance to see the dress rehearsal of our end of year show. They were very impressed!

In maths we have begun our geometry unit and have been exploring different angles.In writing, we focused on writing from a point of view earlier in the week (the children wrote a diary entry about how it would feel to be one of England’s players gearing up for their big match), we then moved on to planning our newspaper reports which we will be continuing next week.In PSHE we discussed different family structures and in PE we worked on our hand eye co-ordination.

Reports will be sent out today, if you would like to discuss them with me you are free to pop in on Monday after school (please see the newsletter).

Thank you,

Miss Deay

W/B: 02/07/18

What a lovely sunny start to the week-Let’s hope it keeps up!

In English, the class will be focusing on our persuasive writing and will be writing a letter towards the end of the week to persuade Nemo not to swim too far into the ocean. We will be focusing on the main features of a persuasive text.

In maths, we will begin our unit on properties of shapes. Over the next few days, we will learn about turns and angles as well as comparing angles.

On Wednesday, we will have transition day from 11.00-12.30. Class 3 will meet their Year 4 teacher, Mrs Miller. This will give them a chance to get used to a new classroom as well as what will be expected of them next year. How exciting!

We will be having another times tables challenge on Friday. I am delighted to see so many of you trying so hard! Well done!

Miss Deay

Well done to our pupil of the week, who was chosen for her collaborative learning, she explains problems really well and uses resources to help her.

This week,we have been learning about measures. We looked at how to measure capacity and how to measure mass. We also used <, > and = signs to compare.

In writing we have been looking at the the clip ‘Something Fishy’ on the Literacy shed website. We have only seen the beginning to help spark our imaginations. We read a story beginning about the clip and then we worked together to think of ways we could change the story to make it our own.

In Science, we have been learning about plants, animals and habitats. We have been grouping animals and plants and looking at what things they need to survive.

In RE we have been learning about how Jewish people show their commitment to God and show how important God is to them. We watched a Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

In PE, we have been continuing to learn skills in TAG rugby and golf.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Please note, our trip will take place on Thursday!

Mrs Miller

W/B: 26/06/18

It is going to be quite a busy week for year 3, we have the singing strategy concert on Tuesday (tonight) as well as KS2 sports day on Thursday! Remember to bring in your PE kit!

In maths this week we are working on our time, as well as some problem solving activities. Remember to complete your homework everyone!In English, we did a lovely recount of our weekend news and will be working on our persuasive writing later on in the week.

In PE, we have tag rugby. In science we will be working on the life cycle of a flowering plant and we will also be working on some of our Creation unit in RE.

There will be a mixed times tables test this Friday on all the tables from 2-12.

Miss Deay

Well done to our pupil of the week who, wrote a letter to innocence smoothies, explaining how their straws were not helping the environment. This showed great initiative.

This week we have been writing our own poems, similar to the sound collector but instead of a stranger, we had a dinosaur and the poems were set in different habitats.
In Science we have been looking at trees, flowers and habitats around the school. We discussed what a good habitat would be. We also wondered if our school was a good place for a dinosaur to live.
In maths we have been continuing to learn about time!
In RE we have been continuing to learn about the creation story.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Miller.


What a busy week we had last week! Firstly, let me just say that the children involved in the GALA concert did really well along with the children involved in the Bournemouth Music Festival. Well done!

Moving on to our learning-last week in maths, we were working on the time. We will continue this work over the next few days. Pupils need practice at home telling time past and to the hour. In writing, we finished our non-chronological reports about The Manchester Ridgeback and will be focusing on recounts of familiar stories throughout this week.

In science, we will be exploring the different parts of a flowering plant. In art we will be sketching in the style of Lowry and also working on our tennis skills in PE.

English homework was handed out yesterday, and maths homework will be given out on Thursday as usual! Everyone is making a good effort with their home learning-so keep up the great work!

Times tables:
Group 1- x8, x9
Group 2- x7

Miss Deay

WB: 11/06/18

This week in Class 3 we are beginning Time in maths, pupils will be working on recalling the months and years, hours in a day and telling the time to the nearest five minutes.

In writing, we will be working on our non-chronological reports of the Manchester Ridgeback. During the week we will be innovating and inventing our reports using a range of punctuation and descriptive language. We will also be working on using our subordinate clause.

In Science we will be investigating what a plant needs to grow, in our topic we will be learning about Lowry, and in RE we will be working on prayer and worship in Sikhism.

Times tables:
Group 1: x 7,8,9
Group 2: x 4,5,6

Thank you,

Miss Deay