Summer 1

Week beginning 22/4/19

Welcome back after the sunny half term.

What a fun exciting start to the half term. On Tuesday the children took part in an immersion day. Our immersion day  involved many exciting activities: learning about the ancient Maya civilisation, solving number problems using Maya numbers, learning about the Maya alphabet, learning about Maya temples and constructing our own out of Lego, creating Maya headdresses and designing a Maya mask.

In Maths, we have continued to learn about decimal places, we have been comparing numbers with decimal places and using the more than and less than signs.

In writing we had an exciting hook; Mrs Miller wore a silly, classroom made, Teacher armour. We then looked at images or armour and we thought about what it could do, what it might be used for. We were then introduced to our new text; It was an information text about armour.

In RE we are focussing on Gospel, we thought about the parables Jesus told and the hidden messages. We have also been looking at Maya beliefs and their Gods.



We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Miller

Roman bread!

This week, Class 5 have designed, baked and evaluated their own loaf of Roman-style bread. After learning about the typical Roman diet and eating habits, we focused on this staple food and then used a simple recipe of white flour, wholemeal flour, rye flour, yeast, salt and water to create our bread. Pupils enjoyed adding their own creative touch as they shaped their bread, thinking about who their intended product could be for – perhaps a Roman soldier or maybe a visiting politician? We were very grateful to Gaynor in the school kitchen for baking 31 loaves for us – the classroom smelt wonderful as they all returned to cool! The following day, we evaluated our Roman bread, considering the look, smell, texture and taste.

Week Beginning 28/1/19

Well done to our pupil of the week, he was chosen for applying new skills in his topic work. He has also been working hard to get on to new challenges and extending his learning by explaining processes to others.

Our Learning

Not impressed with the effects of plastic

In Geography we have been learning about lines of longitude and latitude. We used these to help us to find countries on a map. In science we have begun to talk about deforestation and how this effects our world.

In Writing we have been exploring persuasive texts. To immerse the children we looked at pictures of our beautiful world then the children were shocked to see new pictures of our world destroyed by plastic. We have been looking at the boxing up pattern and creating a text map. If you would like to know more about the strategies we use in writing, Mr Croutear is running a talk for writing work shop on Wednesday next week.

In Maths we have been learning about line graphs and how important it is to really look for patterns to help us understand what the graphs are trying to communicate.

In PE the children are still learning new skills and techniques for cricket.

The whole class are reading Goodnight Mister Tom. We are starting to get a feel what it was like during the war in preparation for our next topic.

Next week we are not handing our homework. Instead we are leaving this up to the children to choose what home learning project they would like to do. This will be linked to our new topic Blitzed Brits – World war 2 and will need to be handed in after half term.

I will be handing out some ideas on Tuesday next week and will have this placed on the class page.

We hope you all have a safe weekend!

Thank you

Mrs Miller

At the end of last term and the beginning of this term we have seen lots of exciting sporting activities.

Mr Major has been changing his lunch time clubs to support children for up and coming events.

Mr Croutear is preparing children for up and coming rugby events and Mrs Miller is preparing the footballers.

Mrs Sibbald has been training our swimming team, very well, we had some great success with the children coming second over all.

We are now starting to see classes move around our running board, as the build up the miles.