Fire Station Visit

Today, Class One visited Christchurch Fire station. They learnt about the equipment that fire fighters wear and use and most importantly got to use the fireman’s hose!

Thank you so much to all the parent helpers for keeping the children safe and happy  and of course to Maggie’s Dad for organising the visit.


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The Great Fire of London Drama Morning

This morning, Class One traveled through time to Pudding Lane, London, 2nd September 1666. Unfortunately, Thomas Farriner, (the Kings Baker) left some embers burning on the fire as he went to sleep. Class One worked hard to put the fire out using leather buckets to pour water over the blaze and fire hooks to pull down houses. Some children escaped in boats, whilst others traveled by foot. Those who were brave enough, stayed to continue fighting the fire. Thankfully, Samuel Pepys managed to get King Charles attention and with the help of the Duke of York and the change in weather, the fire finally went out.


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RE Learning – Spring 2

GOSPEL – What is the Good News that Jesus brings?

Your child will learn to:

  • Tell stories from the Bible and recognise a link with a concept of ‘Gospel’ or good news.
  • Give clear, simple accounts of what Bible texts (such as the story of Matthew the tax collector) mean to Christians.
  • Recognise that Jesus gives instructions to people about how to behave.
  • Give at least two examples of ways in which Christians follow the teachings studied about forgiveness and peace, and bringing good news to the friendless.
  • Give at least two examples of how Christians put these beliefs into practice in the Church community and their own lives (for example: charity, confession).
  • Think, talk and ask questions about whether Jesus’ ‘good news’ is only good news for Christians, or if there are things for anyone to learn, exploring different ideas.