Class 1

W.C 12.07.21 – Arts Week!

This week we have really enjoyed being creative and learning all about the Olympics during Arts Week. We have loved getting stuck in and celebrating the inclusivity of the Olympic and Paralympic games. We have made Olympic crowns, designed Greek vases, painted Japanese streets, enjoyed finger painting the Olympic Rings, made Olympic medals and torches and decorated Japanese blossom leaves for our whole school tree.

We hope you enjoy looking at our fantastic artwork…

Our Olympic crowns

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Mrs Clapcott for organsing this week – we have thoroughly enjoyed it!


As next week is the last week before Summer, please can all children bring in a plastic bag with them to take home their books in.

Can I also please remind you to bring in any reading books you have at home. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend – we are looking forward to enjoying our last week together and performing our country dancing on Thursday!

Class 1

W/C 5.07.21

We have had another busy week this week! In maths, we have been busy recapping our knowledge on capacity and also learning about mass. We had fun practically exploring and comparing how much things in the classroom weigh. We are becoming really confident with using the correct language, including ‘more than, less than, heavier than, lighter than, equal and as heavy as’.

All the adults in Class One have been really impressed at how well we have approached the last few weeks of learning. Here are some of our morning challenges that we got stuck into this week:

Class 1

Time to learn!

Acctim 22524 Wickford Kids Wall Clock in Red: Kitchen & Home

This week we have been busy consolidating our knowledge of time – we have enjoyed being human clocks, keeping an eye on the time and shouting it out at each hour (o’clock) and every half an hour (half past).

We have now moved on to recognising money and enjoyed thinking about what we would like to spend our money on.

Sports Day

On Wednesday, we were lucky with the weather for our Sports Day and enjoyed participating in lots of different sport activities. Mr Major was impressed with our resilience and determination because, even if we found some things tricky, we did not give up and kept going! It was such a busy and lovely afternoon. We had six medals to award to children trying their best and showing: respect, self-belief, passion, teamwork, honesty and determination. We were all so amazing and all showed such great teamwork, that it was impossible to choose just one person, so the whole of our class was awarded the medal and it hangs proudly in our classroom!

We also discussed how to keep our bodies healthy and came up with some great ideas including eating a balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables and exercising.


We have also written out hot task all about our mythical creatures. They are fantastic and so creative!

Have a lovely weekend! 😊

Class 1

Last week we started our new T4W text- a non-chronological report all about dolphins. We began this unit by reading some fun facts about a mystery animal and enjoyed guessing what animal the clues could be describing. It was finally revealed that our mystery animal was the dolphin! Did you know that dolphins are very clever… some even have the ability to recognise themselves in a mirror?!

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Class 1

W/C 24.05.21

We have had a very exciting week this week – we really enjoyed listening to the story of Jessie the Jellyfish, told by its author Laurie Newman. We were so inspired by the message about looking after the environment, in particular putting our rubbish in the bin and not on the floor or in the sea, that we discussed others ways to help save the planet and designed posters to help remind others to do the same.

We were also very lucky to have a ‘Jessie the Jellyfish’ art workshop in which we made our own jellyfish using unrecyclable plastics – we were shocked at how much rubbish can’t go in the recycling bin and enjoyed preventing it from going to landfill by producing some amazing artwork! We worked really well together and showed lots of brilliant teamwork!

We have been busy completing our assessments and recapping our fabulous phonics – we couldn’t wait for it to stop raining so that we could go outside and practise our target sounds on the floor with chalk.

We have all worked really hard this half-term and as a result, earned all of the pieces to our class robot! We discussed what we wanted our robot reward to be and voted for a disco party. We had lots of fun dancing to the music, playing musical statues and pass the parcel. It was so lovely to be able to celebrate our hard work.


We love reading in Class One! Luckily, we have a new whole school reading challenge to reward us for our super reading. If your child reads on 20 nights, they will receive a bronze reading certificate, if they read for 30 nights they will receive a silver reading certificate, and if they read for 50 nights they will receive a gold reading certificate. We will continue to check the new reading records each Friday – so please ensure that these are in your book bags. Happy reading!

Have a wonderful half term holiday!

Class 1

Wow! We have had a busy few weeks in class one this half term. I have been blown away with all of your hard work!

We enjoyed exploring our talk for writing text ‘At the end of the rainbow’, after discovering a pair of white sparkly wings, a half-eaten apple and some medical cream in our classroom. We wondered if this could be linked to our text and guess what? It did! In the story, the main character, Josie found a magical horse with a broken wing. The vet helped the horse by giving him an apple and applying some cream on his wing. We enjoyed innovating our text and came up with some brilliant new characters, including magical mermaids, Lego men, fluffy rainbow chicks and golden statues!

This week, we started to innovate our new text, a poem ‘Seaside Senses’ by Angela Yardy, which links to our ‘Seaside Rock!’ topic and describes the seaside using the five senses. We listened to sounds from the seaside and explored all of the things that we could see, feel, taste, smell and hear at the seaside and enjoyed linking this to our own happy and fun memories and experiences of going to the beach. We even have our own mini seaside in our classroom with some of the things that we thought about including sand, shells, a starfish and buckets and spades.

In our topic, we have really enjoyed learning all about the seaside and comparing what the beach is like now to what it was like for Victorian children in the past. We developed our collaging skills and created seaside collages using a range of materials.

In addition to using adjectives, similes and alliteration to improve our writing, we have also been working on using synonyms for ‘tired words’ with our synonym sticks for common words. We talked about how to use them appropriately and the difference in our writing has been fantastic!

Alongside our daily phonics sessions, we have also been really engaged with our sound of the day display, which recaps sounds we have learned so far to keep them fresh in our minds, as well as all of the alternative spellings for sounds e.g. i / igh/ ie/ i_e . Every day we add words to the wall – which we stick in our sound book. It is nearly full already!

We have had a real push on spotting and reading split digraphs and our split digraph sunglasses help us to enjoy and remember them!


Our key question in RE this term is ‘what do Christians believe God is like?’. As part of this we are looking at The Parable of the Lost Son. We enjoyed acting out the story using actions and participating in a ‘conscience alley’ in which we thought about what the son, after spending all of his father’s money and ending up poor, alone and hungry, should do.

In our class worship we have been thinking about thankfulness and all the things we have to be grateful for. Here are some of our ideas:

In our science lessons we have been learning all about plants and what they need to survive. We really enjoyed getting our hands dirty when planting cress (which lots of us have now eaten in egg sandwiches!), runner beans and sunflowers. Every morning we look forward to seeing how our plants have grown overnight and observing any changes that might have happened.

At the same time as planting our plants, we also set up an experiment to see what would happen to runner beans when planted differently. We planted our own beans in soil and make sure we water them each day, ensuring they have lots of sunlight. We also planted a bean in soil but have not given it water like the others. We have another bean which we did not plant in soil. Our final test condition is a bean that, unlike the others, receives water every day, but this one stays in the cupboard in the dark. We predicted what might happen to these beans and keep checking their progress.

We have made some fantastic flower artwork and labelled the different parts of plants and their functions including on our display sunflower.  

Class 1

Great Fire of London Day!


As part of our fantastic finale to finish our ‘Panic on Pudding Lane’ topic, on Monday 29th March we enjoyed a Great Fire of London Day.

We used our time machine to go back to September 1666 – it was a bit of a bumpy ride!


We really enjoyed acting out the events of the Great Fire of London, using drama, freeze frames, hot seating and props including our fantastic model Tudor houses, ‘fire’ and buckets to try to put out the fire.

We made our own quills and made our paper look old by staining it with tea bags and water to experience what it would have been like to write in 1666. 

We discussed how we know about the Great Fire of London, as there were no phones or cameras to take photographs in 1666. We studied paintings and Samuel Pepys’ important diary.

We really enjoyed looking at artefacts left behind from the fire and guessing what things were and what they were used for. Some of them were very surprising!

To finish off our day, we designed portraits of Samuel Pepys using charcoal – this was a very messy and fun activity! Here are our amazing pictures:

We are looking forward to our new Summer topic, ‘Seaside Rock’, learning about the seaside now and comparing it with the Victorian times.

Class 1

*Learner of the Week W/C 22.02.21*

Our Learner of the Week this week was awarded to Rufus for carefully thinking about the design of his brilliant Tudor house. Well done Rufus!

We have had another busy week in Class One this week! We all worked really hard with our assessments and had fun learning more about our topic.

Last week, we discussed what materials Tudor houses were made from and what they looked like and designed pictures of own Tudor houses.

This week, we took this a step further and made our very own 3D Tudor houses. We worked as a team, sharing the equipment and thought very carefully about the placement of our windows, doors and wooden beams. Here is a quick sneak peak of our houses… They are amazing!

On Monday 29th March, we will be having a ‘Great Fire of London Day’ which will include a re-enactment of the events which unfolded in September of 1666, writing with quills (just like Samuel Pepys) and looking at artefacts left behind from the fire.

In art, we enjoyed using oil pastels to complete observational drawings of daffodils and finishing half-and-half pictures of flowers, practically exploring the concept of symmetry.

In RE, we have enjoyed learning about the special Easter Story and the events leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection. We discussed the emotions that we felt at different parts of the story and selected colours to represent these feelings and displayed them in the shape of a cross to remind us about the true meaning of Easter.

During golden time, some of us chose to decorate Easter eggs and enjoyed cutting, sticking and drawing Easter items onto our designs. They looked ‘eggcellent’!

As Easter approaches and as we head into the last week of the Spring term, here is a sneaky peak of one of our morning challenges next week.