Investigating waterproof materials.

It has been an extremely busy week in Class 1! We have begun our DT project (which are very excited to show you all). We have also finished our innovations for our final Talk4Writing unit for this term. Additionally, we have also come to the end of our science topic: ‘materials’. We finished this by investigating which materials were waterproof. We tested the following materials: clingfilm, tinfoil, paper, fabric and rubber gloves, we had a lot of fun!

Three little pigs

As part of our science topic: ‘Everyday materials’, Class 1 had a discussion about the Three Little Pigs and the materials they made their houses from. We discussed what material we thought would be the best to make a house from. We all agreed bricks was the sensible choice because they were the strongest.
In groups, the children made three houses using the following materials: duplo bricks, straw and wooden lolly sticks.
We then tested which house was the strongest by using a fan to test whether the house stayed up. We had a lot of fun!