Class 1

*Learner of the Week W/C 22.02.21*

Our Learner of the Week this week was awarded to Rufus for carefully thinking about the design of his brilliant Tudor house. Well done Rufus!

We have had another busy week in Class One this week! We all worked really hard with our assessments and had fun learning more about our topic.

Last week, we discussed what materials Tudor houses were made from and what they looked like and designed pictures of own Tudor houses.

This week, we took this a step further and made our very own 3D Tudor houses. We worked as a team, sharing the equipment and thought very carefully about the placement of our windows, doors and wooden beams. Here is a quick sneak peak of our houses… They are amazing!

On Monday 29th March, we will be having a ‘Great Fire of London Day’ which will include a re-enactment of the events which unfolded in September of 1666, writing with quills (just like Samuel Pepys) and looking at artefacts left behind from the fire.

In art, we enjoyed using oil pastels to complete observational drawings of daffodils and finishing half-and-half pictures of flowers, practically exploring the concept of symmetry.

In RE, we have enjoyed learning about the special Easter Story and the events leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection. We discussed the emotions that we felt at different parts of the story and selected colours to represent these feelings and displayed them in the shape of a cross to remind us about the true meaning of Easter.

During golden time, some of us chose to decorate Easter eggs and enjoyed cutting, sticking and drawing Easter items onto our designs. They looked ‘eggcellent’!

As Easter approaches and as we head into the last week of the Spring term, here is a sneaky peak of one of our morning challenges next week.

Class 1

Welcome back!

Wow what a fantastic first week back! It was so lovely to see all of our friends again. We have settled back into the school routine really well.

We enjoyed sharing our favourite pieces of our home learning together as a class (it was so hard to choose jut one bit!). Well done everyone it was lovely to see your work in person.

We also started our new ‘Panic on Pudding Lane’ topic. We enjoyed learning about what London was like in 1666 and ordering the events of the Great fire of London.

In English, we started our new T4W text ‘The Story of Pirate Tom’ with a treasure hunt around the school which led us back to our own classroom! We designed a story map to help us to learn the story and helped Miss Etheridge to put the story in order when she mixed them all up!

We also had our Whole School World Book Day and thank you so much – you all looked wonderful and enjoyed sharing who you were.

Class 1

*Learner of the Week W/C 14.12.20*

Our Learner of the Week this week was awarded to Lily for being a kind and helpful member of Class One and always looking out for other children. Well done Lily!

We have had a very exciting last week before the Christmas holidays.

On Tuesday, during our carol service, we sang our Christmas song- ‘Have a Holly Jolly Christmas’. You were amazing! Everyone joined in with the actions and sang beautifully – I am SO proud of each and every one of you. Well done! We also enjoyed watching the other classes sing their songs and listening to what the Year 6 readers said about the Christmas story.

On Wednesday, we had lots of fun at our Christmas party – we decorated biscuits with icing and Christmas sprinkles and really enjoyed sitting together to eat them! They looked delicious.


We also played lots of fun party games – some of our favourites were pass the parcel, musical statues, musical bumps and Kim’s Game. We also showed off our best dancing moves and really impressed the adults!

Our friend, Eric the Elf, was very cheeky again this week – we couldn’t believe some of things that he got up to over night! On one day, he even tried to bring us back a snowman but our classroom was a bit too warm and it melted!

On Thursday, we had a special surprise visit from Father Christmas! He even gave us some class presents! We were SO excited to see him and were so grateful for the presents we received. We can’t wait to play with our new toys!

I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone in Class One for such a brilliant first term. Thank you so much for all your lovely Christmas cards and wishes – I love them! I hope you all have a ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’!

On behalf of all the Class One team, I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope that you all have a lovely and safe time and I look forward to seeing you in the new year. Miss Etheridge

Class 1

*Learner of the Week W/C 07.12.20*

Our Learner of the Week this week was awarded to Anya for always trying her best and being kind and helpful. She also came up with some brilliant similes when we were writing a recount about how we made our Christmas tree decorations. Well done Anya!

Thank you to everyone who handed in their reading records. I am SO impressed at how much you are reading at home. It is great to see that you are enjoying it too! Reading records will be sent home again next week – please keep logging every time you read, ready for the next check-in.

We all really enjoyed Christmas jumper day today! It was great to see everyone looking so festive and having fun, whilst knowing that we were helping other children who might not be as fortunate as us.

We had a great lunchtime and enjoyed eating lots of yummy food, pulling our Christmas crackers and wearing our hats!


Our cheeky friend, Eric the Elf, was very mischievous again this week. Here are just some of the things he did!

*Christmas party information*

Dear Parents / Carers

Next week, on Wednesday 16th December, it is our Christmas party. Unfortunately, the children are unable to bring food in to share, however, we thought it would be nice if they could decorate their own biscuit and eat it during the party. 
Gaynor in the kitchen has very kindly agreed to make some shortbread  for us. The biscuits are vegetarian and vegan friendly. 
If your child has any food allergies and / or intolerances that I am aware of, I will contact you separately. 
If you would prefer that your child did not take part in this, please let me know.

Kind regards

Miss Etheridge

Class 1

*Learner of the Week W/C 30.11.20*

Our Learner of the Week this week was awarded to Lily E.L. for listening really carefully to the instructions about how to make our Christmas decorations and helping other children when she finished. Well done Lily!

This week, we have made a new friend… Eric the Elf!

He’s staying with us for each day in December as we look forward to Christmas. On the first day, he left us a note in a little bottle explaining who he was. It was so exciting! 

He is very funny! Today, we found him tangled in tinsel on a small Christmas tree! Luckily, we came to his rescue and decorated it for him.


We have also had lots of fun making Christmas cards and decorations. We worked really well as a team by being kind and friendly and helping each other. 

Here’s a sneak peek of our Christmas Elf decorations – we can’t wait to take them home! They look great!


We also enjoyed decorating our classroom and Christmas tree to make it look nice and festive!


Everyday, as we count down the days until Christmas, someone opens up our advent calendar and finds a special treat- I wonder what will be in there on Monday?

Class 1

*Learner of the Week W/C 23.11.20*

Our Learner of the Week this week was awarded to Ivy. Not only did she listen really carefully to the instructions when we were making our toys; she also helped other children when they needed help. Well done Ivy!

We have had a busy week in Class One this week!

We started making our mechanical toys from our cereal boxes. All we have left to do now, is to attach our Christmas characters to our toys so that we can show everyone how they move up and go down! We listened so carefully and worked so well as a team that we even earned a piece of our class robot!

In Science, we used our knowledge of materials and their properties to help us build the Three Little Pigs a house which would not be blown down by the huff and the puff of the Big Bad Wolf!

After hearing that the crew members of the Queen Mary 2 (moored at Southbourne Bay) can’t go home for Christmas, we felt very sad so we decided to cheer them up by making them Christmas cards and pictures, wishing them a Merry Christmas.

MS Queen Victoria - Wikipedia

We are looking forward to you seeing our Christmas performance of the song ‘Have a Holly Jolly Christmas’. I’m sure you have all been singing this at home…I know I have!

Class 1

*Learner of the Week W/C 16.11.20*

Our Learner of the Week this week was awarded to Alistair for trying really hard with his writing and for persevering and not giving up even when it was tricky! Well done Alistair!

Class 1

Anti-bullying week!

Yesterday, we had lots of fun wearing our odd socks for ‘Odd Socks day’ in support of Anti-bullying week. We talked about how each and every one of us is special and although we might not all like the same things, enjoy playing with the same toys or wear the same clothes (including socks!) we can still be friends. We talked about what makes a good friend and how we can look out for each other inside and outside of school.