In phonics so far this term we have been working on the following sounds:

  • sh (shut)
  • ck (sack)
  • ch (chick)
  • th (thing)
  • ng (sting)
  • ai (rain)
  • ee (feet)
  • igh (night)
  • oa (boat)
  • oo (zoo)

In the photos below, the children are applying their phonics in a game called ‘Roll and Read’.

Maths No Problem

In Maths, we have been learning to read, write (numeral and words), draw and represent our numbers from 0 to 10. We are using a range of equipment including; unifix, numicon and tens frames.

In these photos the children are working with their partner to represent the numbers 5 and 7 on a tens frame. We discussed how we knew we had made seven, relating to number bonds and the fact that there will always be 3 spaces left.



Piet Mondrian – Focus Artist

In Art this half term we have been studying some of the work of Piet Mondrian, a Dutch artist who was born in 1872. He painted pictures in a style known as abstract using mainly primary colours.

We used paper, masking tape, red, yellow, blue and black paint and paintbrushes to create our own work based on the art of Mondrian. Now that our work is dry, we will be using rulers and felt tip pens to complete our work.

Music Lesson


I was so proud of class one during their first music lesson with tuned instruments last week that I decided to record it, so that you can share the moment.

At the front we have 10 children playing the glockenspiel (note C), whilst the rest of the children are using a range of un-tuned instruments including: castanets, maracas and wooden blocks. We rotate the instruments during the lesson so that every child has the opportunity to play both tuned and un-tuned instruments.

I hope you enjoy our performance of ‘Hey You’.