RE Class 1 – Autumn 1

GOD: What do Christians believe God is like?

Your child will be learning to:

  • Identify what a parable is.
  • Tell the story of The Lost Son from the Bible simply and recognise a link with the concept of God as a forgiving Father.
  • Give clear, simple accounts of what the story means to Christians.
  • Give examples of a way in which Christians show their belief in God as loving and forgiving: by saying sorry, by seeing God as welcoming them back; by forgiving others.
  • Give examples of how Christians put their beliefs into practice in worship; by saying sorry to God.
  • Think, talk and ask questions about whether they can learn anything from the story for themselves, exploring different ideas.

New Home Reading Books

I am very excited to announce that Class 1 have brand new home reading books. These books have been coloured (rectangular sticker on the front cover of each book) to reflect the book bands that are used in school during our guided reading sessions. I have drawn and dated your child’s current level onto the ‘notes page’ in their home reading records.

Please open the attached document to see the progression in reading colours and how to support your child at home with the level that they are on. What do Book Band levels mean

Billy’s Bucket

This week we read the story, ‘Billy’s Bucket’ up to the moment where Billy discovers that his bucket is missing. We made predictions as to what happened to his bucket. The children had lots of imaginative ideas such as; it was stolen by a robber, it grew legs and ran away and mum sat on it and broke it.