Class 2

W/C: 22/03/21

Hello everyone,

So far this week, class 2 have been busy working on assessments in writing, reading and maths. I have been very impressed with their resilience and how eager they are to do well.

In maths, we will begin work on fractions. In writing we will be writing up our hot task for our instructions unit using our toolkit and our spellings this week will focus on contracted forms.

Our toolkit

In topic, we will begin writing up our leaflets on the animals we researched. In PHSE, we have also been talking about what helps us relax and created some lovely pictures for our reflection journals.

Miss Deay

Some pictures from the week:

Class 2

W/C: 15/03/21

What a lovely first week we had last week! Class 2 have settled back well and were eager to get started with their work which was great to see.

Last week in English, we started our instruction writing unit in Talk4writing. The class have been working on using question marks and time connectives and have started their innovation this week.

In maths, we have been working on shape. We focused on 2D shapes last week and have moved onto 3D shape this week. The pupils really enjoyed finding and naming different shapes in the classroom this morning.

Class 2 also got their skipping ropes today and had great fun practicing their skipping in the playground.

Class 2

W/C: 23/11/20

We’ve been having quite a busy few weeks in class 2 with our Nativity rehearsals. The children are doing so well and can’t wait to film it next Thursday.

We have also been busy working on our multiplication and division, as well as completing our hot task in writing. Next week is assessment week, so pupils will be taking some past SATS papers in reading, SPAG and maths.

In reading, class 2 were very eager to talk about the pictures of their books that they posted to google classroom last week. Some pupils even came up to the top of the class and told everyone about it:

Class 2

W/B: 19/10/20

What a great half term class 2, you have all worked so hard!

Today. we earned our final gem and got our well deserved treat afternoon.

We also made some airplanes to end our topic on flight.

This week we also completed our hot task and our unit of subtraction and addition.

Have a lovely half term class 2!

Miss Deay

Class 2


This week we have been working on our subtraction and addition, as well as our maths fluency activities in the morning. In writing we have worked on our innovation and have been using commas in lists, adjectives and our suffixes.

In our topic, we learned all about Amelia Earhart and in science we carried our our ‘Rocket Mouse’ experiment. We have also been learning about road safety and how it is important to stop, look, think and listen.

Miss Deay