W/B: 12/11/18

In maths this week we have started division by grouping and sharing. Towards the end of the week we will be moving on to dividing by 2 and 5. The pupils also need to revise for their 5 times table test on Friday. They did very well in their 2’s last week.

In writing, we are working on our hot task to end our unit on our ‘defeating the baddie story’. The children have been using their toolkit to help them include their punctuation, adverbs and adjectives.

In science, we have been comparing the suitability of different materials. In PE, we completed a dance sequence of the penguin huddle-the children worked together excellently in their groups to come up with different moves. In our history topic we we will  be creating a wanted poster for Thomas Percy and in art we will be finishing making our collage portraits.

I will be sending home some work from our core skills lessons on arithmetic-this will give pupils an idea of what they need to practice on at home.

On Friday, we remembered those who fought in WWI and took part in a range of different activities in the school hall. Please see some of the pictures below…


Miss Deay

W/B: 5/11/18

Hello everyone!

In maths this week we have continued to work on our multiplication and will be focusing on word problems later on in the week. Remember to keep learning your 2,5 and 10 times table at home! We will be having our first times table test on Friday.

In writing, we have been innovating our story ‘Billy the Brave Knight’. We have been using our adverbs and alliteration to help us.

In our topic, we have learned some more about the gunpowder plot. In Science we explored the uses of different materials throughout the school and in Art we will be making a collage portrait. In Geography we will also be creating a map of the UK and pin pointing the main cities.

In PE, we also used dance as a way to show how the plotters in the gunpowder plot could communicate with each other!

Miss Deay

W/C: 29/10/18

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a lovely half term. It’s hard to believe the next holiday will be Christmas! We have a busy term ahead, with the nativity play in the church along with other things-but the pupils seem really excited!

This week in maths, we have been focusing on multiplication using equal groups. We have been learning the 2 times table and 5 times table.

In writing, we have started our defeating the baddie story ‘Billy the Brave Knight’. We have been working on our story map, character and setting descriptions using patterns of three and alliteration and also the key features of the text.

In Science, we have started our unit on materials and have identified different uses for many materials so far this week. In History we have started learning about Guy Fawkes. In Art, we will be working on Picasso and portraits where we will use colour to show emotion.

During the week we had auditions for our nativity play, and pupils will find out what roles they will get tomorrow.

We will also be having our dictation tomorrow as usual-so get learning your weekly spellings!

Thank you,

Miss Deay

RE learning this term

This term in RE we will be working our Incarnation unit. Pupils will be exploring the question-Why does Christmas matter to Christians?

W/B: 15/10/18

We’ve had a busy week in class 2. Yesterday we went on our school trip to Bournemouth Aviation Museum which the pupils really enjoyed (even if the weather wasn’t fantastic)! We explored all the different aircraft-some of us even dressed up as pilots and were ready to take flight! We saw planes taking off from Bournemouth Airport, completed a quiz about the aircraft and even saw a model of one of the Wright brothers planes! Have a look at some of the pictures….


This week in writing we have completed our hot tasks and written up our recount. We have also been working on our addition and subtraction in Maths, going back over our borrowing and carrying. Today we are starting our multiplication which we will continue after half term. In Reading, we completed a reading ‘challenge’ on Tuesday where I gave the children the 2018 paper 1 comprehension. They all had a really good go at it and I was impressed at their effort! There are some areas we need to work on so I am sending it home in book bags today for you to have a look through and see the style of questions that the children are expected to answer.

In science we completed our rocket mice investigation and also carried out a fair test to investigate how far a toy can travel on different materials.

There will be no maths homework going out today, I am just sending home the reading comprehensions for the pupils to work on.

Have a lovely half term!

Miss Deay

W/B: 08/10/18

Hello everyone!

This week in Class 2, we have been working on subtraction with renaming. We have been borrowing from the tens to give to our ones. The pupils also have this for homework  this week. We have also been working on our mental maths (7 +1, 8 +5 etc).

In English, we have been working on innovating our recount. So far the pupils have been using some great similes and also remembering their commas in a list. We need to keep working on the spelling of our HFW (saw, had etc.)-if you would like to practice at home these spellings are at the back of the English homework books.

In science, we will be making rocket mice to explore how air moves objects. In Music, we will be working on playing our b, a and g notes on our recorders. In history, we will be learning about how flight has changed throughout the years. In RE, we have learned about how Christians show their love for God in different ways.

In our phonics this week we have been focusing on the oo sound spelt oo, ew, ue and u-e. We will have our dictation on Friday as usual.

Thank you,

Miss Deay

Well done to our pupil of the week who was chosen for his resilience with his handwriting! What a difference in just a couple of weeks.

This week in maths we have been leaning about adding and renaming. I have been very impressed with how much they have learnt. Lots of confident children.

In writing we have started to look at our next focus text Instructions: How to mummify a pharaoh. The children loved acting out the instructions.

In art we have continued working on our canopic jars.  We looked at hieroglyphic writing that would normally be found on the jars and had a go at copying the writing.

In PE we looked at over arm throwing.

In RE we have been continuing to learn about the 4 different Gospels and how they are similar and how they are different.

The children have been working really well together this week. Our gem Jar is is nearly half way full. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for you comments in the home learning books, they are very helpful.


Have a nice weekend,

Mrs Miller