Class 2

W/C: 21/06/21

This week in maths, we have been busy revising over the different concepts we have learned throughout the year. We worked on fractions and money along with our four calculations this week. I was really impressed by how Class 2 were able to apply the different methods we had learned to solve problems.

In writing, we innovated our text. The class came up with some great ideas. We have been focusing on using homophones as well as contracted forms in our writing this week. We’ve also been reading over our work to edit and improve it.

In science, we learned a little more about recycling and reusing objects and why it is important. In our topic we learned about the Big Five and safari parks.

Well done to all of you who brought in your reading journals and returned the books.

It has also been lovely to see everyone make a big effort with your reading.

Miss Deay

Class 2

W/C: 14/06/21

In maths this week we will be working on solving word problems about volume. We will also be revising our four operations every morning to help build our fluency in maths.

In T4W we have started our new text, Monkey See Monkey Do. The pupils enjoyed drawing their own story maps, writing character descriptions and doing a text study this week. They have also made a great effort to learn the story along with the actions.

In RE, we have started our unit on Creation and created a story map to recount it. In our science, we discussed climate change some more and thought about what we can do to help the environment. We also had an African Drumming session which ties in really nicely with our topic this term.

Don’t forget to bring in your reading journals so you can get your certificate!

Miss Deay

Class 2

W/C: 08/06/21

This week in maths we started our chapter on volume where we learned about litres and millilitres. In our writing, we focused on book reviews and talked about why we like some books more than others.

I am really impressed by how much class 2 have been focusing on their reading and how eager they are to read aloud during whole class guided reading sessions. It was also great to see how many pupils have been filling out their reading journals. Remember you will get a bronze certificate if you read for 20 nights, a silver if you read for 30 and a gold certificate if you read for 50 nights.

Can I also please remind you all to remember to bring back reading books once you have finished with them.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Deay

Class 2

W/b: 24/05/21

This week class 2 have been busy working on assessments and completing their ‘Secret Agent Assignments’. I have been so impressed with their attitude to their learning and resilience-so a big well done goes to the whole of class 2!

In writing, we have been working on ‘The Bog Baby’. Later in the week we will be writing a book review on what we liked and didn’t like. We have also been working on ‘The Pea and the Princess’ during whole class guided reading, and will be discussing/making links with other books that are similar to it.

In PHSE this week, we talked about kindness and what it looks like. Class 2 posted kindness notes in our ‘Kindness Box’. We also had a visit from an author who shared her book ‘Jessie the Jellyfish’ with us, class 2 asked some great questions about the beach and plastic. As mentioned last week, we are having an art workshop on Wednesday so don’t forget to bring in 3/4 unrecyclable bits of plastic (crisp packets/chocolate bar wrappers/vegetable packs etc.). 

Miss Deay