Larry and the Golden Book!

So after leaping through Mr. Ruffle’s office window, Larry was only delighted to find the Golden Book on the wooden table top! He was about to fill up every page with ‘Larry is the best’ until he heard footsteps-Mr. Ruffle’s footsteps coming back towards his office!!!

Will Larry have time to escape? Check the blog on Monday to find out…

Larry is on the loose!

I have no idea how this happened! There I was just after getting into the car about to come home from work and who did I spot in the rear view mirror-LARRY! He must have carefully sneaked out from the bag in the classroom, skipped over to my car and buckled himself up in the back seat without anyone even noticing! LARRY!!! When he realised that I had spotted him he leapt out of the window and made his way back into school through the window of Mr. Ruffle’s office! He’s on the loose Class 2, what a cheeky Lemur he is! I wonder what kind of antics I’ll find him getting up to the next time… 🙂

Say hello to Mr. Larry!

You can’t take your eye off Larry for a second-I came into the classroom this morning and he told me he was taking over! 🙂 He wants to set your home learning tasks from now on! I had to explain to him that hanging off trees and eating chocolate all day might not be the best choice so he agreed to leave it up to me. He hopes you all have a good day. 🙂