W/b: 16/09/19

This week in maths we have been revising counting up in 2’s, 3’s, 5’s and 10’s as well as well as learning about number patterns. Later on in the week we will be moving on to addition-where we will be doing some journaling activities.

In writing we have began our innovation of our text, changing the main character and setting. The class have been coming up with some very imaginative ideas. In our writing we will be focusing on including adjectives along with capital letters, full stops and exclamation marks.

In our science we will be carrying out an experiment about gravity and how long it takes some objects to fall and in our topic we will be learning about the Wright Brothers and their first flight. We will also be designing our airplanes that we will begin to construct next week.

Please remind your child to show me their reading journal on Friday.

Miss Deay

W/b: 09/09/19

Hello everyone!

What a lovely first few days we’ve had in class 2-it has been great meeting all the pupils and to see them so excited to start back at school. I have sent home a reading record with the children-so can you please comment on their reading inside? I aim to look at these every Friday. I’ve also sent home English home learning books with this weeks spellings at the back, the books are also to be covered. On Thursday, I will be sending home the maths home learning books to be covered.

In writing this week, we have started our text ‘The Way Back Home’ and will be working on learning the story along with describing the characters and settings. In maths, we are working on numbers and place value. We will also be working on some journaling and problem solving.

During our topic session, we will be making our paper aeroplanes for our competition. In science, we will begin our unit on Movement and later in the week we will also start our music unit on ‘South African Styles’.

In the next few weeks, pupils will be designing and making their own cardboard aeroplane- each pupil will need some cardboard and a toilet paper roll.

Miss Deay