W/B: 19/10/20

What a great half term class 2, you have all worked so hard!

Today. we earned our final gem and got our well deserved treat afternoon.

We also made some airplanes to end our topic on flight.

This week we also completed our hot task and our unit of subtraction and addition.

Have a lovely half term class 2!

Miss Deay


This week we have been working on our subtraction and addition, as well as our maths fluency activities in the morning. In writing we have worked on our innovation and have been using commas in lists, adjectives and our suffixes.

In our topic, we learned all about Amelia Earhart and in science we carried our our ‘Rocket Mouse’ experiment. We have also been learning about road safety and how it is important to stop, look, think and listen.

Miss Deay

W/b: 5/10/20

This week in our topic, we did a role play session in pairs where one person pretended to be Orville or Wilbur Wright and the other was a reporter. The pupils were very good at remembering some key information and I was very impressed with their acting skills!

In our maths session, we worked on addition with renaming. We used concrete materials to help us understand this concept and worked on our column addition.

In our writing, we worked on using our commas in a list along with our suffix ‘ed’. We also started our new T4W story ‘Whatever Next’.

Miss Deay

Our rocket mouse experiment and d & t project

In science next week, we will be doing an experiment to test out forces. I need pupils to bring in a plastic milk bottle on Friday 9th October so I can quarantine them over the weekend ready for the following week.

We will also be starting work on our D & T project where we will be making planes. Pupils need to bring in a used cardboard kitchen roll (no loo roll holders please) and a used cereal box. We will be using these materials to make our planes. Please bring these in on Monday 12th as I will quarantine them until we need to use them later in the week.

Miss Deay

W/C: 28/09/20

We’ve had another busy week in class 2 this week. We have been working hard on our phonics and our words of the day (common exception words), some of the pupils have also been trying to use these in their work which has been lovely to see. We have also completed our hot task and the pupils tried really hard to include their capital letters, full stops and adjectives. They came up which some really great ideas for their new stories.

In maths we have moved on to addition. We have been learning different methods, such as column addition and partitioning. The homework set for Thursday will be based on this.

In our topic, we have been learning about the Wright Brothers and watched some footage of their first successful flight from 1903. We also created some artwork for the Harvest festival which took place virtually today.

Miss Deay

W/B: 21/09/20

We have had a busy week in year 2 this week. The pupils have finished off their revision on place value and used different combinations of numbers to make number bonds.

In writing we have began our innovation, the pupils main focus was to use full stops and capital letters-I was very impressed with some of their lovely ideas for the journeys they wrote about.

In phonics, we have been working on different ways to spell the ‘ee’ sound. The pupils have been doing some great work in their spelling books investigating what objects in the classroom have the ‘ee’ sound.

The pupils also learned about the different types of transport in the past and created a timeline.

Keep an eye on google classroom for homework. Lots of you have been working hard!

Miss Deay

W/C: 14/09/20

This week in class 2 we have been working hard again on our place value in maths-we showed off our learning on the playground using chalk earlier in the week. We also did some stops problem solving with Mrs Kelly on Tuesday. Next week, we will be working on number bonds, and the different numbers that can be added together to get the same total (eg. 7 + 3 =10 , 6 + 4 =10).

In writing, we wrote a paragraph about what it would be like to parachute back down from the moon and have been doing plenty of role play around our T4W story. I have been really impressed with the childrens enthusiiasm during phonics and how well they are remembering to learn our the different words each day.

We also did some assessments this week, I was very proud of class 2 for being so resilient.

I have assigned homework to google classroom, English hw will be up Monday morning. If any passwords have been lost just let me know and I’ll get you another one.

Miss Deay