D&T Project

We will be making a ‘Polar Buggy’ over the next couple of weeks so pupils need to bring in an empty cereal box or other small cardboard box. They also need to bring in some bottle caps (preferably four so we can use them as wheels).

W/B: 21/01/20

This week in maths we will we be working on word problems and finishing off our unit on length. We will also be working on telling the time during core skills.

In writing, we have began our non-chronological report on polar bears and will be looking at the key features of the text, character descriptions and describing settings. The pupils have also been working on using coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.

In our ‘Polar Explorers’ topic we will be locating Antarctica on a world map along with the items explorers would have had to have bring with them many years ago. In science we will be doing a comparative test and growth enquiry.

In our whole class guided reading, we will be working on our predicting and inference skills. Remember to bring in your reading journals so I can see all the reading you are doing at home.

Miss Deay

W/B: 13/01/20

This week in maths we are working on length and will be learning about cm and m as well as solving word problems. During our core skills time we will be learning how to identify fractions of a number and shape. I will include what we have been learning in this weeks homework.

In writing, the pupils have started to join up their letters. I handed a sheet out to everyone last week with letter formation if they wanted to practice at home. This week also sees us finishing off our invention-the pupils have been working on using subordinating and coordinating conjunctions.

In reading, we have been working on our inference skills and justifying our answers with evidence from the text. We have also just started our reading journals where children are recording their work.

Yesterday, we were introduced to the explorers we will be learning about over the next few weeks in our topic ‘Polar Explorers’- Shackleton and Scott. The pupils found out about what makes a person significant and thought about how different exploring would have been many years ago.

On Wednesday afternoon we have an art workshop and will be creating some pieces based on our topic.

Miss Deay

Nativity 17/12/19

Please arrive at 5.50pm via the rear car park of the Priory and enter through the Cloister’s door-I will be there to take a register. Please see me before you take your child home so that they can be marked off the list again.

The pupils all have their costumes in school and will be changing into them in the church-I’ve told them to wear something neutral and comfortable underneath.

Many thanks,

Miss Deay