Bournemouth Aviation Museum Trip Friday 22/11/19

Just a reminder to everyone that we will be going on our trip to the Aviation Museum on Friday. We will be leaving school at 10.00am-parent helpers can arrive at 9.45am. We will also be back in school by 1pm.

As there are steps the children will have to climb to see some of the aircraft and other attractions, please ensure they are wearing appropriate footwear.

Miss Deay

W/B: 18/11/19

This week in maths we will continue to work on our multiplication-using the grouping method and arrays. We will also begin to work on some word problems. We will also be starting our unit on division. There will be a times tables quiz on the 2 and 5 times tables on Friday (multiplication).

In writing, we will be finishing off our innovation of our ‘defeating the baddie’ story. Later in the week, we will begin our invention. The pupils will also be introduced to speech marks and will have a go at using these in their work.

In Science, we will be comparing the suitability of materials and in our topic we will be learning about the main cities across the UK along with locating these on a map.

In PE, we will begin our dance unit and in music we will be working on our Christmas songs.

Our school trip is due to take place on Friday, let’s hope the weather hold up for us!

Miss Deay

W/B: 11/11/19

Class 2 will be working on their x10 tables this week, along with word problems involving x2 and x5 tables. Pupils are growing in confidence when reciting their times tables and using their grouping method.

In writing, we have started our innovation of our ‘defeating the baddie’ story. The pupils have come up with some great ideas for their new stories and are using adjectives in patterns of 3 along with similes and alliteration.

In phonics, we are focusing on suffixes and why we double the consonant on the end of some words or why we drop an ‘e’. We are also working on the spelling of our common exception words.

In our topic, we will be learning about Remembrance Day and why it is important to remember. In Science, we will be working on identifying every day materials and in Art we will be creating self portraits. We will also begin our music unit for this term.

Later in the week, the pupils will be told their parts in the nativity. I have asked everyone what they would like to be and we will be doing some little auditions. I have explained to the class not to be disappointed if they don’t get a certain role. Also, if you have a small sweeping brush at home (preferably wooden) could class 2 borrow it for the opening scene? Let me know at the end of the day if you have.

Miss Deay

Below are some pictures of when Ava’s Dad came to visit last term and showed us some very interesting maps and headphones while telling us all about air traffic control. The pupils were very excited!

W/B: 04/11/19

This week in maths we are beginning our multiplication and division. Pupils need to continue to learn their 2, 5 and 10 times tables at home. On Friday, there will be a quiz on 2 times tables (with division).

In writing, we have started our ‘Defeating the Baddie’ story Billy the Brave Knight. We will be working on writing adjectives in ‘patterns of three’ this week, along with describing a setting and focusing on the key features of the text.

In science, we will investigate different materials around the school and look to see can we find objects made from the same material (wood, plastic etc.).

In our topic, we will learn about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night. Pupils will role play the plot in six acts and create a wanted poster of the plotters.

There will also be a dictation based on the homework spellings this week on Friday.

Miss Deay

W/B: 21/10/19

This week in maths, we will be working on adding three digit numbers as well as reviewing our unit on addition and subtraction. As usual, we will have a times tables quiz on Friday. This week we will be focusing on x2 tables (multiplication and division).

In writing, we will be working on our recount invention and hot task. The pupils are working on including a range of punctuation in their work (commas in lists, exclamation marks, full stops and capital letters). They are also focusing on using adjectives and similes and re-reading their work.

In RE, we will be completing our unit on Special Books and Judaism. In Science we will be completing an investigation on movement and in d & t we will be completing our airplanes.

We will also be having our dictation on Friday based on this weeks spellings.

Miss Deay

W/B: 14/10/19

This week in maths we have been learning different methods for subtraction. We have learned about using number bonds to subtract and also column subtraction. Tomorrow we are moving on to subtracting with renaming. On Friday there will be a quiz on x and division 2 times tables.

In our writing, we have started to innovate our recount ‘Whatever Next’. The pupils will be focusing on using similes, adjectives, commas in a list and writing in the first person. In our SPAG, we have been learning about homophones and contracted forms.

In our Science, we will be exploring movement of a human skeleton. In our history we will be comparing new and old planes. In RE, we will begin our unit on Special books and will explore the ways in which the Bible is special to Christians and the Torah is special to Jews.

I will also be in touch with the Bournemouth Aviation Museum to rearrange our school trip-hopefully the weather will be better this time!

Miss Deay