W/B: 04/12/17

Hello everyone!

This week in maths we are working on our addition and subtraction, where we will be adding and subtracting multiples of 100, 3 digit numbers and ones (crossing and not crossing 10). In English, we will be working on writing a diary entry based on the Christmas advert ‘The Long Wait’. We will also be working on our adverbs.

In Science, we will be exploring friction and how different objects move on different surfaces. In RE, we will be beginning to learn about the Gospel along with also using our new chrome books on Thursday to do some internet research.

Please remember to bring in your reading journal on Thursday:

Group 1: x9, x11

Group 2: x8

Miss Deay

Below are some pictures from our English lesson last week- where we went out to search for letters in the playground!


W/B: 27/11/17

Hello everyone!

Class 3 had a great time on our school trip to the Ancient Technology Centre on Friday. The children experienced fence building, fire making and Viking games and riddles. There are plenty of pictures below for you to see what we got up to.

In learning this week, we will be focusing on place value. We will be finding 1,10 and 100 more or less of numbers, comparing objects and numbers, ordering numbers and also counting in 50’s. We will be using our concrete resources to help reinforce the place value of number. In English, we will be writing and replying to letters using our inference skills. We will also be working on our editing and redrafting skills.

In science, we will be beginning our Forces and Magnets topic and will be focusing on pushes and pulls. In history, we will be role playing the story of Odin and the Tree of Life.

Times tables:

Group 1: x3, x4, x8

Group 2: x3, x4

Don’t forget to bring in your reading journal on Thursday so I count up how many nights reading you have been doing!

Miss Deay

RE Learning

Understanding Christianity – Gospel

What kind of world did Jesus want?

Your child will be able to:

  • Identify this as part of a ‘Gospel’, which tells the story of the life and teaching of Jesus.
  • Make clear links between the calling of the first disciples and how Christians today try to follow Jesus and be ‘fishers of people.’
  • Offer suggestions about what Jesus’ actions towards the leper might mean for a Christian.
  • Make simple links between Bible texts and the concept of ‘Gospel’ (good news).
  • Give examples of how Christians try to show love to all, including how members of the clergy follow Jesus’ teaching.
  • Make links between the Bible stories studied and the importance of love, and life in the world today, expressing some ideas of their own clearly.


Class 3 are embarking on a unit on Sikhism where they will learn to understand the reasons why a Sikh may choose to join the Khalsa.

They will explore the following key questions:

  • Do religious people lead better lives?
  • Is religion the most important influence and inspiration in people’s life?
  • Do all religions beliefs influence people to behave well towards each other?

WB: 20/11/17

This week in class 3 we are completing assessments. Yesterday, we worked on our Maths Arithmetic paper and I was so impressed with how resilient the pupils were. They worked really hard on their paper.

Apart from assessments, we will be completing our Viking longships, learning about the Nine Worlds in Norse mythology and also doing some of our client presentations as part of our health and fitness science topic!

As you know, we are going on a school trip on Friday to the Ancient Technology Centre in Cranborne. Thank you for offering to volunteer to help on the trip, we now have more than enough parents coming along. We should all have a great day!

Please remind your child to bring in their reading journals every Thursday, as I need to count up how many nights reading they have completed in order for them to get their certificates!

Our times tables test will be on Thursday this week:

Group 1: x9

Group 2: x8

Class list for Christmas cards

Class names for Christmas cards