Week 2

This week we combined our learning in Computing and History. The children were working in pairs to create a fact file based on important female figures in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. They researched information on the chrome books and typed up their findings on Google classroom.

In science they children were working in pairs again to create posters about staying safe in the dark by wearing reflective clothing.

They have been working really well as team bee to get all of these tasks done and I am excited to see everything they have produced!

Week 1

Yesterday the children experienced an unjust rule to start to understand the feelings of women and their role throughout history. They wrote diary entries from the perspective of a woman from the renaissance period.

Today the children designed their Suffragette Brooches, ready to make them over the next few weeks. They have learnt about the colours used on the badges and what they represent.

This week we have started our new Maths unit: Length. All of the children have shown great knowledge and confidence using centimetres, metres and kilometres.

We have looked at our model text in English. We will be writing journey stories based on our model text ‘The Magic Bed’.

End of Term

We have had lovely end to the autumn term. We have spent the week finishing off our maths unit on ‘Multiplication and Division’, writing up our newspaper reports on the chrome books and finishing off our Diya’s for our RE unit of ‘Light and Dark’.

I want to thank all the children for their hard work this term. They have been amazing at putting in 100% effort right until the end!

Many thanks for my cards and gifts, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all in the new year!

Miss Webber

Curiosity Walls

The display boards for our new topics next half term are ready to be filled with some amazing work from the children. We had some fantastic work and research up on the walls from this half term and it would be amazing to see them filled again!

Light is our new Science topic and we will be learning about the Suffragettes in History. These curiosity walls can be filled with any work, research, drawings etc from home that links to our units next half term. It can be work based on questions the children may have, any pre-existing knowledge or once we come back they can use what they have learnt to create something. The more creative the better!

Google Accounts

Today the children are setting up and starting to use their google accounts on the chrome books. They will be using these today to publish their newspaper report inventions from English about the Earthquake that hit our classroom at the beginning of this half term.

These accounts are secure and managed as part of a school domain, which can be monitored. As a part of our ‘E-Safety’ unit last half term, we have discussed staying safe online and today have discussed the safe and responsible use of these accounts. Pupils cannot receive or send emails as this function is disabled.

We will be increasingly using these in class, with some exciting collaborative learning through the Google Classroom app.