Bronze Maths Badge


At parents evening, a number of parents have been asking, ‘How can I support my child in working towards their bronze maths badge?’

‘Hit the Button’ is a fun way for children to practice their times tables at home, whilst also developing their speed, accuracy and confidence.

Hit the Button

There are lots of other free and enjoyable, age appropriate maths games on the ‘Top Marks’ website.

Have a go today!

Miss Kelly

Maths Leader

W/B 16/10/17

It’s hard to believe that the final week of the first term is here, that flew around very quickly! This week in maths, the pupils are working on word problems involving addition and subtraction. We will be working on writing descriptive settings in English, and focusing on using different sentence starters! We are also going to be working on using ‘a’ and ‘an’ correctly in our writing.

This week we will be learning about the Trinity in RE, and how we can use different symbols to describe and understand how Christians show their beliefs about God the Trinity in worship.

Please remember to fill in your reading journal so that you can reach your 25 nights of reading. I will be signing these on Friday afternoon.


Group 1 (revision): x3, x4, x5 and x6

Group 2: x6

Miss Deay





W/B: 09/10/17

In maths this week we are focusing on using borrowing in our column subtraction with 2 and 3 digit numbers. We will also be beginning some work on finding the perimeter of different shapes and objects. I have allocated some new mymaths homework which revises what we have been learning over the past couple of weeks, so if you would like to get in some more practice at home this would be a great opportunity.

In English we are working on writing in the first person in our diary entries. We are working on using paragraphs and our descriptive language. The pupils are also getting very familiar with using their own spelling books to check the spelling of words that they are unsure of.

This afternoon we will be working on some sketching in Art, and using different pencils to create different textures. Later on in the week we will be learning about Viking longhouses and settlements, along with the daily life of a Viking. We will also be continuing to work on our healthy eating in Science.

Thank you to all the lovely volunteers who came in to help Class 3 for our Christmas card project. The pupils did a great job using watercolour paints to create different landscapes.

Times tables:

Group 1-x3, x4, x6

Group 2-x3, x4

Don’t forget to bring in your reading journal for me to sign on Friday. Well done to William who was the first person to earn a sticker on our chart for his 25 nights of reading!

Please find attached information regarding Class 3’s home learning project for this term. They are very excited to be creating longhouses of their own!


Thank you,

Miss Deay

RE Class 3 – Autumn 1

Incarnation/God: What is the Trinity?

Your child will be learning to:

  • Identify the difference between a ‘Gospel’ which tells the story of the life and teaching of Jesus, and a letter.
  • Offer suggestions about what texts about baptism and Trinity might mean.
  • Give examples of what these texts mean to some Christians today.
  • Describe how Christians show their beliefs about God the Trinity in worship (in baptism and prayer for example) and in the way they live.
  • Make links between some Bible texts studied and the idea of God in Christianity, expressing clearly some ideas of their own about what the God of Christianity is like.

W/B 02/10/17

Hello everyone!

This week in Maths we are concentrating on using column addition in our word problems, beginning some work on using the column method to subtract numbers as well as also working on some of our problem solving and reasoning skills.

In English, we are writing a set of instructions on ‘how to trap a dragon’. We are focusing on using our imperative verbs along with our spelling books to help us with words we are unsure of.  We also will be working on using time connectives. Class 3 have so far come up with some very imaginative ways of how to trap one of these fire breathing creatures!!

In Science we will be working on creating an Eatwell plate, and in our topic we will be learning some more about Viking longships-along with much more during the week.

Can you ensure your child has their PE kit with them on Wednesday 4th October (tomorrow), as the Bronze Ambassadors will be leading a Circuit Challenge in the playground as part of raising awareness for the NSPCC.

Times tables test this week:

Group 1: x6

Group 2: x3

(The pupils will know what group they are in).

Don’t forget your reading journals on Friday.

Thank you,

Miss Deay