W/B: 16/04/18

I hope you’ve all had a nice Easter break, and the pupils are ready to start back into their learning.

In maths this week, we are focusing on statistics. We will be learning how to read and interpret pictograms, bar charts and tables. The pupils will be making comparisons about data, as well as creating their own bar charts.

In English, we are beginning work on our book Escape From Pompeii. We will be working on our setting descriptions, using our dictionaries to help us improve our word choices and also using powerful verbs. In Spag, we will be concentrating on how the spelling of some words change when we add ‘ed’ to the end.

In RE, we are beginning our learning on Sikhism and what it means to be committed to something. In our Romans topic, we will be looking at Roman Roads and creating our own cross section of a road by using junk modelling materials. Could you please send your child in to school with some empty cereal boxes, egg cartons, empty yoghurt pots, newspaper etc. In Science, we will begin work on our Rocks and Fossils unit and focus on different types of rocks.

Times tables test this week:

Group 1: x7, x8, x9

Group 2: x8

I am sending the children home with a spelling list today, if you get time can I ask if you could stick it into the back of their homework book. Thank you.

Homophones and near-homophones











W/B: 27/03/18

Hello everyone!

This week in Class 3 we are working on poetry in English and will be focusing on ‘The Sound Collector’. We will be learning about the style of this poem, along with onomatopoeia. Pupils will be rewriting the poem to link up with our topic of smuggling and will be performing their work towards the end of the week.

In maths, we are continuing to work on money. Pupils will be adding and subtracting amounts of money, along with giving change. We will also be having a times table challenge on Thursday where all the times tables will be tested.

In our topic, we will be finishing off making our smugglers purses and learning some more about the impact of locations on smuggling. In RE, we are working on our ‘People of God’ unit and will be discussing what a covenant is, along with making links to the story of Noah.

The class got their first piece of homework yesterday, this was a reading comprehension and some spellings. Completed homework needs to be returned to school on Thursday.

Please see below for some pictures of our Sports Relief day on Friday!

Miss Deay

W/B 19/03/18

Hello everyone,

This week in maths we have moved on to learning about money. We have been exploring the value of money, converting pounds and pence, adding and subtracting money and giving change.

In writing this week, we are working on describing settings and writing from a characters point of view. We have been reading the book ‘Mrs Cole’ and the pupils are coming up with some great imaginative ideas so far. In SPAG, we are working on conjunctions to extend sentences as well as using the indefinite article ‘a’ and ‘an’ correctly in our work.

In our topic, we will be creating acrostic poems based on smuggling. We will also be exploring how landscapes had an impact on smuggling. In D & T we will begin working on creating our smugglers purse.

Times tables:

Group 1: x7

Group 2: x6

Miss Deay

W/B: 12/03/18

In class 3 this week, we are working on some more division and will be moving on to scaling. We will also be working on some problem solving on Friday. In our times tables test this week, I am going to test a range of the times tables from 2-12. For group 2, I would like them to work on their 9’s.

In writing, we are working on recounting and summarising our Arthur legends, and will also be drafting and publishing a comic strip towards the end of the week. We are also working on our prepositions and word classes (identifying words that are verbs, adjectives, adverbs) in SPAG.

In science, we will be learning about sun safety along with the benefits and dangers of UV light. We will also be using our chrome books on Thursday to research some information about smuggling in Dorset.

Please remember to bring in your reading journal on Thursday, well done to those who are consistently bringing them in to get signed.

Miss Deay



Wb: 05/02/18

Firstly, welcome back to school after the snow! We have a busy week ahead of us in Class 3. We are having assessment week, and will be sitting some maths, reading and spag papers. The children worked really hard yesterday, and earned a gem in the jar. Keep up the fantastic effort.

When we complete our tests this week, we will be working on division in maths. In writing, we will be working on our Arthur legends. We will be extending sentences by using descriptive language and a range of punctuation. We will then be redrafting and improving our work on Friday.

In our topic, we will be exploring how life in Dorset was different in the 18th century. In D & T, we will be designing our smuggler purses. On Wednesday we will have athletics in the afternoon.

On a Monday morning, class 3 have been taking part in the singing strategy with class 4 and 5. As part of this we will be performing a song in The Priory later on in the year. The children are quite enjoying working with Mrs Wright it at the moment.

Times tables test this week:

Group 1: x8, 9 ,12

Group 2: x6, x 7, x8

Don’t forget your reading journal on Thursday.

Miss Deay

Here are some pictures of the children’s costumes for World Book Day along with some photos of our homework exhibition!