Arts Week- Pizza Express

Class 3 had a fantastic morning at Pizza Express yesterday.

All the children had the chance to make their own margarita pizza. They learnt about the process of making dough and how to make the famous Italian pizza that contains all the colours of the Italian flag.

After we made the pizzas we watched them cook in 4 minutes!

After that the pizzas were cooked they were boxed up and we walked them back to school.

When we arrived back at school we had a pizza party, listening to Italian music whilst enjoying our homemade pizza. The children are looking forward to writing their instructions on ‘How to make a pizza’.

Weekly Spelling WC 13/5/2019

This week our weekly spellings are focusing on homophones. Pupils will need to understand the meaning of both spellings. These will be tested in a spelling dictation on Monday 20th May 2019. Pupils should also rehearse previously spellings.












To support our learning of the Stone Age and Iron Age the class created their own model versions of Stonehenge and explores why it could have been created. To have a deeper understanding of the different ways Stonehenge could’ve been used, we held a class debate trying to convince each other what Stonehenge was used for.