W/B 17/07/17

Hello everyone!

I can’t believe that this is the last week of the school year, and the pupils will be in year 4 next year! This year has flown by, and the pupils have been a pleasure to teach.

Throughout the week we will be doing some group problem solving in Maths, writing about the memories we have in Class 3, and other craft based activities. We will also have our spelling and times tables test on Thursday.

Please send your child into school with a carrier bag on Thursday and Friday, so that they can take their books and work home with them.

I hope you all have a fantastic Summer and enjoy the holidays!

Thank you,

Miss Deay

W/B 10/07/17

Hello everyone,

This week in class 3 we are revising our four operations in Maths, and revising our timestables! In English, we have written some letters to Mr Wildman to tell him a little about ourselves and what we are looking forward to in class 4. We are also going to be working on drafting and redrafting a story, where we will be using a range of the punctuation we have learned throughout the year.

In PE, we learned some new football skills and some kicking techniques. We have also worked on our song for Ms King’s concert this afternoon.

We will have a spelling test tomorrow-we are on week 5.

The timestables test will be a mixture of all the timestables for both groups.

Miss Deay

W/B 03/07/17

Hello everyone,

This week in Maths we are working on solving one and two step word problems involving the four operations. We will also be using our problem solving skills to work out some mystery stories. In writing we are working on calligrams, where we are using figurative language and rhyming. In our topic we will be exploring Roman entertainment and in science we will be completing a quiz as to what we have learned about plants and seeds.

The spellings tested this Friday will be Week 3 and 4.

Group 1: Mixed times tables.

Group 2: x3, x4 ,x8

Thank you for bringing in your reading journals for me to sign.

Miss Deay

W/B 27/06/17

Hello all,

We have had a great start to the week with sports day yesterday. The pupils really enjoyed it and all did their best. They took part in a number of different activities and I was very impressed with their efforts.

This week it is assessment week in class 3, where we will be doing some small exams on maths, reading and SPAG. The pupils worked hard yesterday morning and I was pleased to see how eager they were to show off what they have learned over the year.

In the afternoons this week, we will be learning about the life cycle of a flower, some interesting facts about Roman Baths along with much more.

We are having our spelling test as usual on Friday.

Times tables:

Group 1: x12

Group 2: x9

Miss Deay