Week beginning: 25/3/19

Due to our exciting Rock Band celebration worship, we have yet to announce pupils of the week. As a result, I will hold of until our early celebration assembly next week.

This week we have continued to learn about sound. We discussed pitch and started to plan our own investigations. We are going to make shakers. We will need some different containers so if you have any, please send them into school on Monday. An example: Yoghurt pots, coffee pots and a pop-tart box.

In RE we have continue to look at story telling and we have thought about the Good Samaritan and the messages it sends.

In Writing we have continued to innovate a newspaper report. We have been looking at embedded clauses and using colons.

In Maths we have been learning to write using decimals. We are learning hundredths and tenths.

It is our final week of swimming next week. Please read the letter that has already been sent out. Children should bring some clothing they can wear in the water.

On Thursday we also have our VE Day in the hall. Some come early and meet us at the front entrance. There has also been a letter sent out with more information.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Miller and team.

Wk beginning: 22/3/19

Well done to our pupil of the week. She was chosen for her risk taking, resilience and because she has applied taught skills to new learning. Great piece of writing.

In Maths we have continued learning about time. This is a tricky concept. So the more support the children have the better.

Our new text, which is a newspaper report, has been inspiring us in our writing. We pretended to interview people from 1944, who, might have seen a doodlebug.

In Science, we have continued to learn about sound. We discuss how sound travels to our ears. We also compared the speed of light to the speed of sound.

In RE we have been learning about stories from the Hindu religion. We have discussed why these stories might be important.

Discussing why we tell stories.

Please note that we only have 2 more sessions of swimming. The children have been fantastic and have really improved.

Please note that in the last week of term. Thursday 4th April, we would like to invite grandparents and parents into the school hall for our Victory in England day. This will allow you to find out what the children have been learning. To taste biscuits the children have made and listen to a song the children have leant. This will take place at 2.30 – 3.15pm.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Kind regards

Mrs Miller

Week beginning 11/3/19

It was lovely seeing so many parents during parents evening and great to share the overall success of class 4. They have really improved and are starting to demonstrate lots of school values which has been evident by them filling up their Gem Jar twice. We are half way full for this half term.

Well done to our pupil of the week, who was chosen for her pure resilience and determination. In Maths problem solving she has explained her learning really well and gone on to explain how she can check her learning. She also represented the school really well during the year 4 football tournament.

This week we have begun to learn about time. The children have discussed minutes and seconds and are using this to solve problems.

In writing we have been inventing and writing our own flashback texts. Where we go back to a memory during the war.

In science we have begun to explore sound and how sound is made.

In RE we have been looking at the significance of story telling and what messages these stories get across.

The children have been handed out Home Learning in bothe Maths and English this week. Please keep an eye out for a spelling and times tables list attached to year 4 class page. There will be also some useful links mentioned and some resources you could use to help your child practise year 2 and year 3/4 spellings.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Miller.

Week beginning 4/3/19

Well done to our pupil of the Week. She was chosen for always demonstrating the school values and for always taking pride in her learning.

This week, the children had a great start with their trip to Nothe Fort. They learnt lots about the life of evacuees and what it would of felt like during the war.

In maths we have been continuing to learn about fractions. We have now started to take away fractions. and write fractions in their simplest form.

In writing we have begun to innovate our flash back text. The children are coming up with some amazing ideas.

In RE we have started to learn about the Hindu God Ganesha. We have thought about ways we remember through story telling and have linked this to our own religion.

World book day was so much fun, the children made such an amazing effort with the outfits and it was so nice hearing about the inspiration behind them. We took the time to go outside and to find a quiet spot to read our books. We even shared stories with year 2.

Home work will start again next week. English will be handed out on Monday with spellings.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Miller