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Rapid Reading is a fantastic collection of leveled fiction and non-fiction books, covering a variety of topics and themes that you will enjoy.

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My Maths

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Please complete all of your MyMaths tasks. You need to achieve at least 80% in each.

If not, you must try again!

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Collect as many coins as you can to decorate your Sumdog house ready for Christmas.

Who can make their’s look the best?




RE Learning – Class 4

Understanding Christianity – Gospel

Your child will be able to:

  • List two distinguishing features of a parable.
  • Make clear links between the story of the Good Samaritan and the idea of the Gospel as ‘good news’.
  • Offer some ideas about the meaning of the Good Samaritan story to Christians.
  • Make simple links between the Good Samaritan story and the importance of charity in Christian life.
  • Give some examples of how Christians act to show that they are following Jesus.
  • Make links between some of Jesus’ teachings about how to live, and life in the world today, expressing some ideas of their own clearly.

Class 4 are also exploring a unit on Sikhism.

You child will be learning to compare the different ways Sikhs put their religion into practice.

The key questions they will be exploring are:

  • Do religious people lead better lives?
  • Is religion the most important influence and inspiration in people’s life?