Home learning 24/3/2020

I have attached learning for the 24/3/2020, which is in line with what the other classes are doing and will help you to manage your days more effectively.
Attached in the document, you will find the answers from yesterday’s maths lesson.
I will post new learning tomorrow for the next day.
I know some of you have started to read Goodnight Mister Tom at home, which is brilliant. However, please be aware that in class, we would not go past chapter 15: Home. Willie goes home to his mum (Who is not a nice lady), and the book covers some questionable content that you may find distressing. Please check with parents and maybe ask them to summarise what happens rather than read the rest of the book.

Home learning

Each child has their google account and password; they should have been given these on Friday. They will need to log onto their accounts and then click the waffle in the top right corner. They will then click google classroom. I have assigned home learning and attached documents for children to use. I am currently looking at a way to connect the materials here. Children will be able to use google classroom to hand in assignments and ask me questions if they are stuck. Please encourage your child to use google classroom.

Home Learning: Week 23/3/2020

Maths – Decimals – Textbook 4B

Chapter 8

Monday – Lesson 1: Writing Tenths

Tuesday – Lesson 2: Writing Tenths

Wednesday – Lesson 3: Writing Tenths

Thursday – Lesson 4: Writing Hundredths

Friday – Lesson 5: Writing Hundredths

Science – Research how sound travels to the ear.

Science – Research how sound travels to the ear.

LI: To be able to describe how sound travels through a medium to your ear.

Success Criteria (SC)

Which comes first? The smoke or the sound?

Think of a time they might have seen something and then heard it after. Thunder, for instance: Have you ever noticed that thunder sometimes happens more regular and sometimes it is a long time before you hear the noise again? Why?

Watch the clip:

Reading – Goodnight Mister Tom

I have attached a PDF of the book so you can all read this at home. It would be a shame if we did not continue to read this when you are all enjoying it so much. I have also attached a list of daily activities for you to do next week.

Writing – Flashback story

Monday: Watch the following clip:

Read the text the Piano.

Tuesday: Learn the first and second paragraph of the piano and draw a text map.

Wednesday: Learn the third and fourth paragraph and continue the text map.

Thursday: Learn the fifth paragraph and complete the text map.

Friday: Complete the boxing up pattern for the text.


As you know, staying active is essential for your health. Therefore, please find attached some activities that you can do at home to keep you active. Also, don’t forget our street dance/Hip Hop challenge, you could try to master this at home. Here is the web address to the youtube clips we have played in class: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujREEgxEP7g.

Mrs Miller

Week beginning 16/3/2020

What an unexpected week we have had!
We are incredibly proud of the children and their behaviour this week; they have been excellent, especially in regards to the current circumstances. As a result, Mr Holloway gave all children pupil of the week.
This week in writing, we planned and invented our newspaper reports. I have enjoyed reading these over the weekend. Well done class 4.
In Maths, we have finished fractions. It has been wonderful to see so many children grown in confidence with fractions. We also completed a lesson on time.
In science, we have completed an investigation about greenhouse gases and have now started to look at sound and how sound travels.
Unfortunately, I didn’t get to say goodbye to the children. However, I will be updating the blog and google classroom over the next couple of weeks, until my maternity leave officially starts. It will be great to see what the children have been doing. I will be checking google classroom Monday to Friday to see if children have sent any learning from home.
Mrs Miller

Week beginning 9/3/2020

Well done to our pupil of the week who was chosen for his listening skills and his resilience in numeracy.

This week in maths, we have been learning to add and subtract fractions. We are also continuing to practise simplifying fractions.

In Writing, we have started to innovate a newspaper report. We have been writing all about Doodlebugs – V1 flying bombs.

In science, we have been completing an investigation that shows the effects of greenhouse gases on our environment. Next week, we will begin to look at sound and debating if you would see a V1 flying bomb first or if you would hear it first.

In history and computing, we have continued researching all about WW2 and we are preparing posters for our VE Day.

In Music, we have been continuing to learn the Samba drums. We are learning to play tunes together and to follow rhythms.

Thank you to those who came to parents evening. I have created a booklet to support children with multiplying and dividing. This has been handed out with their homework. Please make sure your child shows you the booklet.

Well done to class 4, who took part in the sports relief assembly and performed part of our street dance.

Have Lovely weekend

Mrs Miller