Bronze Maths Badge


At parents evening, a number of parents have been asking, ‘How can I support my child in working towards their bronze maths badge?’

‘Hit the Button’ is a fun way for children to practice their times tables at home, whilst also developing their speed, accuracy and confidence.

Hit the Button

There are lots of other free and enjoyable, age appropriate maths games on the ‘Top Marks’ website.

Have a go today!

Miss Kelly

Maths Leader

RE Class 4 – Autumn 1

Incarnation/God: What is the Trinity?

Your child will be learning to:

  • Identify John 1 as part of a ‘Gospel’, noting some differences between John and the other Gospels.
  • Offer suggestions for what texts about God might mean.
  • Give examples of what the texts studied mean to some Christians.
  • Describe how Christians show their beliefs about God the Trinity in the way they live.
  • Make links between some of the texts and teachings about God in the Bible and what people believe about God in the world today, expressing some ideas of their own clearly.