Week beginning:10/6/19

Well done to our pupil of the week, who was chosen for applying taught skills in new writing.

This week in writing, we completed our boxing up patter for our chosen text and begun to innovate the text.

In maths we have begun to learn about measure. We have been looking at how scales can go up in different amounts and how sometimes the tallest jar does not always have the largest capacity.

In topic we have been learning how to find 12 famous rivers using a map.

In science we have been completing our changing states investigations.

We were very lucky to have a visitor come in last week, who talked to the class about the importance of not wasting water.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Miller

Week beginning 3/6/19

What a wonderful start back after half term.

Well done to our pupil of the week who was chosen for her resilience and hard work in her science.

The children took part in an immersion day where they explored rivers. They thought about questions they would like to find out, they shared what they knew, discussed bigger issues to do with some countries having a lack of water and found information using the chrome books.

We also had a recap in gymnastics. We practised different types of rolls. Some of the children were really pleased with their own personal development within this session.

In maths we completed our final review on money. We have certainly improved!

In writing we have begun our imitation stage. We looked at our focus discussion text and created a text map. We also looked at the language used in the text.

Mrs Miller

Week beginning 20/5/19

Well done to our pupil of the week, who was chosen for their resilience in their writing.

This week, in writing, we have been inventing our own adventure stories. The children have come up with some great ideas.

In Science we have been looking at changing states. We investigated what happens when chocolate is placed over different temperatures of water.

In Maths we have continued to learn about money. We looked at what happens if you shared the cost of an item but one paid 4 times as much as another. See if your child can remember how to do this using a bar model.

In PE we have been creating our own dances. We then put our dances together to create a whole class dance. This was a collaborative dance, invented by your children.

In art we have been looking at Maya mask designs. We painted our masks, and reviewed our original design.

In topic we have been looking at what the Maya and what they eat. We linked this to our science learning.

We hope you have a wonderful half term holiday.

Mrs Miller 

Week beginning 6/5/19

Well done to our pupil of the week, who, was chosen for her wonderful effort and presentation in her RE learning.

This week we have continued to learn about Decimals. We have been looking at writing fractions as decimals and reasoning.

In writing we have started to invent our own stories. They have some wonderful ideas. The children are getting so much better at reflecting on their own writing and improving their spellings using a dictionary.

In PE the children have been creating their own Maya dances. I have heard from Mr Major how great they are and I am looking forward to watching them perform next week.

In RE we have been continuing to focus on parables Jesus told. We discuss different ways Christians support and love thy neighbour. We looked at Charities such as Christian aid and what they do for other people. I shared a charity I am raising money for by running a marathon and they thought of ways they too can love thy neighbour.

In computing we began to create power points about Maya food. We will continue to work on these.

At the end of the week we were so lucky to have a session from Rock Steady.

Three children from the class were chosen to join the band and perform whilst the rest of the class sang and clapped along. All children had huge smiles on their faces.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Miller

Week beginning 29/4/19

This week we have been learning about different states. We learnt that Solids, liquids and gases all have different particle arrangements and properties.

In writing we have been looking at using a range of conjunctions to provide the reader with more information about our own car inventions. We have also been discussing colons and how we can include them in an information text.

In maths we have been learning how to write different fractions as decimals, ordering them and identifying which fractions are bigger and which are smaller.

In topic learning, we have been using the Maya number system to help us to solve problems. We discussed the significance of have 0 as a place value holder.

In dance we have been inventing our own moves to music that might would be played in central america.

We would like to continue our sound investigation from last term. Please could you send your child into school with a small container. Also, we will be getting the children to use Modroc to create a mask. If you would prefer your child to wear an old tshirt, please make sure they have one in their bags.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Miller