Ancient Greek Day!

Class 4 enjoyed a fantastic Ancient Greek day this week, dressed in togas we carried out our very own Olympic Games, featuring a sacrifice to the god Zeus, the ‘Pankration’ wrestling event, a Pentathlon and a chariot race!

Into the Labyrinth!

To launch our first Talk4Writing unit, Class 4 took on the roles of the brave Athenians who were led into the Labyrinth by Prince Theseus! Wearing blindfolds to replicate the darkness, we carefully followed the rope which Theseus unwound, to ensure that we could escape. As the gruesome roar of the Minotaur bellowed across the school field, pupils celebrated Theseus as he slayed the beast and all escaped to safety!

Posted below is a copy of our model text – Theseus & the Minotaur, along with our class story map. Please practice at home if you can!

Year 4, Miss Kelly and I would love to wish you a very happy summer holiday. It was lovely to see those children who have not been in since March, in school this week. You really are a super class and Mr Swain is very lucky to have you next year. The Year 4’s that have been attending school – again what a fantastic group of children you are. Miss Kelly and I were so looking forward to teaching you in the Summer term but the pandemic had other ideas. Please stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all in September. Mrs Kelly & Miss Kelly 🙂

Wednesday 15.07.2020

Please ignore the science lesson that you have on your plan today.
Could you instead write a letter to your new teacher, Mr Swain, telling him all about yourself. Please include the following:

  1. Who you live with at home (brother/sisters).
  2. Your favourite hobbies.
  3. Your favourite author.
  4. Your favourite book.
  5. What you love doing during ‘Golden Time.’
  6. Who your best friends are in the class.
  7. Your pets and their name/s and why you chose those names.
  8. What you are most looking forward to in Year 5.
  9. What you are least looking forward to in Year 5.
  10. The most interesting fact about either yourself or your family.
  11. Anything else you wish to share that you think Mr Swain would love to hear.

Then when you have finished, decorate your page with pictures of your favourite hobbies, books etc. If you are in school, you could give your letter to Mrs Homan and ask her to pass them on to Mr Swain. Everyone else, please upload to Google Classroom and I will forward them to Mr Swain. First impressions count, so make sure you use your best handwriting and spellings 🙂 Thank you. Mrs Kelly & Miss Kelly