Thursday 18th October 3.15-3.45

Egyptian Museum – The children and I would like to invite you to come into the classroom on Thursday for a walk around our Egyptian Museum.  So pick your children up as normal. Once all children are picked up, I will then invite you back in to come and look at some of our learning.

Week beginning: 8/10/18

Congratulation to our pupil of the week who was chosen for her resilience in Mathematics. She was also able to demonstrate confidently how to solve a problem in front of the whole class. Well done!

In Mathematics we have been finding the difference and learning how to subtract. The concrete resources have really helped us grasp the concept.

In writing we have been learning about fronted adverbials and compound sentences. We have been trying to be more creative with how we connect our sentences and how we start our sentences.

In Science we have begun a science investigation. We looked at the effect different drinks can have on our teeth. This involved an egg! – Ask your children to find out more.

I have had a lot of children on the pot of gold this week! Well done to those children who are really making an effort to show they are ready to learn.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Miller

Week beginning: 24/09/18

It was so lovely seeing so many of you attend the church service. The children did so well, especially when the music cut out!

In Maths this week, we have continued to learn about rounding numbers to 10, 100 and 1000.

In Writing we finished our final paragraph for our innovated finding story so we are now ready to start inventing! I can’t wait to hear the ideas the children will come up with.

In PE we went outside for athletics and worked on our jumping skills. The children worked collaboratively together in their houses.

In art we have been continuing our Canopic Jars, I am afraid this is very messy but they are beginning to really take shape. Thank you all for supporting us with the jars and shoe boxes.

In Science we have been learning about our teeth and the importance of looking after them. The children labelled the different types of teeth and discussed the jobs of the different types of teeth. Did you know the Egyptians also cared a great deal about their teeth? Ask your child to explain further.

This week we tested week 4 spellings and the 5 times tables. Next week we are on week 5.  Please see year 4 class page on the school website for all spellings and times tables for this half term.

Have a fun weekend!

Mrs Miller

Week beginning 24/09/18

Well done to our pupil of the week. Who was chosen for demonstrating creativity during her writing.

In writing this week we have started to innovate a finding story. We are using Jack and the Bean stalk as a foundation. The children have had some amazing ideas.

In maths we have been learning all about rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.

In PE we have been looking at controlling our speed when we run and improving our running technique.

In science and history, we learnt about Canopic Jars in more detail. We learnt what organs the Egyptians put in each jar and what head would be protecting each organ.

Please note, I realise that the English homework may have been a little ambitious! I will keep this in mind for the next homework. Remember spellings are on the website and in the back of your child’s English home learning book.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Miller



Week beginning 10/9/18

Congratulations to our pupil of the week who was chosen for her resilience and always demonstrating that she is ready to learn. Well done!

In art this week we started to create our Canopic Jars!

We really enjoyed having the theatre company come into school, they taught us all about TutanKhamun and how his tomb was discovered. We got to role play and act out parts of the story.

In computing we have been learning all about keeping safe.

In Maths we have been continuing to learn about numbers and place value.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Miller



Welcome to class 4

Week beginning: 3/9/18

Welcome back!

Firstly, congratulations to Ella our pupil of the week. Ella has been a super star this week, showing our core values, love and respect and our learning value collaboration. She has been very supportive helping her peers settle into their new (old) class. 

In English this week, we have introduced the children to our first focus book: Jack and the Bean Stalk. This book was chosen because it is a finding story. This week we created picture maps to help us retell the story. See if your child can use the picture map below to retell you the story. 

Talk 4 writing.png

In Maths we have been learning about place value with numbers above 1000. The children have done really well so far. 

We have already got a little bit arty, trying to create a core value display for our classroom. What stories from the bible do you think these pictures might link to? 


In PE we have been learning how to chest pass a ball over a longer distance and we had our very first session with Mr Major.

In RE we discuss stories in the bible and what the meaning of the stories are linking to Jesus. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

Home learning this week: To back your home learning books. Also I have attached Year 4 spellings and timetables for the half term. Please refer to these each week.

Autumn 1 spelling and timestables

Mrs Miller