Week beginning 13/1/20

Well done to our pupil of the week, who was chosen for her amazing poster showing all she had learnt and remembered from our electricity science learning.

This week, we went to Kew Gardens. We were all so impressed by the children’s behaviour. They listened and behaved really well. We learnt so much about all the different plants and fruits in the rainforest and how many things that we use today come from the rainforest.

In Maths, we have continued to learn about multiplying. We have been multiply 3-digit numbers by a 1-digit number.

In Science, we have been learning about the life cycle of a flowering plant and ways we can classify plants.

In computing, we have been creating powerpoints about the rainforest.

In our writing we have been learning how to punctuate speech correctly and then we have been innovating adventure stories.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Miller

Week beginning 5/1/2020

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely Christmas. Thank you all for our lovely presents, we felt truly spoilt.

We have already learnt so much. The first day back, we took part in an immersion day. We learnt about different animals and plants living in a rain forest. We researched the different plants and learnt how to sort animals into a Venn and Carroll diagram.

In science, we came up with our own categories for sorting different living things and learnt new words such as Vertebrates, Invertebrates, mammals, reptiles and much more.

In Writing, we have begun our new text The Ring of Fire. We compared it to another adventure story by looking at the sequence of events and the key features.

In Maths, we have been learning key vocabulary such as commutative and discussed how we can multiply 3 numbers together.

In PE we have begun our cricket lessons with Mr Major and will be starting handball with Mrs Miller next week.

Home learning was given out on Thursday. Please ensure this is back in on Monday, in time for English home learning to be sent out.

Mr Croutear, will soon be putting the class spellings and times tables onto the class page. Please make sure your child is practising these at home.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Miller

Week beginning: 9/12/19

Well do to our pupils of the week, who were chosen for their resilience in their times tables. It is clear to see how much they are practising them at home.

This week in Science we have been investigating if electricity can flow through other things than just a wire. We learnt that electricity flows through metal materials because they are conductors but not through materials like plastic because they are insulators.

In English, we have begun to innovate our non-chronological report. We are now writing about the Tower Bridge. Next week, we will invent our own non-chronological report about our own chosen significant building.

We had a great trip to St Georges church, the children made their own stables out of lolly sticks and learnt about the creation story. We also cut out Christmas cards to help remember what Christmas was all about.

We have been practising lots for the nativity, this year’s should be a real treat.

In maths, we have continued to solve problems involving multiplying and dividing.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Miller

Well done to our pupil of the week, who was chosen for his communication skills and team work when helping others in their numeracy learning.

This week we had ECO day. The children learnt about water and how some countries are less fortunate. They drink dirty water and need to walk for miles to get it. We challenges ourselves to walk a mile around the playground then once back carrying water.

In Art, we have continued to paint our impressionist city scapes. They are looking really good.

In writing, we have started to look at non-chronological reports. We are learning our new text: A guide to chocolate. We were hooked in by taking part in lots of activities linked to chocolate. We are hoping to try some at some point in the final week (Please let us know if you have any concerns over this or your child has any allergies that we are not already aware of).

In Maths, we have continued to learn about solving multiplication and division number problems.

Week beginning: 25/11/19

Well done to our pupil of the week, who was chosen for her wonderful participation in our Diwali workshops.

In RE/PE, children took part in an Indian style dance. They acted and danced the story of Rama and Sita. I was amazed at some of the wonderful ideas the children came up with.

In maths, we have been continuing learning about multiplication and division. We have been learning about key vocabulary: Dividend, Divisor and quotient.

In writing, we have been planning and inventing our own playful poems about London. They have come up with some beautiful ideas.

In PSHE, we have been celebrating differences and discussing how certain comments can make people feel a certain way. Beautiful people are beautiful only by how they behave. A good person is a beautiful person.

In Art, we have been learning about impressionists and have been looking at the art work on Ton Schulten. We can not wait to begin creating our own pieces of art.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Miller