Rocket Launching!

Class 5 enjoyed an afternoon of ‘rocket-testing’ today as we we launched the bottle-rockets which we made yesterday. After a demonstration last week, pupils were challenged to design and make the best-looking rocket and the rocket which stayed in the air for the longest. We had great fun watching them being propelled into the air above the KS1 playground, along with quite a few bystanders along Wick Lane! Only one escaped the school grounds (which Mrs Poulter popped out to rescue), although our testing was brought to an end when ‘Super-Rocket’ landed on the school roof!


Arts Week: 6th June-9th June


Arts Week Letter 2017 (1)

We welcome any resources you may have at home that you think may be useful during our arts week. Please send your child with a carrier bag with any of the items listed below. They can give these directly to their class teacher anytime this week.

Elastic bands, Bottle tops, Cardboard/ cardboard boxes, Newspaper, Empty Pringle tins, Cotton Wool, Sequins/ buttons, Chalk, Wall paper and wrapping paper, Biscuit tins, Feathers Felt, small drawstring wash bag used for washing tablets,  Foil,  Old CD’s, Canvas, Bubble wrap, Yoghurt pots and milk cartons.