Class 5 Home Learning Project

Attached below are the instructions for your ‘Black Gold’ half-term project!




Here are the Ordnance Survey symbols which we learnt about in class – use this document to hep you with your map:


Ordnance Survey Flashcards


If you need help with remembering how to use grid references, look at the following document:


Grid References


If you would like to write a newspaper report on the oil discovery, here is the newspaper template you are used to using:


Newspaper Paper

‘Black Gold’ in Fawley!

As we continue with our ‘Black Gold’ topic, Class 5 learnt more about the Fawley oil refinery, considering the physical and human geographical features which make it a suitable location for a refinery. We also had great fun studying the Ordnance Survey maps of the area, learning about the different symbols used to represent key features, as well as how to read 4 and 6 digit grid references!



In Maths this week, we have been improving our multiplication skills, making excellent use of the base 10 and digit counter resources. This has really helped us to understand what we are actually doing when we multiply numbers together!