Netball Contest!

To immerse themselves in their new Talk4Writing model text, ‘A Rival for Rachel’, Class 5 carried out a netball contest, with houses competing against each other in a timed shoot-out! The story is about a girl called Rachel who is experiencing a troubled time, and loses her temper on the netball court when a new girl joins and steals the show. Our own netball contest saw us experience many of the feelings and emotions (excitement, competitiveness, disappointment, frustration) which are portrayed by characters in the story, which will really help us as we focus on the writing skills of characterisation and dialogue.

Catch the Celts!

To launch our new project ‘Gladiators….Ready!’ (a study of Roman Britain), Class 5 played a new game called ‘Catch the Celts’. Pupils were either Romans, or one of three Celtic tribes, with the objective of capturing each other (by taking a tag) and imprisoning the enemy in the base-camp. It was a terrific afternoon, with pupils developing their attack and defence strategies. In the end, the Roman were victorious (just as Julius Caesar’s invasion force of 54BC was).

Excitable Edgar!

We have enjoyed getting to know the story of Excitable Edgar this week as a stimulus for our final Talk4Writing unit of 2019. Based on the fantastic John Lewis/Waitrose Christmas advert, we have a very festive looking classroom, thanks to our local Waitrose store. They donated lots of Edgar materials and bags of popcorn which the class enjoyed this morning, whilst watching previous John Lewis adverts. We discussed the themes of the adverts and how they are likely to influence people.

Talk4Writing Performance

Last week, Class 5 enjoyed performing their model text (Should Daleks be allowed to live on Earth?) to Class 4! After working on our understanding of how to write a good discussion text, we then finished the unit by producing some fantastic hot tasks, based on the very important question: ‘Should single-use plastics be banned?’


In our spelling workshop this week, we created a word web using the word ‘ telephone’ and generated several new words. These are the words for our next dictation:










Dalek Attack

There was great drama in Class 5 this morning, as a Dalek burst into the room and exterminated all of the adults! Luckily, Mr Holloway was on hand and able to act in his role of Associate Timelord (to Doctor Who), unleashing the power of the Sonic Screwdriver to vanquish the fiendish Dalek and re-generate the prone adults! Pupils were then introduced to their new Talk4Writing model text – ‘Should the Daleks be allowed to live on Earth?’ (a discussion text). Certainly a memorable Monday morning!