Ancient Greek Gods – Marketplace

To gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the Ancient Greek gods and goddesses, and how they impacted Greek culture, Class 5 carried out a ‘Marketplace’ activity this week. Each group had the responsibility of becoming experts on one of four gods (Zeus, Hades, Aphrodite or Poseidon), they then had to create a learning poster (using no more than 10 words), before going into the marketplace to be taught about the other three gods. It was great to see how well the pupils collaborated and as a result, they did really well in the quiz at the end of the afternoon.

Ancient Greek Day!

Class 5 had a terrific day on Wednesday, as we officially launched our new project: ‘It’s All Greek To Me!’. The costumes were fantastic as we dodged the rain showers to hold our own Ancient Greek Olympic Games during the morning (featuring the sacrificial slaughter of a lamb as a gift to the gods, the Pankration, the Pentathlon and finally an exciting chariot race). In the afternoon, we enjoyed drama and storytelling from Tony & Michelle from State of Play. It was a memorable day and we are looking forward to the rest of our learning about the Ancient Greeks!


In our spelling workshop this week, we looked at words with -ible and -able endings. Here is the list for Monday’s dictation: