Friday 23rd October

As I write, children have just returned home for a well deserved break. They have worked really hard over the last seven weeks and deserve the rest.

Last week Archie was recognised as pupil of the week for his hard work across all areas and this week a huge well done to Hannah who was one of a number of children to produced some great writing. Look forward to Monday week and seeing them after the half term!

Sunday 11th October

Loving teaching Year 5 at the moment. They work so well together and it gives me such great hope for the future generation of adults. Pupil of the week is so difficult because they all deserve recognition for their learning attitudes. However, this week it has been Daisy for all round effort and super work in P.E; great running and first girl home in the 2.6 mile challenge. Jaime has also been super speedy in class work the previous week so she is pupil of the week too. Her maths journaling was excellent. Looking forward to next week now and can’t wait to read their published robbery stories tomorrow!

Friday 25th September

This week we have been rounding in maths. Children have also written the robbery scene from Oliver in English. Next week we will be innovating this scene and improving! Pupil of the Week for the last two weeks were Hattie and Chloe. They have been fantastic in so many ways. All the children in the class have been brilliant so far and all deserve recognition for their efforts. We had Golden Time this afternoon and some put on a play. Photo below!

Thursday 17th October

Children have worked so hard this week on a number of things. We have been unpicking the character of Fagin from ‘Oliver’ and we have also been outside making the most of the weather by tring to identify various trees from their leaves and bark. Children continue to work on place value in maths too! Some photos of them at work below!

Thursday 10th September

It was great to see the children back this week. We have commenced with place value work in maths and our English is currently based around ‘Oliver Twist’ Next week, homework will commence on Google Classroom as during the lockdown period. A curriculum newsletter will be posted at the end of the week to explain more. Anyway, all the children seem to be happy and confident in class and I am more than pleased by they way they have returned to school, well done class!