Our spellings are particularly challenging this week! We have been focusing on morphemes and these complex multi-morpheme words will be a real test!






Brilliant Beginning – Oil Disaster!

To launch our new Talk4Writing unit, which is based on newspaper recounts of an oil disaster, Class 5 found out just how much damage can be done to wildlife when there is an oil slick at sea. We created ‘the sea’ using water and food colouring, then added a layer of vegetable oil. By dipping in feathers, we saw first-hand how awful such events are for birdlife.

‘Hektanium’ discovered at Priory School!

Class 5 made another interesting discovery in the school grounds this week, as they learned that the builders had found a strange, sticky yellow substance whilst digging the foundations for our new classroom. We observed a hole in the soil which was filled with this strange ‘slime’. Mrs Colbeck extracted a sample of it and we then put on our rubber gloves back in class to further examine the discovery. Interestingly, the substance changed from its luminous yellow colour to a browny/green – some pupils speculated that this could have been due to a temperature change, as the substance was extremely cold whilst in the ground.

The class were then informed that the discovery was in fact a type of fossil fuel called ‘Hektanium’, which has previously only been discovered in a forest in Norway. It is believed to be formed after the decomposed remains of certain creatures are covered with sediment and subjected to pressure and heat. All became clear as Class 5 were then introduced to their new model text – ‘Hektanium – The Changemaker’s Game-Changer?’

Fishbourne Roman Palace

Class 5 enjoyed a fantastic visit to Fishbourne Roman Palace & Gardens on Tuesday. We learnt about how this fascinating site was uncovered by archaeologists in the 1960s – in its heyday it was the largest palace built by the Romans north of Rome itself. We took part in a hands-on workshop doing many of the everyday activities which Roman would have done, as well as exploring the main museum, the incredible mosaics and the gardens in the glorious winter sunshine.