Friday 20th May

Well done Year 6 for completing a challenging week with a grin on your faces. I am so proud of your efforts and I hope you enjoyed the day to Hengistbury this afternoon. We now have the play and Kingswood to look forward to as well as sports days, school visits and other bits and bobs!

Homework for the next few weeks is to learn lines and words to songs, good luck! Attached hopefully, if I can get the ICT right, are a few pictures from our trip today.

Handstands yet again!
I think I was beaten to the ball!

Wednesday 8th May

I hope you had a great bank holiday weekend. This week is a mix of RE, PE Science and final revision for SATs next week. Hopefully the beginning of term class letter will be with you shortly and I remind you children can come into school early next week from Monday to Thursday for a light breakfast. I am really pleased how things are going in class in terms of SATs prep. The children have done really well and I wish them the best of luck next week.

Tuesday 2nd April

This term has really flown. I hope you have a great spring break and your children have time for some quality rest and relaxation. Hopefully we will see you at the Gala Concert tomorrow night or the service on Friday Morning. When your child has a moment, please ask them to look at the revision page I posted in January. There is no need to look at areas where they are confident but it may be of help in areas of weakness. Should your child wish, they could keep a diary for a few days over the holiday, if so I will give them time to publish this in their writing portfolio when they return. I have been really pleased with their progress this term, well done Class 6.

Wednesday 27th March

Children have been working on maps this week and researching different scientists and their opinions on inheritance and evolution. They have also been undertaking the last set of formal papers prior to SATS in May. They will be bringing home these papers prior to the end of term for you to look at with them should you wish. I have been really pleased with the progress children have made over the year. They have worked really hard, a huge well done. I remind you to encourage your child to look at my post from January regarding revision. It is a good idea for children to have a little look over the holidays! We hope to see you at the end of term for the Easter service.

Wednesday 20th March

This week we are looking at ratio in mathematics and comparing different quantities. We are also publishing stories. I remind you of links earlier in the blog to SATs revision and this would be a good thing to catch up with over the Easter break. I also remind you that we have extended SATs club at 8.15 on Wednesday morning to children who would like extra support with spelling.

In music we are singing songs and performing to the theme of ‘The Scottish Play.’ Next week we will be designing maps of Christchurch and identifying what is important to the children. These maps may well be used for geographical research on a larger scale.