Wednesday 14th November

This week we are moving on to fractions in mathematics. Children have just been learning about factors, multiples and prime numbers which you will see in their homework. In science children investigated the link between voltage and the brightness of a bulb. Next week they will be investigating their own ideas. I have attached photos of them hard at work.

Next week we will be undertaking assessments in English and maths so expect some of their papers coming home soon.

Wednesday 7th November

This week we are looking at multiples before moving on to factors and prime numbers. In English we have started to learn ‘The Highwayman.’ Please encourage your child to try to learn this poem, as we will perform this play at Beaulieu in December. In our science work we are looking at electricity. Next week we are looking at the effect of batteries on bulbs/motors/buzzers. If your child has a working battery, I ask they bring it in. It would be good to test a fair range.

Thursday 1st November

I hope children had a lovely half-term. In maths we will shortly be finishing our division unit. Children have found this particularly challenging, often due to their  tables speed. Please could you encourage your child to practise these regularly so they can use them with greater pace.

A Class 6 newsletter will come out shortly with details of events this half of term.The key date is the 5th December; children will be at Beaulieu for the day in role as Victorians. more details to follow.

Thursday 18th October

What a way to finish the half term. Within the last week we have had some beautiful writing being produced. Children have written newspaper reports and this morning they read out some beautiful settings they had written. Over the last few weeks children have been investigating light in science lessons and I will add a few photos of them at work. Over half term please encourage your child to read and complete their reading diaries. Also to try and ensure they know how to spell the Year 5/6 high frequency words. Rehearsing their time tables is also a good idea. I hope you have a great half term.

Wednesday 10th October

Another busy week and children have been drafting their writing ready for publishing on Friday. I have been impressed by their work so far. The editing is tomorrow and children find this challenging. If they were to bring their work home please support them with this. Next week children will be devising their own science experiment. Please allow them to bring in a torch if possible. I look forward to seeing you all at parents evenings on Monday and Tuesday.