Bronze Maths Badge


At parents evening, a number of parents have been asking, ‘How can I support my child in working towards their bronze maths badge?’

‘Hit the Button’ is a fun way for children to practice their times tables at home, whilst also developing their speed, accuracy and confidence.

Hit the Button

There are lots of other free and enjoyable, age appropriate maths games on the ‘Top Marks’ website.

Have a go today!

Miss Kelly

Maths Leader

Tuesday 10th October

Children are currently in the process of writing Newspaper reports in class and we are going through a SATS practise reading paper they did last week. Children should have already brought home two maths papers and they will be bringing home the reading paper over the course of this week. Well done to those children who have gone through these already and also a huge well done to those who have completed their papers at home to catch up whilst they were away.

Over the next few weeks children are undertaking their half-term home project on the Victorians. They could do some research, make a model etc. Please avoid PowerPoints, as we need to be able to exhibit the projects in the hall when they have been completed. If you have any questions please ask; it is nice this time that children have a fair scope for choice.

RE Class 6 – Autumn 1

Incarnation:  Was Jesus the Messiah?

Your child will be learning to:

  • Explain connections between biblical texts and the idea of Jesus as Messiah, using theological terms.
  • Make clear connections between the texts and what Christians believe about Jesus as Messiah; for example, how they celebrate Palm Sunday.
  • Show how Christians express their beliefs about Jesus as Prince of Peace and as one who transforms lives, through bringing peace and transformation in the world.
  • Weigh up how far the world needs a Messiah, expressing their own insights.

Wednesday 4th October

Thank you to the many who came to our SATs evening last night. I was delighted at the turnout and your enthusiasm for the maths quiz!

I  attach the Year 6 recommended book list and the Y5/6 spellings children need to know and use in their writing. I will also let you know when children will be bringing home papers for you to go through with them.