Tuesday 17th April

Welcome back to the summer term and let the good weather commence! Children will be having tag rugby on a Monday afternoon and Summer Games on a Friday this term. A letter will arrive home today with information about SATS and a trip to Hengistbury Head that follows. A further letter will appear shortly regarding topics for the term.

Monday 26th March

We had a very busy week last week. Firstly, we had a visit from OFSTED. The children were a real asset to the school, speaking eloquently and working diligently in class, well done children! Secondly we took part in Sports Relief on Friday. Children had great fun skipping in the afternoon (see photos). This week children will be bringing homework home. They will also have the chance to bring home another previous SATs paper to go through. Please keep your eye on our page over the next week, I will be placing a file with useful websites/activities for children to look at over half term should they wish in prep for SATS. Have a

great half term!

Monday 19th March

This afternoon we visited The Priory Church and the children spent time searching for various artifacts and carvings from the clues provided. The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit and it made me realise how much we overlook this wonderful resource on our own doorstep.

This evening children will have come home with new homework books. We would like them covered with wrapping paper, or similar, to personalise them to their own specifications. Next Monday I will be sending them home with a reading comprehension and spelling list.

As mentioned on twitter, children have done really well in their recent assessments and I will be sending home one of their reasoning papers tomorrow. Well done children!

Monday 12th March

We have just completed English and Maths assessments and children will shortly be receiving their papers to bring home. They have worked really hard and I was delighted at their work ethic throughout the week. Today we visited Druit gardens to make drawings and observations of leaves/trees. Next Monday we will be visiting the Priory Church in the afternoon to enhance our knowledge of local history. No doubt you may have heard that the fire alarm sounded to day. Children evacuated the building speedily and safely, well done Children! I did post a message last week but for some reason it does not show on our page?

Monday 27th February

Last week we have started our maths unit on algebra and in music children learnt a few chords on the ukulele. Our class band have also learnt a couple of songs to play and we also sang to the rest of the school- a very musical week!

A reminder that homework is due in this Thursday in preparation for our exhibition on Friday. I have already witnessed some lovely work, thanks for supporting your child with their projects. Next week we will be undertaking some further assessments in English and maths and in a couple of weeks children will be able to bring their papers home to go through any individual weaknesses. Please also help your child to brush up on their tables to help them answer questions with more speed.