Class 6

W/C 12.7.21

Happy arts week! This week, the children have been completing Olympic based art which has been phenomenal – thank you Mrs C. As well as this, the children published their yearbooks which look beautiful and am looking forward to handing them out the children.

The leavers service prep is in full swing and the children are really looking forward to sharing it with you on Monday – the children must come in looking smart in and their school shoes (no white trainers please)

Learners of the week:

William F and Sienna for brilliant creativity and for showing responsibility this week

Next week is the last week for achieve bronze, silver & gold certificates for the reading challenge – please make sure you bring reading challenges in on Monday and Wednesday.
An extra bag needs to be brought in on Wednesday as the children will be clearing out their trays and bring old books home.

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday.

Class 6

W/C 5.7.21

Class 6 have had quite a week. Not only did they perform the show twice, England won the semi-final and we cycled to Hengistbury Head. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves – we played Mr Ruffle’s favourite game, Danish longball and built sandcastles. Just sports day to go!

Learners of the week this week…
The whole of year 6 for a smashing performance!

We are all really looking forward to a well deserved rest at the weekend.

Remember, reading challenges and home learning in on Monday.

Class 6

W/C 28.6.21

This week has been a little bit of rollercoaster but the children have coped with resilience and maturity.

Monday and Tuesday were both great days. We started our PSHE unit Changing me, talking about growing up and how to deal with certain challenges that will come our way. Class 6 acted with maturity and felt secure and safe to ask any questions they wanted to – thank you. The show must go on! Over these two days, Class 6 completed a full dress rehearsal, it was brilliant to see all their costumes. Thank you so much adults at home for enabling this to be a success.

From Wednesday, I have been working from home. Luckily, technology has been on our side and I have been able to continue teaching the children PSHE this week – were they so good. A huge thank you goes out to Mrs Miller, Mrs Kelly, Mrs Poulter, Mrs Gwynn Mrs Colebeck and Mr Major for holding the fort in Year 6. Another thank you to Mr Ruffle to enabling all this to happen – I am sure the children are extremely grateful for you all too.

Today, the children performed to Year 3 and I was also placed on a chair in the hall.

Mrs Kelly chose Lily-Rose for Class 6 learner of the week this week for her progress as Alakazam. She has used fantastic creativity during this whole process and we are incredibly proud. Well done.

Reading Challenges in on Monday please, all signed by your adults at home. I am hoping to give out more certificates.
Make sure you rest up this weekend, you have two late nights next week with the show
Give yourself a huge pat of the back for working so hard this week – well done.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Field.

Class 6

W/C 22.6.21

Our first week back from PGL has gone well. We have been rehearsing Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits – without scripts – and have made the tickets for you all.

This week, we have recapped parts of a plant and lifecycles of mammals, amphibians and reptiles. The children dissected a flower which was pretty exciting too!

Not only have we worked hard with our Science this week but we have also learnt alot about the Benin Kingdom and made an animal tile as a gift for the gods.

This weeks learners of the week are:

Jewells and Jay for always helpful and kind to other in the school and for getting into character well.

Have a super weekend everyone and remember to bring in your Reading Challenges on Monday!

Class 6

W/C 14.6.21

Class 6 have had quite a week! PGL was awesome and we are all home, unpacked and ready for a well deserved rest.

The team had a brilliant time and we hope the children did too – get ready to here all about their adventure.

More updates are on Twitter: just search the handle > @PrioryCEPrimary

See you all on Monday!

Class 6

W/C 7.6.21

Welcome back to all of you!

Class 6 have been super busy this week. We have started our Year 6 production prep which is so exciting – the children have all been brilliant.

Apart from the show, we have started our new History topic about The Benin Kingdom and learnt about their sculptures. Within the next few weeks, the children will be making their own Benin Masks or sculptures with clay which will be great!

Learner of the week this week is for Sonny for getting into character as one of the palace guards and for bringing in so many props – such a team player.

A couple of reminders:

Make sure you have lots of rest this weekend in readiness for PGL
Please make sure Reading Challenges are brought in on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and see you at 11am on Monday!

Admin, Class 6

W/C 24th May 2021

And just like that, Miss Field SATS are over – HURRAH.

The children have worked their socks off this week and we are all so proud of them. They could not contain their excitement to do a run through of the End of Year Production – they should have brought their scripts home to practise over the half-term. When they come back after their rest, there will be lots of singing and dancing – we cannot wait to get stuck in!

To congratulate the children for their hard work this week, we watched a movie with popcorn – it was such a lovely way to unwind.

Learner of the week went to all of class 6 for trying to achieve their personal best in their assessments.

Please make sure you have a rest over the break. The children know that they need to start learning their lines too – happy reading.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support so far this year!

Class 6

W/C 17.5.21

We have had quite a week in Class 6. We have completed our Maths No Problem book and are ready for ‘Miss Field SATS’ next week. When we come back from half term, we will be revising the concepts that we have found challenging throughout the year. In English, we have been busy bees. We have research, planned and written a non-chronological report about WW2 – we were able to research topics of our choice. We also wrote a newspaper article about David and Tucky’s adventure. As well as our writing, we have finished the book Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo. Some of the children have said:

“The book is very intriguing”, “Friend or Foe shares some good messages, for example: help others in need not worrying about our difference” and “Michael Morpurgo drags you into the book”

We completed a market place in History this week and researched places in the New Forest that used during WW2: Hurst Castle, Lepe Beach, Holsmley Airfield and Ashley bombing range.

We are ready to acheive our personal bests next week!

Gentle reminder:
Reading Challenges need to be brought in on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Please make sure you all bring in your Reading Challenges on Monday!
Rest well!

Class 6

W/C 10.5.21

What a jam-packed week Class 6 have had! We started and finished our learning on negative numbers – lots of problem solving took place. This week, we also started our new English unit based on the Michael Morpurgo book Friend or Foe. More learning took place about The Blitz but this time, more of a local study as we investigated The Blitz in Southampton and made an information page about it.

Learner of the Week this is goes to Lily-Rose who showed confidence and passion when giving her House Captain speech – very well done.

Stars of the week:

Calon for really applying yourself to your learning and working hard

Ella for some superb maths problem solving – well done!

You will see that your child has brought home a Reading Challenge – this is for them to log their reading each time they read. The expectation is that your child reads at least 4 times in the week; this can include Reading Plus but needs to be logged.

The points are so follows:

Bronze: 20 points

Silver: 30 points

Gold: 50 points

There are enough days left in this school year for your child to earn gold – how exciting.

A note from Head Boy and Head Girl:

Thank you to all the children who wrote on the Student Shout out board, new boards will be made in readiness for Monday. We hope you enjoy them – stay kind!