Class 6

Christmas decorations

Hi all,

On Friday, the children will be making their very own Christmas decoration using circuits. They have planned this is groups and have said what they would be able to bring in. Would these materials be able to come into school by Thursday?

Thank you for your continued support,

Class 6.

Class 6

Stranger danger

Good afternoon all,

This afternoon, Class 6 discussed Stranger Danger and who a stranger might be. They were very good and we established who our safe adults are: policemen, firemen, doctors or teachers. We also established a safer place: leisure centres, schools, supermarkets and shops. Some children may come home feeling worried/scared about what could happen when approached by a stranger.

Please reassure them that it is rare and it is important for them to know how to react.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Field.

Class 6

Year 6 Learners of the week

Wow, what a week it has been. Class 6 faced some challenges in Maths with both short and long division – it was tricky. The children worked hard and used problem solving and resilience when tackling these problems.

The learners of the week this week are:

Immy for super motivation to do your best and for showing your passion for learning, completing extra work at home.

Lily – Rose for just loving maths and building her confidence. She always tries her absolute hardest in all that she does.

Last week, we are unable to do Learner of the week so they were announced today also.

Gigi for incredible resilience in her spellings and her sheer motivation to do her best.

Well done team!

Class 6

Year 6 Stars of the week

Year 6 worked incredibly hard this week and have impressed me with their efforts. Two children have been awarded star of the week this week:

Jay, for excellent resilience and motivation with your spellings and English work.

Callum for fantastic motivation and learning attitude when writing your buddy a letter. I’m so proud of you both!

Class 6

Buddy letters

Class 6 have been eagerly anticipating meeting their Year R buddies. Today, they met each other during our Learners of the Week worship which was so lovely. As well as ‘meeting’ each other, Class 6 have written their buddy a little letter to tell them a little bit about themselves and the school – we really hope they enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them.

Class 6

Class 6

Class 6 have had a great week and have been working on positive learning attitudes. In English, we have continued with our Wonder writing, the children started to plan their big write which is very exciting.

In Maths, we have been working hard with the four operations which has been a little challenging but the class have remained resilient and motivated to learn.

Geography was brilliant this week, we spoke about settlers and a lot of the children compared this with Minecraft – so they were very enthusiastic.

We have spoken about home learning and inputting answers on google forms – the children should be able to relay this message to you.

Thank you all for your continued support and have a fabulous weekend!

Class 6 team!

Class 6

Learner of the week 25.9.20

Wow! Class 6 have been working so hard this week, especially in Maths. We have been tackling some really complex questions involving the four operations and touching on BIDMAS. Our Learner of the week went out with a small group of children and used her enthusiasm and brilliant communication skills to help them understand a tricky concept.

Well done Cece for motivating your peers, I think Mrs Clapcott learnt something new too – superstar. Well done!

Class 6


Hi all,

I know this may feel a little early but due to COVID restrictions, we may be unable to meet at the moment to discuss SATS. Therefore, please find attached a presentation about Reading, Maths, SPAG and writing. At the moment, SATS are still in line to take place in May and the adults at The Priory will be doing everything to ensure your child feels confident and secure.

Any problems,