Year 6 Book Club

Hi all, Mrs Miles has organised a Year 6 Zoom meeting at 3pm each Wednesday for children to discuss books/catch up with each other. The idea is to introduce others to a book they recommend and read a short piece to each other. If you are interested in joining the group please contact Mrs Miles on Sounds a great way to catch up!

Learning – Wednesday 1st April

Spring at last! It seems to have been a long winter. Let’s hope we can get out in the garden a little bit more soon, would be nice to to work outside! Anyway, attached is today’s learning. I am aware you may be grappling with the maths a bit, so I will be posting some alternative maths should you wish a change from MNP. Remember to do what you can and look at the answers to help you work out how they arrived at the answer.

Alternative Maths

Hi All, I have attached some additional daily maths lessons should you wish variation or if you are struggling with some of the workbook problems. I would still like you to have a go at the MNP but understand if you are finding it too difficult! I have added a week of lessons here and will add more in a couple of weeks! I will add these on the classroom too.

Monday 30th March

The amazing Mrs Clapcott has done a lesson on Walt Disney and information leaflets. Have a look at the link below and maybe have a go. Rembember to send any interesting photos to help desk!