Tuesday 10th July

What a busy time! Children have performed the dress rehearsal to the school and tonight is their first full performance. Please drop your child off at school by 5.45pm this evening and on Thursday. Prior to the shows there will be a slide show of Kingswood photos for you to enjoy. After the show we ask that you wait for your child to change and then collect them from the Y6 classroom. We expect the show to finish around 8pm

School reports should be out by the end of the week which will hopefully include their SATs results.

Tuesday 26th June

I cant believe it was only a week ago we were on the Isle of Wight. The children were excellent during their week away. The instructors commented on how good they were and praised their teamwork and enthusiasm. Personally it was lovely to see so many children thrive in areas outside the regular curriculum.

We are now rehearsing our dances, songs and drama for the school play. Please support the children with their lines. Originally we wanted costumes in for this week, but could you please now bring them in for next Monday.

Children missed their Twynham trip this morning due to technical issues. They will now be going there this Thursday and Friday morning.

Shortly a letter will be issued regarding the play tickets and pricing. Ticket sales will start next week.

Thursday 21st June

Lovely weather yesterday. Zion set a new record and was the quickest ever to scale the climbing wall. I think he was in a hurry to get to lunch! Maddie and Pimms managed to get to the top of Jacobs ladder which I have never seen before too. Unfortunately I am running out of data so tweets will probably cease shortly. Today we are doing the balance beam, bottle rockets and rock pooling at the beach.

Wednesday 20th June

Yesterday was an action packed day, with nightline, climbing and bushcraft on offer. Today we are fencing, playing field games and doing some archery among other activities. We are also involved in “Trail of Mystery” tonight.

Apart from Mrs Sibbald, who was homesick, children slept well and through the night. This morning I traded my bacon for hash browns with Ruby M, so a good start to the day. Room inspection is about to begin before activities and I am keeping my fingers crossed before opening the door to the boys’ rooms! Photos to follow!

Tuesday 19th June

We all had a very good sleep last night! Children all settled down quickly and have experienced their first two activities at Kingswood. No disasters to report so far and there was a sea of beaming smiles this morning as we headed for breakfast! Mrs Sibbald is doing her best to avoid any oranges, but looking at some of the fake tans from the Essex schools she will be ‘hard pressed’ to avoid them!
We arrived later than expected on Monday due to a road traffic incident and the subsequent delay of the coach picking us up. We then had to experience the usual wailing of children (they call it singing) on the coach to Kingswood. I think we need Mrs Moss to help! Following this, groups experienced some Problem Solving, Volleyball and the Mini-Olympics. This morning we are off to Bushcraft – children think this is a bushtucker challenge. We are also fencing at some point – children think they will be putting up fence panels. I don’t know who tells them all this rubbish.
Please keep an eye on Twitter, posts will occasionally appear there. We are experiencing some technical difficulties with the IT at Kingswood, so I am working on adding photos when I can on this site.