Tuesday 6th February

We are winding up to the end of the first half of term and it has flown by! For our half term homework, children are expected to make a model of a building or structure that would have appeared in Christchurch in the middle ages. This could form part of the motte and bailey castle or the early Priory, children could consider what they might need in the bailey e.g. blacksmith, lords’ house etc. We will discuss this in class so they don’t all make the same thing! The idea is to make a mini village/model of the area at the time. Please encourage your child to crack on with their reading and completing the MyMaths  booster packs over half term. Also remember the Collins revision booklets if these were purchased earlier in the year.

Sunday 28th January

Another busy week has just past. Tomorrow prefects and our Headboy and Headgirl will be representing the school at the Holocaust memorial. Hopefully they brought a letter home Friday. Our house Captains and Vice Captains will be hosting a ‘House Worship’ on Tuesday to encourage their teams. We have the house ‘tug of war’ coming soon and I am sure there will be more competitions to follow. We also have a few children from the class taking part in the ‘Class Band.’ Personally I am finding it a lot of fun, although I am not sure I agree with their taste in music!

I have set up all the ‘booster activities’ on MyMaths for children to do, There are around 50 tasks for them to do and I hoe they can be encouraged to do these over the next couple of months. I have reminded children of their passwords, should they have forgotten too!

Sunday 21st January

Children have been planning and writing a story based on a video clip ‘The Present.’ I have been delighted at the quality of their work in their writing and I look forward to reading their published work next week. Tomorrow I hope we are able to visit Christchurch on a ‘History Trail,’ fingers crossed as we have had to cancel once already due to weather!

Children have enjoyed dance over the week and those who were not attending the highly successful swimming gala, loved using the apparatus in the hall during P.E.

I remind you to keep practising times tables at home. A few children have achieved badges for their efforts against the clock and I would like more to achieve this!