Wednesday 16th January

Not a lot of news this week. Thank you to Mrs Reynolds and Mrs Ross who supported us on our trip around the town. Christchurch is an amazing historical resource and it is right on our doorstep! Unfortunately we had an IPad malfunction on route so no photos this time. In mathematics we continue to work with decimals and next week we are moving onto the multiplication and division of decimals. In English we have just published our first piece of writing based on a short video ‘The Piano.’ I am looking forward to reading these. In science children are getting involved with classification and designing their own Zoo layout.

Wednesday 9th January

Welcome back to the new term, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. On behalf of all in the Y6 team, thank you for the kind gifts.

Homework will commence tomorrow and I am also posting a BBC Bitesize revision programme I have constructed for children to follow each week up to SATS in May. There is a link of activities or revision guides for children to follow each week which will help them be better prepared.

There is also a link to ixl which is a super resource that children can follow should they wish.Revision KS2Revision KS2

Next week (Tuesday) we are going on a historical tour around Christchurch. Please ensure your child has a coat and hat for this occasion.

Thursday 13th

This week on Friday we are off to do a few nativity based workshops at St George’s Church. Please ensure your child brings a coat to school that day. In maths, our work on fractions is coming to an end  and we are moving on to decimals at the start of next term.

I will be posting a weekly revision plan for children to follow in January that children can follow in prep’ for SATS in May. Children have made good progress this term, well done!

Thursday 29th November

We are just beginning to start our English unit on explanations/instructions. In a weeks time children will be starting to invent a competition that will include an explanation and instructions/rules. Next Wednesday we are off to Beaulieu, so please remember children need to be dressed for the occasion – it will be a lot of fun!

In the meantime children will need to learn their sections of the Highwayman ready for the day. If any wish to play an instrument they may. There is a piano in the entertainment room too!

I am pleased that children have been doing homework really well this term. The last homework will be on the 10th December. In January I will be posting a revision programme for children to follow.