Thursday 16th January

We continue our work on decimals this week and at present we are converting fractions to decimals. In science we are planning a Zoo to sort types of animals into different zones in a build up to understanding classification. On Friday we will be looking at the work of Leonardo de Vinci and in particular his invention sketches. We are having to postpone our history trail to Monday next week due to the weather. Please ensure your child brings a coat into school each day due to unsettled weather.

Friday 10th January

Happy New Year to you all and welcome to the Spring Term. This week we have started work on decimals and we are finishing our writing of instructions/explanations. Next week we are undertaking a historical trail around Christchurch as part of our new topic, please ensure your child has a coat on this occasion. Keep your eyes peeled for the Year 6 curriculum newsletter to be published shortly.

Thursday 12th December

It has been a very busy week with rehearsals for the nativity and our trip to Beaulieu. In maths we have justed started work on multiplying fractions and in writing we are publishing our first set of instructions. Attached are some photos from Beaulieu, enjoy!

Wednesday 4th December

Well done children for your superb fundraising efforts at the Christmas Fair. The class was tidy at the end too! This week we have been writing poetry based on ‘The Door.’ By the end of the week children will be bringing home their reasoning paper from our last assessments so you can see areas of weakness that you may be able to help with.

On Friday we will be commencing our focus on writing instructions. The hook for this will be to learn how to play Dominoes. If you have any sets of Dominoes please bring in these for this Friday.

Also a quick reminder to be prepared for out Beaulieu trip Monday!

Thursday 28th November

This week we have have been publishing our Highwayman stories. We have also been constructing bridges in DT. Attached are a few photographs of children experimenting with spaghetti! In maths we are working on fractions and comparing/ordering.