Red nose day.

It was great to see again so many children supporting red nose day. There was a sea of red excitement in praise worship today!

The children loved the red nose activities that took place during golden time. These included, icing biscuits and dance.

Thank you to all of those who have shown their support. IMG_1899

Reading Week/ World Book day

It was so wonderful to see so many of you supporting reading week.

So many opportunities were provided to help immerse your children into books. Across the school we decided to focus on chosen books for the week. These books were used to help plan all subjects across the curriculum. When asked how they found reading week, a couple of year 6 children responded with “Really good, we loved the book chosen and we learnt about flash backs in our writing and how to describe because there were flash backs in the book and lots of description”.

The children were also given opportunity to read with a child from another class, even the teachers got involved and read to another class.

During world book day loads took part in dressing up to raise money for new books in our classrooms. Thank you for all of your support!