Sporting opportunities!

It was so lovely seeing lots of children taking part in school clubs that are run by our teachers! This week we saw children taking part in Tug of War competitions ran by Mr Swain, Netball practise ran by Mrs Kelly, Football practise ran by Mrs Miller and Rugby classes ran by Mr Croutear. Oh and we must not forget Miss Deay and Mrs Moss who were exercising children’s vocals in Glee club and Miss Kelly who was exercising children’s brains during her maths club!


Well done to our Priory football team who played against Christchurch Juniors. Although we did not win the match, the children played really well and really persevered. We had lots of near misses, they held their positions well and gave Christchurch Juniors a really good match. Well done!

Our staff believe in an active school, we had training today to gain more ideas on how we can make our lessons more active.


The Department of Health’s “Childhood obesity: a plan for action” strategy states primary schools should deliver 30 minutes of “moderate to vigorous” activity for pupils every day through active break times, extra-curricular physical education (PE) clubs and active lessons – with parents responsible for providing another daily 30 minutes.

We are commited!

We are so lucky to have amazing coaches this year who are helping to develop your child’s physical literacy, teach them new skills and expose them to new sporting activities. We are also learning lots too!

This year so far we have had golf, dance and athletics coaches, we are also going to be having coached sessions in TAG Rugby.