What a busy week in Class R!

We have been looking at the book The Runaway Chapati and started by playing Chapati Chase and tasting chapatis. They went down extremely well! We re-told the story, made musical sound effects for the story and acted it out.

Making sound effects

Playing Chapati Chase

Loving our chapatis!

We finally got to Druitt Gardens this week and looked at the colours and patterns in nature and collected some seeds and leaves to make some artwork based on the artist Andy Goldworthy.

Our fantastic artwork inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.

Congratulations to Mary, our Learner of the Week. She is becoming more confident, always plays and shares well with the other children and is always polite and ready to learn.


We have had another busy week in Class R.

All of the children should have brought home a letter from their Class 6 Buddies on Friday. Buddies met each other via Zoom in our school worship, when Class 6 each gave a personal message to their new Buddy.

The children should also have brought home a bread roll, which they made as part of our learning about the Little Red Hen. They looked and smelt delicious – I hope they tasted lovely too!

The weather defeated us going to Druitt Gardens, but we will try again this week.

This week we are learning all about The Runaway Chapati – this story is very much like The Gingerbread Man. We will taste chapatis and our activities will be based around this story.

In order to help me to build a bigger picture of how your child uses technology, I would be very grateful if you could complete the following form and return it in your child’s book bag. Thank you.

We have had another lovely week in Class R. The children have settled in really well and have already picked up the routines of school.

What a lovely service at The Priory this morning. Thank you so much to those of you that could make it. I expect that you were so proud of your children – they were so well behaved and very brave to go up to get their prayer books. As Mr Ruffle said, it was lovely to welcome the children into our school family in this way.

Next week we have another busy week. We are going to continue with our book The Little Red Hen and will be making bread rolls. The children will have their own equipment and the oven in the school kitchen will be thoroughly cleaned before and after use. I will make the dough in front of the children and will then wear a glove to give out the dough to the children, who can make their own roll which we will name before putting in the oven. If you feel uneasy about any of these arrangements, please let me know.

We will also be visiting Druitt Gardens to look at Autumn seeds and leaves.

Have a lovely weekend.

We have had a great first week back at school – learning the routines of school and making new friends. Thank you so much for bearing with us whilst we tried to make the drop off and pick up arrangements work. Drop off and pick up times will remain the same next week.

This week we will be learning all about The Little Red Hen – learning the story, acting it out, and using a programmable toy to move to the different characters.

As you may have read in the newsletter, we are intending to hold a welcome service for children in Year R this Friday, 2nd October at 9:45am. Further details will be given early next week. This will be a short service, when each child will be given a prayer book to welcome them into our school family.

Have a lovely weekend. I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday.

We have had a great two days welcoming your children to the Priory School. They came in brilliantly and looked so smart in their new uniforms.  I am really looking forward to seeing them again next week.  Next week we will be starting school at 9:00am and finishing at 2:50pm. If you could drop off your child in the same place in the morning and a member of staff will bring you round outside the classroom to collect your child after school.  On Friday your child may come to school in their PE kit and remain in it all day.  Don’t forget – any questions, just ask. Have a lovely weekend.