Remembrance Day

I would like to share the class prayer that we wrote today.

Dear God

Thank you for our brave soldiers who save our lives 

They keep us safe

They keep our country safer and all around the world

We will remember the soldiers who died being brave for us

Please look after the soldiers who have been killed or injured.



We have had a great first week back.  We have been learning all about the book Walking In The Jungle and have acted the story out, made musical sound effects, created a class collage of the jungle setting and talked about different movement words.

Before Anti-Bullying week next week, we have been talking about how we are kind to each other and the children came up with some wonderful ideas.

Next week, we hope that the weather is better and we can walk to Druitt Gardens to look at shape, colour and pattern. We will look at the books about Elmer, who is a colourful elephant and will talk about how we are all different and special.

How you can help your child this week:  Talk about patterns that they see around them.  Talk about words to describe movement.

I hope that you all had a good half term.

After a lovely beginning to the school year with your children, I am looking forward to next half term, when our projects are Elmer’s World and Christmas. Elmer’s World has a maths focus to it and we will be finding out and learning all about shapes and patterns. I attach the half term overview so that you can see our learning in other areas of the curriculum.

This week we will be doing lots of work centered around the book ‘Walking in the Jungle’. I am hoping that we will visit Druitt Gardens this week, to look at the Autumn shapes, colours and patterns and to do our own version of ‘Walking in Druitt Gardens’ – weather permitting!

This term sees the start of our Maths Challenges, which I will attach below. If you would like to do these with your child, it will support our learning in class.

We will continue to check your child’s words every week, so if the yellow reading record book could come into school each day, I would be grateful.

If you have any questions, please do come and see me.


A busy week in Class R! We have been hearing all about The Runaway Chapati. We have re-enacted the story, tried a chapati and made a collage of the story. The children have really impressed me in PE, showing lots of different ways to jump off the apparatus and landing safely. Next week our story is Handa’s Surprise and lots of activities are planned around this. 

I look forward to seeing you at Parents Evening.

Hurray! Blog is up and running.

After a series of hitches, Class R blog is now up and running!

We have had a great start to the school year. The children are settling really well and are learning the routines and expectations of the classroom. We have been looking at the story of The Little Red Hen – we baked bread and acted out the story. We have also been looking at the story of the Enormous Turnip and again acted out and joined in with the story. We are learning our Letters and Sounds every day and everyone should have their first words to learn. We check these every week and give new ones to your child if they are secure in these. Please encourage your child to change their reading book as often as they like. Thank you to those of you that came to the Helping Your Child with Phonics workshop – I will attach the handout for helping your child with phonics in case you could not make it.

I look forward to seeing you at Parents Evening.

How you can help your child this week:  Collect Autumn seeds and leaves to bring into school. Help your child to name them.