I hope that you all had a lovely weekend in the sun.

This week we will be basing our learning around the book Superworm.  We will be going on another minibeast hunt around school and making minibeasts out of reclaimed materials.

I am busy collecting evidence to show if your child has met their Early Learning Goals this year and would be extremely grateful if you could complete the two questionnaires attached. I also attach the ICT questionnaire – thank you to everyone that completed this – it really adds to my knowledge of your child and what they can achieve.

Thank you.

I hope that you all had a lovely Easter break and welcome back to the Summer term.

Our topic for this half term is Minibeast Madness. I attach an overview for the half term and also the maths challenges.

Last week we learned all about the Very Hungry Caterpillar and this week we have been on a minibeast hunt in the school grounds, made and painted minibeasts and will be making environments for minibeasts, thinking about what they need to live.

As part of the assessments that I am required to send to County, I need to be able to show the children’s achievements in different areas of the curriculum and to say whether they have met, not met or exceeded the curriculum requirements for Early Years.  I would be extremely grateful if you could complete the attached ICT questionnaire in order to help me to give the correct assessment for your child. Thank you.

Next week I am going on the residential visit to Rockley with Year 5 and so Mrs Homan and Mrs Crabb will be with your children on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The children will  be learning all about Children’s Day and learning will also be centred around the book ‘Superworm’.

Another busy week. Our learning was based around Cinderella. We learned about the time, made big castles out of construction materials, talked about different versions of the book, wrote speech bubbles and acted out the story.

This week we will be donning our building attire and learning all about the Three Little Pigs.


What a busy week we have had! Our learning this week has centered around Goldilocks and the Three Bears and we have been busy thinking about the structure of the story and drawing our own fantastic story maps. We have tried to make a bed the right size for teddy and have tasted porridge – there were some delighted children who discovered that they enjoyed the taste!

A highlight of the week was walking down to the Quay to meet the firemen with their fire engine. The children loved looking at all the equipment, sitting in the fire engine and watching the hose squirt water! Back in the classroom we learned some rhymes and songs to help us to keep safe.

We also had Book Day and the children looked fabulous. Thank you.

Next week we are learning all about Jack and the Beanstalk.