Weekly Maths Challenges Summer Term 2018                         Overview For Summer Term 2 Water 2018                                         31.5.18

I can’t believe that it is our last Half Term before the summer! It has gone so quickly.

Our final topic is Commotion in the Ocean. This is a great topic – some highlights include looking at stories of the Rainbow Fish and Three Little Fish, investigating floating and sinking, going on our school visit to the Sea Life Centre, having a Pirate Day, visiting Christchurch Quay, having a Water Fun Day- the list is endless!

I attach an overview for the half term and our maths challenges. Thank you so much for completing these – the children love to tell the rest of the class all about them and it is great learning time.


I am busy completing assessments to send data off to County and would greatly appreciate your help.

I need to prove that your child can select and use different kinds of technology eg playing on an ipad (which sort of programmes can they access – can they do this on their own?) using a DVD, videoing, using a CD player and the TV, skyping, using a phone, using a microwave, using a camera, using the Wii or Xbox, using remote controlled or battery operated toys or using tools (spanners, drills,) to make something or take it apart etc.  If you could write down or email me examples of these, I would be very grateful. Also, if your child can explain how something works, could you add this too, please?  Thank you so much – this will provide far greater evidence for me.