Curriculum Design

The Priory School has developed a compelling, sequenced and relevant curriculum which progresses from EYFS to Year 6.  The specific content of what we want children to learn is important, so we have developed a knowledge-rich curriculum, mapping out content within and across year groups.  

Knowledge helps develop well-rounded, empowered citizens and widens opportunities and life chances. Skills, vocabulary and conceptual understanding are forms of knowledge.  Subjects are taught discretely, so both the knowledge and skills of the subject can be explicitly taught, although teachers continue to look for links and connections across subjects.

We have developed a curriculum, based on the National Curriculum, which reflects our unique context and priorities.  

Global School (international mindedness)Inclusive School 
(valuing ourselves and celebrating differences)
Eco School
(environmental awareness)
Healthy School 
(social, emotional, physical and mental health)
Church School 
(educate the heart as well as the mind)
Coastal School
(recognising our unique location on the edge of the New Forest, in historic Christchurch and by the sea)

Guiding Principles

Our teaching and learning is underpinned by our core ethos ‘inspiring all to learn, flourish and achieve’.

Our inclusive curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all learners through engaging, first hand experiences delivered by teachers who know their content and teach with passion and precision.  We want our school community to develop a deep and life-long love of learning. 

We aspire to share the very best of what has been thought and said, across continents and cultures.


Our curriculum is carefully mapped to the National Curriculum and its expectations. It progressively builds on knowledge and skills from EYFS to Year 6;  with clear learning intentions for each year group to develop sequential learning.   An understanding of language and critical thinking are key to unlocking the curriculum.  

Developing a love of reading is at the heart of what we do.


We want children to discover life in all its fullness.  We aim to deliver a rounded, creative education, educating the heart as well as the head.  This will lay a foundation for life.  We recognise that each child is a unique individual and may have different talents and skills which are promoted through our broader curriculum.

Curricular visits are planned to deepen, enrich and build on classroom learning beyond the national curriculum, as well as giving children opportunities for personal development.


We want all children, no matter their starting points, to be confident and ready for the next stage in their education.  We are ambitious for all our learners and have high expectations for both progress and attainment.  We are passionate about wanting all children to be the best they can be.

We focus on core learning behaviours (resilience, resourcefulness, relationships, reasoning, reflectiveness and risk-taking) because they are fundamental to children being effective learners.  We call this aspect of the curriculum, Creating Excellent Learners.

The skill of working well with others and showing them respect (and not disrupting, hurting, ignoring, undermining)
We all contribute. 
The ability to cope with set-backs, to stay on task and to keep going when things don’t go your way.

The power of ‘yet’
The willingness to be creative, to show flexibility, to be organised and to make effective decisions.
Having resources is less important than how resourceful you are
The understanding of how articulate my thinking, be critical, make links and logical connections
Learn to use your brain power
The skill of listening actively, evaluating learning and applying what we’ve learnt in different contexts. 
Reflective thinking turns experience into insight
The willingness to take part, to contribute, to try the unexpected and to show curiosity. It always seems impossible until it’s done

Curriculum Outcomes

Our aim is to ensure that by delivering a high-quality curriculum, every child has the opportunity to become:

  • A lifelong learner
  • A compassionate neighbour (locally and globally)
  • An avid reader and keen storyteller
  • A resilient problem solver
  • Head, Heart and Body Smart
  • Ready, Respectful and Safe
  • Foundations for Life (knowledge, skills and understanding) – so they are ready for the next stage of their education
  • Confident (when working independently or as a team)
  • Happy

Implementing the Curriculum

Essential planning documents map out both the curriculum content and specific approaches in each subject area.  

With our well-planned, compelling and sequenced curriculum is for Pupils to learn more, do more and remember more. See Curriculum overview for more information.

Curriculum Content 
Learning is sequenced across and within units
Curriculum Delivery
Subject OverviewsSubject Guidelines
Year Group Curriculum MapsSubject Monitoring & Action Plans
Medium Term Planning for each unit
High quality lessonsHigh quality lessons