At the Priory School we encourage lots of extra curricular activities to enrich the curriculum and children’s learning.  Please check back each term to see the latest Extra Curricular Club information.  Charges apply for external peripatetic and activity clubs.  Costs will be included in club letters, see below timetable.

Spaces are limited on clubs and are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Extra-Curricular Activities – Autumn 2021 Timetable



Zentangle KS2 (Mrs Fidge)

Senior Leadership Meeting

Netball Y5 & 6(Miss Ridley / Mrs Colebeck)


Band Club Y5/6 (Mr Swain)

Y2/3 Junior Choir (Simon Earl) 12:30 – 1
Staff Meeting

Book club Y2 – 4 (Miss Dyer)


Well-being Wednesday EYFS & KS1 (Miss Etheridge and Miss Webber)

Keep Calm and Colour Y3/4(Miss Bryan)
Football club (mixed Y5,6)(Mr Hall and Mrs Miller)

DH Dance (all year groups) fee payable

Maths Booster club Mr Swain (to be confirmed)Ukulele clubs (Patrick Morrow) fee payable

Netball club Y3,4 (Miss Webber and Miss Field)
Indoor Athletics Y5,6 (Mr McLean and Mr Ruffle)


Board games EYFS & KS1 (Mrs Sibbald)

Y4,5&6 Senior Choir (Simon Earl) 1 – 1:30pm
Football Club AFC Bournemouth 3.10-4.15pm (Y2 /Y3/Y4) fee payable

Can you support us by running a club or extra curricular activity?  If you are a parent and willing to help us extend our extra curricular provision by running or helping with a club, please contact the school office.