Appointment Name Term of Office (Start) Term of Office (Expiry)

(by appointment)

Paul Ruffle Jan 2018


Susan Solly Feb 2018

(as Chair 19.09.18)

Feb 2022




Gerald Crabb Dec 2016

(as Vice-Chair 19.09.18)

Dec 2020




Father Charles Oct 2015
Foundation Vacant Vacant Vacant
Foundation Maureen Whiles Dec 2015 Dec 2019
Foundation Vacant Vacant Vacant
Foundation Norma Lund Nov 2016 Nov 2020
Foundation Alistair Lambon Mar 2017 Mar 2021
Local Authority Fi Pye Jan 2018 Jan 2022
Co-opted Stephen Bowden Apr 2017
Staff Jenna Kelly Mar 2017 Mar 2021
Parent Jamie Ward Mar 2017 Mar 2021
Parent Geoff Tabor Mar 2017 Mar 2021
Clerk Alan Shackel Oct 2018



Committee Members


Standards Committee


Chair:                         Alistair Lambon

Vice-Chair:               Jamie Ward

Members:                 Father Charles, Jenna Kelly, Maureen Whiles


Finance and Resources Committee


Chair:                         Geoff Tabor

Vice-Chair:               tbc

Members:                 Gerald Crabb, Fi Pye, Stephen Bowden, Norma Lund


*The Headteacher and Chair of Governors attend both committee meetings.