Priory Head Welcome

When you visit The Priory School, you will immediately see symbols of flourishing, both inside and outside the building. An array of flowers, plants and nature remind us that we all have the potential to grow.

At The Priory School, we recognise God as the master gardener, the creator of all life, who tends His garden with eternal love. Likewise, we recognise each child as a tender, young seed ‘Made to Flourish’. Every child is valued as an individual and is nourished and nurtured into full bloom.

Children are encouraged to ‘find their thing’ so that they experience the feeling of fulfilment and purpose. We promote wellbeing and support our pupils to have positive self esteem, where mistakes and challenges are accepted as part of the flourishing process.

Spirituality is at the heart of each school day and allows all children to fully understand themselves and how they connect with others. Laughter, curiosity and stillness are embraced.

We strive for outstanding outcomes for all our pupils – to be the best that they can be. A bespoke curriculum and a ‘Bucketful of Experiences’ is carefully planned and sequenced so that every child develops academically, physically and socially.

The Christian act of service is valued. Our children aspire to contribute to and help others in our community, both locally and globally, actively making a difference in our world.

As a school leader, my greatest reward and pleasure is in watching the children, families and staff of The Priory School thrive, all achieving their personal best.

It is with a full heart I welcome you to our school. We hope that our school website will provide you with much useful information about our school. However, there is no substitute for a personal visit and you are warmly invited to contact the school to arrange a visit during which time you will be able to meet the children, staff and myself.

Best wishes,

Sarah Richardson