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Home Learning Guidelines During School Closure

How to structure your child’s day?

We are encouraging our children to try to follow typical weekday routines.  We are setting sufficient work for 3 hours a day, but as parents you may choose for your child to do more or less than this.  This can be blocked in the morning or done as smaller chunks during the day.

We recommend that phones, tablets etc. are not kept nearby while your child is studying as they tend to be distracting.  We also know that too much screen time can be unhealthy (although we are recommending a number of excellent online resources).

As well as plenty of exercise and healthy eating, keeping healthy also involves keeping good sleep patterns.  Primary pupils should aim for at least 10 hours each night, going to bed at an appropriate time and turning their ‘tech’ off.

Please do not worry if you think your child is starting to fall behind or is very disinterested in the work. These are unusual times and many of our children will be anxious. It will impact on the progress of all children and we will work together to address these issues when school reopens.

How will the learning be communicated?

Each day (by 9am!) a list of activities will be uploaded onto the class blog page on the school website.  We are uploading the tasks the night before, so parents get a heads up and can go over things before the following morning. Y2 and above pupils will have the same activities also uploaded onto Google Classroom and we aim to develop this over the closure period.  Please see the separate advice on using Google Classroom.

How will the learning be organised?

Area of Learning Types of activity Time Allocation  
Reading for fluency and pleasure   Reading books (x2 will be brought home from school) Also Fiction and non-fiction Comics Magazines 30min
Maths Maths No Problem workbooks will be brought home from school Usually a lesson a day will be completed   Number Fluency and Tables TT Rockstars Hit the Button Corbettmaths Mathsbox   60min
English Writing CGP targeted writing books Y2 – 5 (x1 activity a week) CGP SPAG books / Phonics YR – Y6 Specific Talk 4 writing activities   Reading comprehension CGP reading books (Y5, 6) Headstart activities Online resources Phonics Play   60 min
Foundation Subjects (Humanities / Art / Computing  / Science) Project based research linked to school topics     30 min or 2.5 hours over the course of the week.  

What if the work set is too hard?

Our plans are designed around the expectations of the National Curriculum.

It may be that your child finds the tasks set too challenging.  If this is the case, then we advise that your child accesses learning which is set for the year group below where this is possible.  If your child has an additional learning need, it is important that they work on their IEP (Individual Education Plan) targets shared with you at our Spring parents’ evening.  Please email the school if you require a copy of your child’s IEP.

What if the work set is too easy?

With the extra time at home, many children may wish to do more than the recommended 3 hours.  If they are looking for further work to do, we suggest the following:

  1. The ‘Robin Hood’ group of schools have organised an extremely impressive curriculum of work for home learning, which can be freely accessed at the address below.  Please feel free to do this work in the exercise book provided.

  • Twinkl is currently offering parents/carers a full one month ‘Ultimate Membership’ for free. We use these resources in school, so your child may be familiar with them. This code only lasts for 30 days from when you first log in, please be aware of this!



  • Writing a book!  Mr Swain would love all the children to write a short story, which we will publish into a book when we return.  We aim to sell the book to raise money for our amazing NHS who have supported us so much during this time.
  • Finally the Diocese of Winchester have prepared this activity book for those ‘bored’ moment.

How to stay safe online with ‘School @ Home’

Additional resources we recommend

Additional resources are coming out all the time to help children at home. When we hear of good ones, we will post them here.

story time with the popular Roald Dahl of today, David Walliams

Need further help and advice?

If there are any general questions, please use the contact address and we will respond within 24 hours. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed or extremely anxious by the situation and you have no-one else to talk to, please visit our safeguarding page.

For Learner Enquiries, please use the contact address between 9 – 12 weekdays.

Remember, all staff are here to support you and your child with their learning at home during this time.