Hot School Meals

Lunch service at The Priory School

The school meals at The Priory School are cooked on the school site in the school kitchen and there are a choice of hot meals provided every day.  Menus offer children the chance to have vegetables and fruit as part of their lunch. See below for more information.

The contract for school meals is currently with “HC3S”. Further details of the meals provided can be found on their web-site at:

Meals must be paid in advance on a monthly, half termly or termly basis.   Please use the Tucasi online booking page to do so. If a child wishes to start or stop having school lunches please inform the school office. 

All children eat their lunch in the school hall.  A drink of water is always available.  Some parents prefer that their children bring sandwiches to eat for lunch and they have the option to bring their own healthy packed lunch.

Food Allergies

Due to the increasing incidence of nut allergies amongst children, we ask children to exclude nuts or products in packed lunches.

The school is a NUT and CITRUS FREE ZONE! Contact with nuts or nut products or fresh citrus fruit is potentially life threatening to some of our children and staff with allergies.

Universal Free School Meals

All children in the Infants, i.e. those children in Years R, 1 and 2 will automatically receive a hot school dinner, free of charge.  This means that all children need to do each day is to choose from the menu (see link above).

There is no need to pay anything as the government have already provided schools with additional funding to cover this initiative.  In support of this, although the take up of the free hot meals is not compulsory, unless we hear otherwise from individual parents, we will automatically provide all Infant children with a hot meal free of charge.

Menu Information


Hot School Meal Menu April – Oct 2019


HC3S Jacket potato menu Apr – Oct 2019


HC3S School Picnic Menu Apr – Oct 2019


Bonfire Lunch – 5th November  2019


HSM Menu Nov 19 – Apr 20


HC3S Streets Menu 2019-20


HC3S School Picnic Menu Nov 2019 – Apr 2020





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