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Maths No Problem Approach

At the Priory School, our approach to Maths can be found on the following link:



In September 2018, we became a Maths No Problem school as part of our strategy to develop a Maths mastery curriculum. Children are encouraged to develop fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills through a concrete pictorial approach. Maths lessons follow a simple 3 part structure: exploration around a real life problem using concrete resources; guided practice using the Maths no Problem textbook; and finally, independent practice using the Maths no Problem workbook.  Children are encouraged to work collaboratively and to deepen their thinking by finding different ways to solve problems.  We also make use of the NRICH Mathematics website resources and STOPS Maths, to develop problem solving. Visit


In 2019-20 we are working on pupil journaling in order to develop their reasoning and problem-solving.  We have also introduced Times Tables Rock Stars for pupils in Y2 – Y6 to support their number fluency as we prepare for the introduction of the Multiplications check.


We held a parents information evening on Maths no Problem, the powerpoint of which is attached (please be aware that some of the video links may not work)


Maths No Problem Parents Workshop 2018


Maths Vocabulary

Understanding maths can be complex. This is often made more tricky by a number of different words that we use to describe the same process (add, sum, total) or specialist vocabulary that needs to be memorised. This maths vocabulary booklet contains a huge array of maths words and their meanings.  We are in the process of updating this, using the language found in Maths no problem textbooks.



Ultimate SATs Preparation

Getting ready for SATs takes a lot of work. The document below allows you to choose a topic, focus on one paper as well as presenting a daily problem. All of the questions are supported by short youtube videos that you can use to help support your child.




Addition Calculation Policy Year R–6


Subtraction Calculation Policy Year R-6


Multiplication Calculation Policy YearR-6