Performance Data

This page details the latest performance data of the school in the key National summative assessments. You can compare our performance with other schools locally and nationally by visiting the following government website. Data relating to the previous year is updated every December.

COVID-19 Update. Please note all schools’ performance comparison data has been suspended during the coronavirus pandemic. All the national summative assessments in both 2020 and 2021 for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 have been cancelled. The last published data relates to the 2018-19 academic year (summer 2019) and the Priory results are shared below.

Reception Performance

Our Reception results have been consistently better than the National Average for many years now. 80% of our Reception children achieved a Good Level of Development against the Early Learning Goals last year, which represents the expected standard.

Phonics (Y1 Screening)

In Year 1 all children have a phonics screening, assessing their ability to decode letters and sounds. Our results show that last year our children performed slightly above the National Average.

Key Stage 1 Results (Y2 assessments)

At the end of Year 2, children are assessed against national standards using tests and an assessment framework. Our results indicate significant improvement, particularly in the level of challenge for more able pupils and in Maths.

The following chart shows the % of children achieving the expected standard across Reading, Writing and Maths in Year 2.

The Following chart shows the % of children attaining ‘Greater Depth’ standard (or exceeding the expected standard) in Reading, Writing and Maths in Year 2.

Key Stage 2 Results (Y6 SATs tests)

Pupils in Year 6 are assessed against national standards in May. They take a series of tests (called SATs – Standard Assessment Tests) in Maths (3 papers in Arithmetic and reasoning), Reading (1 paper in comprehension) and Grammar (2 papers in spelling and grammar).

Children’s raw test score is converted into a scaled score. Pupils who score 100 or more have achieved the national expectation. Pupils who score below 100 are working towards the national expectation. Pupil progress is also calculated using these scores.

Pupils are also assessed in Writing and Science against a national assessment framework. These assessments are teacher judgements, but are often moderated by the local authority. As a Requiring Improvement school all our results in every subject and year group have been moderated by the Local Authority in recent years.

Our KS2 results were strong last year and continue to demonstrate that we are a rapidly improving school since our Ofsted Inspection. Our Reading results were one of the highest in the local area. A key measure is how much progress children have made from their starting points. We still have work to do in ensuring that all our pupils make good or better progress and to raise the attainment of all pupils in Maths.

This chart shows the % of children achieving the expected standard across Reading, Writing and Maths.

This chart shows the % of pupils exceeding the expected standard and working at a ‘Greater Depth’.

Average progress scores KS2 (key measure of school’s effectiveness)

Summary of Results