R.E. and Collective Worship


We regularly report to parents on the actions we have taken to improve the quality of our Religious Education provision.

RE Newsletter May 2018


In 2019-20 we have been working hard to improve the breadth of our Religious Education curriculum. We continue to use Understanding Christianity to teach Christian concepts and beliefs.

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‘Understanding Christianity’ aims to provide pupils with a coherent understanding of Christian belief and practice as part of a wider religious, theological and cultural literacy. Doing justice to Christianity as a world faith, it aims to raise the level of pupils’ religious literacy, draw pupils into deeper understanding of the Bible, provide them with opportunities to explore how Christian belief and practice are shaped. It makes connections with other areas of belief and understanding and encourages reflection, evaluation and application.

We also use a resource called ‘Living Difference‘ to teach other faiths.

Lessons promote an enquiry approach to Religious education and children are provided with opportunities to explore concepts and begin from a child’s experience.

A – Concepts which are common to all people e.g. celebration, remembering, peace
B – Concepts which are shared by many religions e.g. worship, pilgrimage
C – Concepts which are distinctive to particular religions (or non-religious traditions) e.g. Umma, Trinity,

In R.E. lessons, Foundation Stage pupils are required to study concepts that are within children’s own experiences and are the basis of concept development in KS1.

In KS1 pupils study Christianity and one other religion, Judaism.

Lower KS2 (Y3/4) pupils study Christianity and one other religion, not been previously studied, Buddhism and we will also explore one Hindu concept.

Upper KS2 (Y5/6) pupils study Christianity and one other religion, which has not been previously studied – Islam.  By the end of KS2, four religions will have been studied, with the emphasis being on Christianity. This is to reflect the fact that religious traditions in Britain are mainly Christian.

Our R.E. Overview can be found below:

Collective Worship

A daily Christian act of worship is an important part of life at the Priory School. We enjoy our weekly visits from the ‘Open the Book’ team and the Priory Church ministry team. We explore a Christian value each half-term, for example generosity. We also love to sing, invite a variety of interesting visitors to talk to us about their experiences and reflections and seek to develop our pupils’ involvement in and leading of worship.