School Aims

Our School Aims


Learning together, aiming high


The Staff and Governors of the Priory School are agreed that the aims of our school are:


  • to nurture a spiritual ethos built upon the Christian Faith;
  • to encourage parents to play a positive and active role in educating their child through the teaching of mutual respect and by working in true partnership with the school;
  • to teach thoroughly the key skills, concepts and knowledge required of the National Curriculum in a balanced and disciplined way, whilst developing an enquiring mind and a love of learning which will equip children for future learning;
  • to provide a caring, welcoming, and stimulating environment in which all children are able to develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, morally, physically and spiritually;
  • to encourage the development of self-discipline and self-esteem, whilst promoting high expectations of fairness, justice, behaviour, confidence, respect and a sense of responsibility towards others and their environment;
  • to help the children understand the wider world in which they live and to respect and tolerate other races, religions and ways of life;
  • to show and encourage appropriate behaviour such as kindness, gentleness, honesty, trust, politeness, good manners, and sympathy towards others;
  • to communicate effectively with parents and pupils thus enabling all to play their part in the education of the children.outstanding outcomes