School Ethos Values

Our School Ethos Values


Pupils and staff of The Priory School worked together in June 2014 to define the school values:


Love: is the most important and beautiful quality in our life. We encourage treating all humans and animals with love and compassion. We model this by being proud of our pupils and staff and celebrating their successes at whatever level of achievement. We always care enough to look after each other, even when others have upset us.


Forgiveness: Dealing with a problem in a way that everyone can move on and feel happy. Forgive ourselves for our mistakes, forgive others for their mistakes. Holding grudges only makes life more miserable. Promote reconciliation, honesty, bravery, compromise, generosity, accepting apologies empathy, and humility.


Respect: Considerate to others, listening and responding, appropriate behaviour, honesty and admittance, be polite, courteous, looking after the environment, the cycle of respect, using abilities well, acknowledging potential, creating meaning and purpose, letting people give their best/strengths,

fully recognising people contributions).


Spirituality: We endeavour to create an environment that enables all within the school community to develop the ability to find peace, fulfilment and purpose. We aspire to have pride and passion in all that we do on our life journey.


Independence: We strive to remove the barriers that can hold people back to ensure that we are active participants in learning. We encourage each other to have self-belief, make decisions, self-manage, think critically, take risks, reflect and evaluate and collaborate with enthusiasm.


Teamwork: As a whole school team we are continually developing key skills (self-control, tolerance, co-operation, effective communication, respect, empathy, resilience) that help us all work together in our journey to greatness.


Creativity: We utilize imagination, resourcefulness and adaptability to foster a place of learning that engages and inspires all.



Our School Motto: “Aspire to Greatness”


At The Priory School we want all of our children to feel motivated and inspired to excel and aspire in all aspects of their life. At school or in their spare time children are encouraged to achieve their full potential.  By reaching for opportunities, developing skills and talents and overcoming challenges they can demonstrate to themselves and others how truly “great” they are. We aspire to nurture the development of a Christian community, encouraging its spiritual growth and awareness and offering a clear and recognisable sense of Christian purpose.

At The Priory School we like to recognise children successes.  Children’s achievements are celebrated every week at Assembly and also on our Achievement Board where everybody can read about their successes.

“It is what we do with what we are given and the positive effect that we can have on others that truly show greatness”. Anon