School Improvement Plan

Every school has a School Improvement or School Development Plan. Our Plan reflects priorities highlighted by parents, staff, governors, children and our Ofsted inspection (March 2018).  There are 10 objectives, grouped under 4 headings which are the same as our School Aims.

Each of these 10 objectives contain numerous action points which the school will seek to address over the course of the year. These actions points have specific and measurable outcomes. The Governing Body will review aspects of the School Development Plan regularly and hold school leaders to account. Through surveys, data and observations they will validate the evidence provided by the headteacher to ensure the rapid improvement is being maintained.

High Quality Teaching and Learning

1.Improve rates of progress in Writing

The school has seen benefit in the introduction of Talk for Writing in Sept 2018.  We will continue to use this approach and no nonsense spelling as our core strategy. We will seek creative new approaches to support older children with gaps in their Phonics knowledge.

2. Improve rates of progress in Maths

In mathematics, teachers provide pupils of all abilities with regular opportunities to apply their reasoning skills in a range of contexts. The school is now in its second year of using the Maths No Problem resource.

3. Improve rates of progress in Reading

We will continue with our book banding scheme which was set up 2 years ago.  We will introduce a new progression of reading skills to make explicit the knowledge, texts and strategies that need to be taught in each year group. We will work with our partner schools & evidence-based research to make best use of the daily reading session, reviewing reciprocal reading and a whole class model .

4. Ensure a rich, balanced and compelling curriculum

Using the 2014 National Curriculum and the school’s unique context, a new curriculum was designed during 2018-19.  During a process of collaborative instructional design in summer 2019, each subject leader wrote guidelines and a progression of skills/knowledge overview. These now need to be implemented and monitored.

5.Every teacher confident to be a teacher of SEND

This objective has been part-funded by our involvement in the Lassie Project with Linwood Special School.

Foundations for Life

6. Pupils who are Ready, Respectful and Safe

The school adopted the Heartsmart principles as part of its Jigsaw PSHE package in Sept 2018 and will continue to reinforce them during 2019-20.  The school sees whole school worship and class PSHE time as a key vehicle for shaping pupils attitudes and values. We are also part of the All Together Now anti-bullying programme. School attendance over 96% will remain a priority.

7. Further develop the distinctive Christian Character of the school

Having adopted Understanding Christianity 2 years ago, the school uses this resource for teaching Christianity on the advice of the Wincester Diocese.  The school is developing its teaching of other religions using an enquiry based approach ‘Living Difference’ a Hampshire CC resource.

8. Promote healthy lifestyles and well-being for all

The school is committed to providing 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity for all children each day.

Building Partnerships

9. Improve children’s learning by building strong partnerships, including: Parents

Community & Local Authority

Priory Church

Linwood School (Lassie project)

School Partnership Programme

Professional Excellence in Leadership and Management

10. Build leadership and governance capacity in order to develop high quality teaching and learning across the school and robust management systems to keep children safe.

One of the most improved schools in Dorset 2017-18!

Dorset County Council Senior Schools’ Advisor

We are very proud of our rapidly improving school.  

We continue to update our parents on a regular basis regarding our School Development Plan.  Please find attached the presentation relating to 2017-18.


School Improvement Update Summer 2018 –  Presentation