School development and parent feedback

The Priory School is a good school. Ofsted judgement February 2022

Parent Survey

School Development Plan

Our annual school development plan supports our longer term vision and is linked to our strategic objectives. The Governing Body reviews aspects of the school development plan regularly and holds school leaders to account. Through surveys, data and observations they will validate the evidence provided by the headteacher to ensure that ongoing improvement is being maintained.

Learn and Achieve (academic excellence and progress)

  1. Improve rates of progress in Writing (including SEND and disadvantaged), through a consistent T4W approach
  2. Improve rates of progress in Maths (including SEND and disadvantaged), particularly core number fluency

3. Improve rates of progress in Reading (including SEND and disadvantaged), through implementation of systematic, synthetic phonics scheme (Little Wandle)

4. Deliver a compelling, sequenced and relevant curriculum from Reception to Year 6

5. Ensure consistently high standards of teaching in terms of subject knowledge, SEND expertise and pedagogical understanding

Flourish (social intelligence, creativity and wellbeing)

6. Improve whole school attendance

7. Actively promote positive staff & pupil wellbeing through policy and practice

8. Provide a broad and diverse enrichment programme

9. Ensure high standards of pastoral care

10. Embed positive behaviours

In a caring, Christian community

11. Ensure pupils have rich and varied opportunities for spiritual development.

12. Prepare our pupils to become good neighbours by living sustainably, serving locally and caring globally