School Improvement Plan

Every school has a School Improvement Plan. Our Plan reflects priorities highlighted by parents, staff, governors, children and our Ofsted inspection (March 2018).  We have 5 priorities linked to the Quality of Education we provide and 5 priorities linked to Leadership and Management.

Quality of Education Priorities

1. Raise progress rates across key stage 1 and key stage 2 so that they are at least in line with those of other pupils nationally who have similar starting points.

· Improve overall standards and rates of progress in Maths, Reading & Writing across the school. We have introduced Maths No Problem and Talk For Writing across the school.

· In mathematics, teachers provide pupils of all abilities with regular opportunities to apply their reasoning skills in a range of contexts

· younger pupils use their phonics skills when reading independently.

· Ensure robust assessment and tracking systems in place for core subjects.

· Improve Pupil Premium children’s attainment and rates of progress.

· Improve the attainment of SEN children in KS2.

· Improve the quality of feedback (verbal and written) so that children know what their next step is.

2. Ensure that children learn exceptionally well across the curriculum (i.e. develop a broad and balanced curriculum)

· Make use of additional sport funding to improve participation and regular engagement in school Sport.

· To ensure the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum that is engaging and of a high quality and prepares pupils for the challenges and opportunities of life in modern, multi-cultural Britain. See our new curriculum maps and overview page for more information.

· To develop a consistent approach to Home Learning, consolidating core skills.

3. Further develop the distinctive character of The Priory School as a Church of England School.

· Ensure that all stakeholders are aware of the distinctive character and ethos of The Priory School as an Anglican school.

· To continue the development of spirituality through Worship and the wider curriculum with a focus on Christian values.

· To continue to improve the quality and breadth of RE teaching through use of the Understanding Christianity material.

· Developing pupils’ understanding of other cultures and faiths beyond Christianity.

4. Ensure well-behaved and self-motivated pupils who aspire to do their very best.

· Actively promote high standards of behaviour and a calm and inspiring learning environment.

· Ensuring there is a consistent approach to promoting learning behaviours across the school and that pupils take ownership of their own behaviour

· Ensure that British values and our learning behaviours are promoted throughout the school

· Raising pupils’ awareness of fundamental British values.

5. Improve levels of punctuality and attendance throughout the school.

· Fully establishing systems to raise attendance so that rates of absence and persistent absence are at least in line with national averages

· Continue to raise expectations and improve levels of attendance and punctuality so that they are above the national average.

· Aim for 0% Persistent Absence.

· Monitor and improve the attendance of FSM children.  

Leadership and Management Priorities

1. Ensure high quality teaching and learning across the school.

This links to the introduction of Talk for Writing and Maths No Problem. It also links with our school to school program with St. Katharine’s and St. James’ where we have focused on effective teacher modelling and approaches to active learning. In the future, the Lassie project will also support all teachers to effectively cater for the needs of all children.

2. Improve children’s learning by building strong partnerships with parents and the community.

We are so grateful for the support of FPS (Friends of Priory School) and our parent body. Please also see our Partnerships page.

3. Establish a balanced budget and a clear rationale for spending priorities.

It is a sad fact of school leadership that this is increasingly difficult, especially when supporting children with additional needs who are only partially funded. We aim to lead with integrity and a committed group of Governors support the school leadership to navigate this challenge as part of the Core Finance Group, a sub-committee of the Finance and Resources Group.

4. Improve quality of school buildings and infrastructure.

We are so grateful to the Diocese and FPS for enabling us to embark on an ambitious upgrade of school facilities, despite the financial pressures. Since 2018 we have purchased new carpets, curtains, lockers and playground equipment.

During 2019-20 we are planning a big investment in our IT infrastructure in order to deliver computational thinking & Google classroom.

Through a healthy schools bid, we are also building a new hub classroom for children with additional needs and as an extra space for small group learning.

Our Eco-Committee is also planning to install a new water fountain and to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet.

5. Establish robust systems to ensure that children are kept safe.

This will always be a priority at the Priory School, because keeping our children safe is everyone’s responsiblity.

One of the most improved schools in Dorset 2017-18!

Dorset County Council Senior Schools’ Advisor

We are very proud of our rapidly improving school.  


Please see the latest information regarding our progress towards our targets, shared with parents in Summer 2018.

School Improvement Update Summer 2018 –  Presentation