School Uniform

The Priory Primary School has a school uniform and we strongly encourage all children to wear it.  We believe that wearing school uniform encourages children to be neat and tidy for work, prevents discrimination, reduces arguments about clothes at home, makes recognition of pupils easier and fosters a pride in our school.  All of our uniform is purchased from Stevensons.


Children of parents in receipt of certain benefits may be entitled to a clothing grant in the form of a voucher which may be redeemed at Stevensons in Southbourne.  Please contact the school office in the first instance.


High Expectations

All children will be encouraged to keep themselves neat and tidy and to take pride in their general appearance – even when wearing our uniform out of school.   All clothing and personal belongings should be clearly marked with the child’s name.  Long hair should be tied back using plain black or navy hair ties (large bows and flowers are not appropriate in school).

Jewellery, watches and make-up

Children are not permitted to wear earrings or other jewellery. Studs are permitted for those children who have pierced ears.  During P.E./Swimming, studs will need to be removed.  Watches and fitbits are allowed, unless they record images/video, but they remain the responsibility of the owner. 

In general terms, you are advised not to allow your child to wear jewellery at school in case of loss, damage or injury.  Make-up, including nail varnish, is not appropriate in school and should also not be worn.

Mobile Phones

Although discouraged, we recognise that some of our Upper KS2 pupils (Class 5 and Class 6) may need to bring a mobile phone to school.  These have to be kept in the school office and are not allowed out during the school day.

Boys’ Uniform

Boys’ uniform (trousers)
Boys’ uniform (shorts)

Navy Priory School Jumper
Plain Navy Tie (normal or clip tie)
White Formal School Shirt (long or short sleeved) with collar

Charcoal Trousers for the Winter /Charcoal Shorts or Trousers for the Summer
Black socks
Shoes – black sensible shoes or closed toe sandals. Please note no trainers and no flashing lights.
Navy Showerproof Reversible Jacket
Black or Navy coat – plain
Navy book bag – optional

Girls’ Uniform

Girls’ Uniform (tartan skirt for juniors)
Girls’ Uniform (pinafore dress for Reception and infants)
Girls’ uniform (summer striped dress – all years)

Navy Priory School Cardigan
Plain Navy Tie (normal or clip tie)
White Formal School Shirt (long or short sleeved) with collar
KS1 (infants) – Navy & Burgundy Tartan Pinafore Dress or Charcoal Trousers for Winter
KS2 (juniors) – Navy & Burgundy Tartan Skirt or Charcoal Trousers for Winter
Blue Striped Dress for Summer (or charcoal shorts)
Navy tights/knee height Navy socks or White ankle socks

Winter Shoes – structured black school shoes. Please note no trainers and heels should be no more than 2.5cm.
Summer Shoes – Closed toe sandals in Black or Navy.
Navy Showerproof Reversible Jacket
Black or Navy coat – as plain as possible
Navy book bag – optional

P.E. Kit

P.E. kit (showing Canterbury House colour)
P.E. kit (winter kit showing the long-sleeved navy polo shirt)

T-shirt in house colour

Black Shadow Striped Shorts

Long Black Socks

Long sleeved Navy Polo with School Logo on it, worn in Winter months and for Team events

Plain Black Trainers or Plimsoll

Plain Black Jogging Pants may be worn during Winter

Storing P.E. kit

P.E. clothing should be clearly named and kept in a drawstring bag.  Due to lack of space, large sports bags and rucksacks should not be brought to school.

Shoulder length hair will need to be tied back.   County safety guidelines require children to undertake gymnastics activities in bare feet.  Children with verrucas should cover them with a plaster or clear nail varnish.

Art and Craft Activities

It is a good idea to provide your child with an old shirt or apron for protection when taking part in Art and Craft activities.

Lost Property

We endeavour to return named clothing in lost property to its owner, but any unmarked items that have been left in lost property for more than half a term will be sent to a charity shop.