School Vision Statement

Our school will breathe life into every child, educate the heart as well as the head, encouraging them to achieve their God-given potential. 

Every child will have the opportunity for spiritual development and to become a good neighbour by living sustainably, serving locally and caring globally.

The Priory School Key Strategic Objectives

Learn and achieve (academic excellence and progress)
Key Strategic ObjectiveMeasurable Outcomes 
1.1 Maintain high standards in core subjects.Above local & national attainment data
SEND pupils completing units of study
1.2 Deliver a compelling, sequenced and relevant curriculum from Reception to Year 6.Revised EYFS Curriculum
Fully integrated subject overviews
Effective assessment & tracking in all subjects
1.3 Ensure high quality teaching, based on excellent teacher subject knowledge and the latest pedagogical research.Maintain good quality of education (Ofsted grading)
Effective appraisal and staff continuous professional development (CPD)
1.4 Provide a sustainable and safe learning environment.Pass Health and Safety Audit 
Refresh EYFS, library and IT spaces
Flourish (social intelligence, creativity and wellbeing)
2.1 Improve whole school attendanceAttendance data in line with national
All classes full, with waiting lists
2.2 Actively develop and deliver positive staff & pupil wellbeing through policy and practicePositive responses though regular pupil, parent and staff surveys
2.3 Ensure high standards of pastoral care and safeguardingPass annual safeguarding audit
2.4 Embed high standards of behaviour, including learning behavioursCPOMs tracking
Anti-bullying Gold Award
Caring, Christian community
3.1 Ensure pupils have rich and varied opportunities for physical and spiritual development.Gold Active Dorset Sports Award
Effective church school (SIAMS inspection)
3.2 Prepare our pupils to become good neighbours by living sustainably, serving locally and caring globallySilver Global Neighbours Award
Silver Eco Award
Reduced numbers travelling to school by car