Using Google Classroom

Advice on how to use Google Classroom for Remote Learning

Google Classroom for Beginners

Finding Google Classroom

To find Google Classroom, go to the Google homepage and make sure you are signed in to your school Google account (blue sign-in button):


Click on the ‘waffle’ and then ‘Classroom’. If Classroom is missing, search for it on Google.

Joining Google Classroom

You should have already done this at school using a ‘joining code’. The ‘plus’ symbol next to the waffle enables you to join classes. If you are not yet a member of your teacher’s class, you will need to ask for the code to do this.  Please email the school office.

Using Google Classroom

At the top of Classroom, you can click on ‘Stream’ and ‘Classwork’.

Stream –      here you can post messages which everybody will see (including your teacher). You can ask questions about your virtual learning.  Teachers will not be responding to this function at this stage, but we have plans to introduce it gradually. Remember – the stream should not be used just to say hello or for inappropriate comments – it is there to support learning.

Classwork – this is where your teacher will post your learning tasks (assignments). Click on the assignment icon to expand it and then ‘View Assignment’. Read the instructions from your teacher. You can post class comments (which everybody can see) or a private comment (which only your teacher can see). Your teacher may have asked you to create a document to complete the work – click on the ‘Add or create’ button and create a new ‘Docs’ (or ‘Slides). You will be able to find this document on the ‘Your work’ section of the assignment and also in your Google Drive.